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For twelve seasons, The huge Bang concept entertained us v nerdy truth on space and Spock, renditions of Soft Kitty, “Bazinga,” and, of course, Sheldon Cooper. The lovable geeks — and Penny — to be not only super clever but also super hilarious. With their relatable rants and also quick one-liners, The big Bang Theory was filled with memorable estimates that will live on for eternity. Below are some of the best.

“Scissors cuts paper, record covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard prisoner Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it constantly has, rock crushes scissors.”— Sheldon Cooper“I to be the king that the nerds.” — Leonard“I execute wanna fling mine poop in ~ her.” — Penny“As my mom used to say, ‘When you’re doing a puzzle, it’s prefer you’ve obtained a thousand friends.’ She was complete of fun lies favor that.” — Amy Farrah Fowler“My suggest is, while you’re spending all this time on your own, structure computers or practicing her cello, what you’re yes, really doing is coming to be interesting. When people finally do notification you, they’re gonna uncover someone a lot of cooler 보다 they thought. And also for those of you the were popular in high school, it’s over, sorry. Thank you. Congratulations.” — Leonard“If anyone’s interested, I’ll be spending this Valentine’s in the same means I spend every Valentine’s. Buying disoriented chicken indigenous the supermarket, taking home, standing end the sink and also eating out of the packet v my bare hands choose an animal.” — Raj“You much better find mine husband’s mother, ’cause one way or another we’re walking out of this airport with a dead woman.” — Bernadette“What up, Shel-Bot?” — Penny“It’s a Satunalia miracle.” — Leonard“The only way she’d be able to make a contribution to scientific research is if castle resume sending chimps right into space.” — Sheldon Cooper“I shed my virginity to mine cousin, Jeanie. It to be my Uncle Murray’s funeral, we were all earlier at my Aunt Barbara’s house. Our eye locked over the pickled herring. We never meant for it to happen. To this day, ns can’t look in ~ pickled herring without gift aroused and ashamed. Oh, cousin Jeanie.” — Howard“Amy, great luck getting these males excited about a dinner with a theme. I offered up as soon as no one cared around my Tom Hanks-Giving.” — Raj“We’re below to see Koothrappali, not kill Batman.” — Leonard“I frequently forget other world have limitations. It’s therefore sad.” — Sheldon Cooper“Feelings? What to be I? A hippy in ~ a love-in?” — Sheldon Cooper“I told girlfriend you shouldn’t have actually espresso after dinner. I understand the tiny cups make you feel big but it’s not worth it.” — Bernadette“We’re every pathetic and creepy, and also can’t get girls. That’s why we fight robots.” — Barry Kripke“Gosh, Amy. I’m sensing a little hostility. Is it maybe because like Sheldon’s work, your sex life is additionally theoretical?” — Bernadette“I choose you a lot and also that’s scary because that me. Mostly due to the fact that you’re a proven trip risk.” — Raj“I’ve stated this before and I’ll to speak it again: Aquaman sucks!” — Raj“Well, this is confusing because that me. Yet I don’t desire to was standing in the method of her happiness. So, I will certainly condemn you internally while keeping an outward appearance of acceptance.” — Sheldon Cooper“Then it’s settled. Amy’s birthday existing will be my genitals.” — Sheldon Cooper“People acquire things lock don’t deserve all the time. Choose me through you.” — Leonard (to Sheldon)

Warner Bros. Television/CBS“I understand the genuine reason you never ever made progression with that idea. You thought of the September 22nd, 2007. Two days later, Penny moved in and so lot blood rushed to your genitals, your mind became a ghost town.” — Sheldon Cooper“You think that’s bad? In college, ns passed out at a frat party and woke increase with an ext clothes on.” — Amy“Penny. We are made of particles that have existed because the minute the universe began. I favor to think those atoms traveled fourteen exchange rate years with time and room to produce us, so that we might be together and also make each other whole.” — Leonard“Oh, you’re going come jibber-jabber around