The Florida rapper, born Nehemiah Harden, was apparently shot multiple time on Florida's I-95 highway, phibìc of NW 125 Street. A rep because that the Florida Highway Patrol evidenced to XXL ~ above Friday (Sept. 17) the the driver and rear passenger, which lock did no name, were victims in the incident stemming native a road rage incident on the highway. The shoot took location at about 3:19 a.m., v the car they were in gift shot 22 times on the driver's side.

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"The victim’s auto (Dodge Charger) to be observed to have twenty-two entrance feet made come its drivers’ side," the rep indigenous the FHP told XXL.

The driver that the white dodge Charger, and SpotemGottem, who was in the behind passenger seat, to be traveling southbound top top I-95 as soon as the myriad of bullets began to ring out from one more vehicle. The driver exited I-95 at NW 125 Street whereby he contacted authorities.

Spotem experienced gunshot wounds come both his foot while the driver sustained an injury to his hip. Both Spotem and also the unidentified driver were transported to Aventura Hospital and are in secure condition.

Dee Phatboy, the rhymer's manager, apparently told TMZ today that his artist and the driver were shot with an automatic weapon.

Other reports claim that the famous "Beat Box" rapper, who's responsible for the track that add the well-known #BeatBoxChallenge, to be the victim the a drive-by shooting while leaving the studio. TMZ reports Spotem to be being thrust from a Miami recording studio as soon as the shoot transpired ~ above the highway.

The unsettling news come months after the Jacksonville, Fla. Native was arrested in Miami on dues of Aggravated assault With a Firearm, Firearm Possession together a judge Felon and Accessory after the Fact.

The event took place ago in July and also the rhymer to be taken right into custody top top July 15 after a warrant was issued for his arrest days prior on July 13. The arrest was reportedly in connection to a June incident, in i m sorry SpotemGotem accused pointed a gun at a parking attendant in the southern Beach section of Miami over a $80 parking fee in ~ a garage situated on Collins Avenue. He was apprehended through the Miami beach Police Department, with aid from U.S. Marshals, at 20805 Biscayne Blvd., which is noted as AC Hotel Miami Aventura.

Aside from SpotemGottem having one the the greatest records this year, he exit his mixtape, Most Wanted, earlier in May.

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XXL has actually reached out to the Miami-Dade Police Department, a rep for SpotemGottem and the rapper's attorney because that a comment.