Former Big Brother winner Dr. Will certainly Kirby is “grateful” because that the court mechanism after former costar Mike “Boogie” Malin was uncovered guilty that felony stalking.

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“On instead of of Dr. Kirby, we room grateful to the criminal justice mechanism for hold Mr. Malin accountable because that his actions,” Kirby’s attorney exclusively told Us Weekly in a explain on Wednesday, June 2. “The crime of stalking is frequently underreported. There is for sure no dead in questioning for assist and reporting troubling behavior. Dr. Kirby respectfully asks because that privacy for he and also family at this time.”

Us confirmed top top Tuesday, June 1, the the 50-year-old truth TV personality to be sentenced complying with his respectable 2019 arrest.


Dr. Will certainly Kirby and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. Courtesy the Dr. Will certainly Kirby; s_bukley/Newscom/The Mega Agency

Malin initially pleaded no guilty after being charged through stalking Kirby, 48. Follow to court records, the season 7 Big Brother champ i was withdrawn his original plea and changed it to “nolo contender,” or not contest. Malin waived his appropriate to a psychological by transforming his plea.

The new Hampshire indigenous was sentenced to 2 years the probation after showing up in court in April. Malin will certainly be compelled to spend three days in a Los Angeles ar jail, serve 30 days in a residential treatment program and pay a total of $70 in fees.

He must likewise pay $300 restitution to the court, “effective upon the revocation that probation” and cooperate with his probation officer because that “mandatory supervision.” Additionally, Malin have to make restitution to Dr. Kirby, who is the victim in this case, “in an amount to be determined at a hearing.”

The previous reality star is required to complete 160 hours of ar service and also submit DNA for a database as a part of his plea deal. Malin’s residence should be “approved” by his probation officer, who has to be made mindful of his work and home telephone numbers at all times.

According come the court docs, Malin has additionally been “instructed by the court” to it is in “prohibited” from owning, purchasing, or possessing “custody or control” of any type of firearms and also ammunition. That was also ordered to “relinquish” any kind of firearms that can be in his possession already.

Kirby, that won season 2 the the CBS series, filed a restraining order versus Malin in September 2019, which was granted. The dermatologist was additionally granted second 10-year restraining bespeak that prevents Malin indigenous coming near him or his family members or any of the 66 LaserAway clinics.

Malin’s legit troubles, however, started well before his stalking sentencing. In 2011, the was sue for embezzlement and later ordered to salary $800,000. Us exclusively reported in November 2020 the he was arrested for driving under the affect in las Vegas the August.

After failing a sobriety test administered by the policemans on scene, Malin to be charged with possession the a medicine without a prescription, having actually an open up alcohol container and also unlawfully texting before being exit on his own recognizance.

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He attend a hear in October 2020, in which the Clark County district attorney asked for a 180-day expansion to decide whether criminal charges would certainly be pursued. That situation is tho pending.

With reporting by Sharon Tharp

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