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The border crossing requires a stop in the office at the harbor of entry in huge Bend nationwide Park/David and also Kay Scott.

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The two of us newly returned to big Bend national Park for the an initial time in 4 years. The half-dozen vault trips were constantly two-night stands for the objective of gathering info at Chisos mountains Lodge while updating our national park lodging guide. We had actually visited the park"s other activity areas "“ Rio Grande Village, Panther Junction, and Castolon "“ but most of ours time in the park was invested in the basin area wherein the lodge is located and also summer temperatures are much more tolerable.

While a section of the recent expedition was devoted to experimenting lodging facilities, a longer visit that included three nights inside the park and also two nights in the neighboring village of Terlingua allowed time to interact in other activities, including an amazing trip across the border to Mexico and also a guided tourism of part of big Bend"s less-traveled roads. This is a look in ~ our unique border cross experience.

Reopening of the Border crossing

The park"s port of entry through Mexico reopened top top April 10, 2013, complying with federal closure for more than a decade. We had actually learned that the reopening around the time it occurred, but didn"t think much much more about it till our recent expedition to the park. The crossing into Mexico turned the end to be among the trip highlights.

As a regular reader the this site, you most likely travel fairly a bit and also may well have encountered numerous border crossings. If so, you likely waited behind a line of fellow travelers or vehicles that inched slowly forward as questions were asked and passports were checked and stamped. The endure in big Bend nationwide Park"s Boquillas Crossing port of entry is much different, and also a unique experience unequaled at any of our previous border crossings.

A fast row across the Rio Grande gets you to Mexico...and then earlier to the unified States/David and also Kay Scott.

huge Bend"™s distinctive Experience

The port of entry is around 25 mile southeast that the Panther Junction park headquarters, and also a short distance beyond Rio Grande Village. The adobe-style U.S. Port of Entry structure belies the retro experience that is about to unfold.

After walking within the port of Entry building we had actually the pleasure of conference up v NPS Ranger Brittney Mitchell. Brittney, who previously worked at grand Canyon"s southern Rim, Mojave nationwide Preserve, and Glacier nationwide Park, gave us part pointers top top the border town we would be visiting. She told united state 45 individuals had crossed top top the previous day, which was a Wednesday. The record variety of crossings in one day because the reopening is 184.

The air-conditioned harbor of entry structure has a side door that opens up onto a small patio whereby public restrooms room located. From over there a route leads down to a gravel riverbank where travellers await move that will lug them across the Rio Grande River. The transfer is a rowboat, i m sorry in our case was powered by the two arms of constantly smiling Carmello, a resides of Boquillas.

A rapid passport inspect on the Mexican next of the border and it"s off to explore the village of Boquillas/David and Kay Scott

Rowing into Mexico

While wait for the watercraft to come across to the U.S. Next of the river, we spotted several people on opposing riverbank, including a few children, a dog or two, a tiny corral with numerous horses and burros, a couple of larger vehicles, and a table behind i m sorry a male was singing an extremely loudly in Spanish. A young man, in this case, Carmello, walked under the the opposite riverbank come a small boat and rowed across the river to pick us up and also transport us throughout to Mexico. The trip across the reasonably slow flowing flow took several minutes.

After cross the river, the singer easily transformed himself right into a ticket seller and gathered $5 per person (roundtrip) because that the flow crossing, and also another $5 to transport us to and also from the city of Boquillas. The town is around a mile distant from the river. When collecting the fare, the ticket seller stated several times that tips for his singing could be deposit in the prominently-displayed empty milk carton that sits ~ above the table in front of him. A hand-made authorize attached to the milk carton mentioned that tips to be accepted.

After paying, each visitor must choose a mode of transport into town; a burro, a horse, or the back seat of one old truck. Under the circumstances, the burro setting seemed most appropriate. Regardless of the choice, someone will tag along to overview the bus or horses and serve together a guide while visitors are in town. Ours guide, Gabriel, readily available background on the town, detailed information about individual buildings, and also talked v locals that met follow me the way. No specific fee is attached come the overview service, return a guideline is implied. Walking v the town with a overview substantially enhances the experience.

One of two restaurants in Boquillas/David and Kay Scott

The village of Boquillas

After climbing off the burro or horse, it was time to enter the Mexican port of entry and have our passports stamped. A relatively new trailer serves together the port of entry and the Mexican official who stamped our passports to be wearing a handsome white uniform. He was likewise a an extremely pleasant other who appeared pleased that we were visiting his country.

Boquillas has two restaurants, 2 gift shops, and a motel the wasn"t open during our own visit. The city of around 200 individuals and also 40 families contains modest homes, dilapidated buildings, an outstanding solar farm yard that gives the small community with electricity, and quite a most portable commodes scattered about. Plenty of individuals had set up little tables spanned with hand-made items that space peddled, but not aggressively, by little children. The entirety experience is type of like a dream indigenous a nonviolent Clint Eastwood movie.

After a couple of hours, during which included a protect against at among the restaurants for part enchiladas and also beer, we decided to head back to the river. Before departing Mexico, however, we an initial stopped at the trailer to have actually our passports stamped through the friendly official. Then it was time come ride the burros earlier to the river, climb in the rowboat, and also have Carmello heat us ago to the good old USA, wherein we strolled as much as the harbor of entry and also presented our passports. There, our new friend Brittany put the passports into a machine that that looks prefer an ATM. Ten or 15 seconds later the attached telephone rang and also a personalizeds agent native El Paso request a few questions, including whether we returned with any kind of merchandise. Then, us were on our way. What a an excellent way come spend part of a day.

What you need to recognize

The Boquillas harbor of entry is open up from 9 a.m. Come 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Don"t forget to pack your passport, i beg your pardon is required to enter Mexico and return to the joined States. American dollars work-related fine, and also most adult inhabitants you will certainly encounter speak English. Children, that failed come mingle v Americans throughout the years the border to be closed, speak only Spanish. The prices because that food and craft items aren"t an especially cheap, but you might want to choose up a tiny something to take home. The price of a bowl with four enchiladas, a beer, and also a bottled Coke was $10.25. Several human being told united state the Coke was remarkable to Coke in the U.S.

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David and also Kay Scott (above), writer of The finish Guide come the nationwide Park Lodges and Traveler"s lodging professionals have traveled the national parks because that some 4 decades. Plenty of of those treks to be in a series of 4 VW campers, including a 1967, a 1971, a 1978, and a 1987 edition.