jibber-jabber.” — Penny“Jewelry? Seriously? Sheldon, you space the most shallow, self-centered person I have ever met! perform you yes, really think another transparently manipulative – Oh, it’s a tiara! placed it top top me, placed it ~ above me, placed it on me, put it top top me.” — Amy“I’m happy I acquired that mocha. And also you recognize what rather I’m happy about? i bought you a brownie and also I ate the in the car!” — Bernadette“Yeah, I’m a freaking genius.” — Leonard“While you challenge your mother about her sex life? I’d rather go back to that bar in assless chaps.” — Howard“It’s also late. He’s to be murdered by someone in this room. Welcome to another classic Koothrappali murder secret dinner.” — Raj“I’m exceedingly smart. I i graduated college at fourteen. If my brother was obtaining an STD, i was acquiring a Ph.D. Penicillin can’t take this away.”- Sheldon Cooper“Not yes, really a great outfit for work-related unless something opens up in the hookers and also whores department.” – Penny“I was thinking an ext of a biosocial exploration with a neurochemical overlay.” – Leonard“Well, I’m a Hindu. My religion teaches that if we suffer in this life we space rewarded in the next. 3 months at the north Pole with Sheldon and I’m reborn as a well-hung billionaire v wings.” – Raj“Do girlfriend have any type of idea how tough it is to laugh at a knock knock joke that starts ‘Knock punch Knock, Amy. Punch Knock Knock, Amy. Knock Knock Knock, Amy’?” – Amy“Holy crap ~ above a cracker.” – Penny“I’m too small for Twister. And also roller coasters. And also sitting v my feet on the floor. Hope you appreciated the prenatal cigarettes, Mom.” – Bernadette“I’d favor to take a minute to personally give thanks to Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, who you may or may not know is the an initial woman come co-host a flag or banner related internet infotainment show.” – Sheldon Cooper“So either one of you weirdoes desire to buy mine underwear? only $1400.” – Penny“Merry Newton-mas everyone.” – Leonard“And you should pick me because that Miss. California Quiznos 1999, due to the fact that I want to tell friend what i want, what i really yes, really want. I’ll tell girlfriend what ns want, what ns really really want. I wanna. Ns wanna. Ns wanna. Ns wanna, really, really, it is in the California Quiznos 1999.” – Bernadette“Wow, my friend is friends with Stephen Hawking and also my new dandruff shampoo no smell prefer tar. Every little thing really is comes up Amy.” – Amy“It upsets Sheldon as soon as you play v the Sheldon.” – Leonard“There’s no denying the I have feelings for you that can’t be defined in any kind of other way. I briefly thought about that I had a brain parasite, yet that appears even much more far-fetched. The only conclusion to be love.” – Sheldon Cooper“Isn’t this once he says ‘bazooka’ or something?” – Penny“12 years after high school and also I’m still in ~ the nerd table.” – Leonard“Now, once you stated on the phone call he damaged up with a girl, you meant an actual girl? no something you children whipped up in a lab?” – mar Cooper“Game over, Moonpie.” – Wil Wheaton“I would have actually been below sooner but the bus kept preventing for other civilization to gain on it.” – Sheldon Cooper“If I might speak the language of rabbits, they would be amazed, and I would certainly be their king.” – Raj“What room ya act there? functioning on a new plan to catch the roadway Runner?” – Leonard“All right, Howard Wolowitz, hear up! You authorize anything she place in front of you, because you room the luckiest guy alive. If friend let her go, over there is no means you can uncover anyone else. Speaking on behalf of every women, the is not going come happen, we had a meeting.” – Penny“It would be nice come be with a guy who wants to understand what’s underneath my cardigan. FYI, it’s another cardigan.” – Amy“Thankfully every the points my girlfriend supplied to do can be taken care of through my appropriate hand.” – Sheldon Cooper“That is a an excellent point. But I didn’t marry friend for good points. Ns married girlfriend to thoughtlessly support me no matter just how ridiculous I’m being.” – Howard“So that means, you’re a doctor, you’re a doctor, you’re a doctor, you’re a medical professional and, Howard, you