US Senate lawmakers are proposing to ban exclusive ownership of big cats such together lions and tigers in the wake of the Netflix documentary series Tiger King.

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Support for the big Cat Public safety Act, i beg your pardon would likewise ban public contact with large cat cubs, to be announced by 4 bipartisan senators.

The animal Welfare Institute claims the Tiger King series helped to to mark "the exploitation that captive huge cats".

In December, the large Cat Public security Act happen in the US residence of to represent by a strong majority of 272 come 114. But the bill still requirements to happen by a majority in a Senate poll to come to be law.

On Monday, democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal claimed he sustained the bill, along with three other senators; other Democrat Tom Carper, and Republican senators Susan Collins and Richard Burr.

"I'm thankful for the groundswell the public assistance for this bill and look front to working v my partner from both sides of the aisle to ensure it becomes law," the tweeted, along with a press release published on the US-based pet Welfare institute website.

The big Cat Public security Act would help stop exploitation of big cats like tigers & lions, & minimize safety risks. I’m thankful because that the groundswell the public support for this bill & look forward to working with my partner from both political parties of the aisle come ensure it i do not care law. Https://

— Richard Blumenthal (

"This bipartisan measure would help stop exploitation of big cats like tigers and lions, and also reduce security risks," mr Blumenthal said.

"My big Cat Public safety Act would certainly prohibit private ownership of this beautiful but an effective predators, which worthy to live in the wild. They should never be pets, also as cubs, maintained in captivity dangerously for entertainment."

If the bill passes the Senate, the ownership half would use to lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, or any kind of hybrid the these types kept together pets. Sanctuaries and also zoos, for example, would certainly be exempt.

According to approximates from conservationists, as plenty of as 7,000 tigers are living in the united state either in zoos or privately own - nearly dual the approximated 3,890 tigers still prowling in the wild around the world.

The Tiger King documentary series, which ended up being a vast hit on Netflix critical year, tells of the colourful life that Joe Exotic as the owner the a zoo in the us state the Oklahoma.

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Exotic, genuine name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is currently serving a 22-year sentence for his authorized in a contract death plot and also animal abuse.

Image source, Alamy