The huge Bang Theory: 10 ideal Season 3 Episodes, according To IMDb as The large Bang concept gathered steam, the 3rd season included new characters and also some backstory top top Leonard and Sheldon.

Season 1 and 2 of The large Bang Theory produced some of the many hilarious episodes of the entire series, however it wasn"t until season 3 where the show truly fight its stride.

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It would still take an additional year because that the show to acquire its first Emmy nomination for finest Comedy, but Jim Parsons had currently been nominated for finest Actor in a comedy for season 2 and would finish up taking house the hardware for TBBT"s 3rd go-around. Pair that v Leonard and also Penny finally getting together and you get a forever-fan-favorite season.

The very very first episode the the season had actually the boys return from your arctic exploration to the phibìc Pole. Penny kisses Leonard as shortly as she opens up her door and they start their partnership while Howard and Raj admit to Sheldon the they tampered with his experiment due to his terrible demeanor and also attitude. Sheldon can"t expropriate the betrayal and resigns indigenous his job and flies residence to Texas. Once the guys present up to carry him home and also can"t guide him, Sheldon"s mother steps in and also says a few words about evolution and also the bible - and also Sheldon forgives his friends and goes home.

among the key reasons the season 3 is so prominent in the history of The big Bang Theory is the it introduced two characters who would certainly become series regulars for the rest of the present - Amy and also Bernadette. In this episode, Howard will his third date v Bernadette and has to decision whether or no he desires to commit to her prior to they have actually sex. In his make the efforts to make a choice, Howard involves the conclusion the he need to propose come Bernadette - she clearly denies him yet a tribute song keeps castle from breaking up. Meanwhile, a colleague/enemy the Sheldon dram a cheat on the while the is gift interviewed by NPR. Sheldon tries come concoct a prank to get his nemesis earlier - in common sitcom fashion the prank backfires (but likewise in sitcom fashion nothing come of it).

The large Bang Theory became highly infamous for its sci-fi/comic book guest stars in later on years, yet during the first couple of seasons it was a real treat any kind of time a nerdy celebrity verified up. Throughout this episode, Sheldon have to attend website traffic court as result of his to run of a red light as soon as Penny was injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, while in traffic court, Sheldon not only misses a comic-book signing in ~ Stuart"s save where Stan Lee is offering autographs but he also ends up obtaining tossed in jail. The episode ends with Penny trying to apologize by pass Sheldon to Stan Lee"s house (unannounced) and also getting the cops called on them. Sheldon did get finally get one autograph - ~ above a restraining order.

7 The Einstein Approximation, illustration 14 (8.5)

Sheldon never ever shied away from letting Penny know what that thought around her menial waitress job at the Cheescake Factory, however this episode took that to one more level. As soon as Sheldon will a "block" and can"t make any type of ground on a difficulty he"s trying to solve, he will to do the efforts several various methods of study (all crazier 보다 the next) in order to attain his answer.

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When he still can"t, he decides that taking a project at the Cheesecake factory as a waitress (Penny"s job) is the most degrading job he deserve to think of and also will help him open up the inner mechanisms of his mind. His arrangement works, however it was still a super cheap-shot at waitresses.

Lord that the Rings will forever be in the conversation for best sci-fi/fantasy franchises of all time for this reason it to be only natural that the group of nerds did an illustration revolved about Middle Earth. The guys bring home a box of arbitrarily film memorabilia the they picked up in ~ a garage sale and also find lots of hidden treasures - consisting of a ring that turns out come be the actual ring indigenous Peter Jackson"s movies. The boys understandably hit over who owns it, finally deciding that the last human being holding the ring gets to keep it.

5 The pants Alternative, illustration 18 (8.5)

In this episode, Sheldon gets educated that he has won a call award and has to make a speech during the ceremony otherwise he has to forfeit the victory. He then reveals come the group that he has stage fright and also can"t carry out it, prompting the team to do everything they can to calm his nerves. They every blatantly fail and Sheldon ends up having to obtain plastered in bespeak to make it increase on stage, bring about one of the show"s many comedic scenes where Sheldon loses his pants and also mentions Uranus for great measure.

another episode the takes a cheap shot in ~ Penny centers roughly Penny asking Sheldon for physics lessons so the she deserve to talk to Leonard about his work. Sheldon puts Penny down for gift stupid and finally has actually to result to making her memorize a condescending declare (which penny doesn"t realize) in order come play the off together if she learned anything. Meanwhile, Howard security the illustration jealous the Bernadette is interested in Leonard"s laser experiment and also goes crazy-boyfriend on that - that doesn"t work.

3 The Lunar Excitation, episode 23 (8.7)

Ladies and gentlemen, give a warmth welcome come Amy Farrah Fowler! This is the episode that witnessed the advent of the woman that would become Sheldon"s soulmate was the season 3 finale and it changes The large Bang Theory forever.

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Thanks to Howard and Raj plugging Sheldon"s personal information right into a dating website because that fun, it led to Amy and Sheldon matching and deciding to fulfill for a "date". As soon as they"ve met, it turns out that they"re practically the very same person and they chose to begin their friendship/relationship.

This was the episode that to be the an outcome of Sheldon receiving his traffic-light ticket made essential by penny slipping in the shower, dislocating she shoulder, and also needing come be driven to the hospital. Since everyone else is far on a camping/star-gazing trip, Sheldon is the just one who deserve to sit behind the wheel and the an outcome is as funny as expected. Mix that plot-line v the B-story that Leonard, Raj, and Howard acquiring mind-numbingly baked after they eat part cookies given to lock by thankful Dead fans and also that provides for one laughter-filled episode.

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1 The Staircase Implementation, illustration 22 (9.1)

Audiences had been watching The big Bang Theory for practically three totality seasons before the show chose to bless them v this particular episode - the beginning of how Sheldon and Leonard became roommates. The illustration flashes back to the day that Leonard and also Sheldon meet and covers topics such as Leonard"s roommate interview, the signing the the notorious roommate agreement, the creation of Sheldon"s "spot", how the elevator finished up broken, and also multiple others. That"s a many backstory come fit right into a 22 minute episode and not a solitary minute to be wasted.