know a the majority of doctors.” – Penny“I’m walk to be deported. Sent house in disgrace. Exposed come the sardonic barbs of my cousin Sanjay or, together you may know him, Dave from at&t customer service.” – Raj“And what type of doctor gets rid of shoes indigenous asses?” – Penny“It to be an hour ago, Sheldon. A Jew sits in front of a home in Texas for that long, for sale indicators start to walk up.” – Howard“If you’re maintaining him, I’ve acquired a cage you can borrow. Among the test monkeys slipped ~ above a banana peel and broke his neck. It to be both tragic and also hysterical.” – Amy“I’m sorry, coffee’s out of the question. When I moved to California i promised my mother that i wouldn’t begin doing drugs.” – Sheldon Cooper“No shirt, no shoes, no Sheldon.” – Penny“Sometimes your activities are for this reason lifelike i forget you room not a real boy.” – Leonard“Raj is it? Still having trouble talk to the ladies? due to the fact that you recognize at our church we have actually a mrs who’s an impressive healer. Mostly she walk crutch and also wheelchair people. But I gambling she’d be ready to take a shoot at everything third-world demon is running roughly inside the you.” – mar Cooper“Love is no a sprint, that a marathon, a relentless pursuit that just ends when she falls into your arms- or hits you with the pepper spray.” – Howard“I love him however if he’s broken, let’s not gain a brand-new one.” – coin (re: Sheldon)“Oh gravity, thou arts a heartless bitch.” – Sheldon Cooper“Bernadette, I desire to give thanks to you for allowing me come be her maid that honor. I also want girlfriend to understand that I will be happy to execute it again if this marital relationship craps out.” – Amy“Sheldon doesn’t recognize when he is being mean because the component of his brain that should recognize is acquiring a wedgie indigenous the rest of his brain.” – Bernadette“I’m a vegetarian except for fish, and also the occasional steak. Ns love steak!” – Penny
Warner Bros. Television/CBS“Yeah, Mrs. Wolowitz was pretty special. When I an initial moved come America, Howard to be my just friend, and she make me feel so welcome in her home. Which states a lot, since those first few years she assumed I was the gardener.” – Raj“Penny, i told friend if you don’t put him in his crate at night, he simply runs approximately the apartment.” – Leonard“Indian syndicate is as with regular Monopoly, but instead of money you usage rupees, instead of building hotels you construct call centers, and also when you choose up a opportunity card yes a possibility you dice of dysentery. And just FYI, the was racist.” – Howard“I am not crazy, my mother had actually me tested.” – Sheldon Cooper“Yes, yes, yes. He’s a jolly good fellow. What time perform the strippers arrive?” – Barry Kripke“Oh, I gain it. Like CP-3O…What occurred to me?!” – Penny“Come on, do you desire to sit below being a loser, or perform you want to watch me climb into an Australian masculine G-string prefer a baby kangaroo.” – Bernadette“I promised myself if I ever got friend I’d do everything they said. Really, I’m happy you uncovered me before a cult did.” – Amy“I understand the feeling. It’s like accidentally walking right into a gay bar and also then having actually no one hit on you…it taken place to a girlfriend of mine.” – Raj“What did girlfriend do, Romeo? did you to water maple syrup all over your body and ask she if she was in the mood because that a quick stack?” – Howard“The correct animal for inter-species supervisor soldier is the koala. You would wind up through an military so cute, that couldn’t be attacked.” – Sheldon Cooper“You can’t damage a friendship through sex. That’s prefer trying to destroy ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.” – Raj“You know world think you space this monster robot guy who’s for this reason annoying every the time and you completely are. Yet then it’s choose that movie Wall-E at the end. You’re so full of love and you have the right to save a plant and get fat civilization out of their floaty chairs.” – Penny“The only human being who signed my yearbook was my mother.

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‘Dear Amy, self respect and also a hymen are far much better than friends and also fun. Love, Mom.’” – Amy