Oh, what a year it was! with 2016 comes to an end, we want to take it a look earlier at the height bucks take away by Legendary Whitetail hunters all across America. During the 2016 searching season, documents were broken and legends to be born. To trust us, you’re walking to desire to take a few moments come scroll with the Biggest and also Best Bucks the 2016!

The Tucker Buck


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Conley’s Kentucky Velvet Buck


Josh Kraus Buck


Mark Drury Buck


Brent Boney Buck


Jim Wackler Buck


AJ Gall

AJ Gall"s prior hunting and wildlife experiences began long earlier and do him the perfect contributing deer searching guru. As a habitat consultant under Dr. Approve Woods, AJ has operated on nature in 13 various states, amassing end 25,000 acre of quality deer management. He now uses that understanding to aid clients find their dream hunting properties as a licensed real estate agent in Wisconsin.

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