If documents are make to be broken, Orfordville hunter Nate Olsen"s trophy buck might soon hold that title.

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“I"ve melted hunted a lot. I"ve pursued a lot. I have many, plenty of miles on my boots in search of sheds. And also to come across this, it"s a diamond in the rough,” Olsen speak znjke.com News.

Every winter, bucks drop your antlers and also grow a brand-new pair through the fall. Looking for these antlers has end up being known together “shed hunting,” a pastime that presented Olsen come his new best friend.

“The record for the greatest deer in Wisconsin ever to be uncovered or killed is 253 inches. And he is flirting with breaking the record,” he says. “It"s to be 47 years. Let"s see if he can do it."

Olsen and also a friend were shed hunting top top February 1, when they came across a as soon as in a life time find.

“I froze in my tracks. Ns tried getting attention, couldn"t to speak a word,” he says.

The deer, and also all 23 the its points, was tangled with one more buck. After Olsen do the discovery, he referred to as the department of organic Resources appropriate away.

“It’s not that uncommon to discover them tangled, yet to uncover a deer that this caliber, is very, very uncommon,” claims Olsen’s girlfriend Mike Hackett.

Hackett had been tracking this exact same buck because that the past three year on his trail cam.

“I"ve shot numerous that do the book, but this one here"s kind of means bigger than anything I"ve ever experienced,” Hackett says.

To rest the record, the buck needs to it is in officially measure up by the Wisconsin Buck and Bear club or the Boone and also Crockett Club. Olsen plans to have those measurements completed in ~ the Deer and also Turkey Expo the first weekend of April.

Since his large find, Olsen states he has actually been life on Cloud 9. Despite he desire he might have shot the deer himself, coming across it may have been fate.

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“I don"t recognize if my arrow would have actually been maybe to stay on mine rest. If ns would have been able to shoot it, i don"t think i would have been acquiring out of the tree stand also easily. Ns would have actually been calling who up there saying, "Carry me out of here, please,’” Olsen says.

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