Veteran character actress Carol Ann Susi, best known for her function as the bellowing, never-seen Mrs. Wolowitz ~ above CBS’The large Bang Theory, has passed away after a brief fight with cancer. She was 62. Susi’s cancer was uncovered when she go in for a medical procedure a week and also a half ago, and her problem rapidly deteriorated.

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Susi’s beginnings as aspunky Italian gal from Brooklyn were in full screen in she Brooklyn-accented voice work asHowardWolowitz’s overbearingmother that hasbecome one of the signature personalities on transfer television’s height series. Everyone on the set of Big Bang was devastated yesterday as soon as they obtained the news of her death.

The big Bang Theory family members has shed a beloved member today with the passing of Carol Ann Susi, who hilariously and also memorably voiced the duty of Mrs. Wolowitz,” CBS, Warner Bros. Television and The big Bang concept executive producers lining Lorre, Steven Molaro and also Bill Prady claimed in a statement.“Unseen by viewers, the Mrs. Wolowitz character came to be a little bit of a mystery throughout the show’s eight seasons. What was not a mystery, however, to be Carol Ann’s immense talent and comedic timing, which were on display screen during every unforgettable appearance. In addition to her talent, Carol Ann was a consistent source of joy and kindness to all. Our thoughts and also deepest condolences room with she family throughout this time, and also we will miss her greatly.”

It is means too quickly for the producers to also think around the future that the Mrs. Wolowitz — detect a replacement because that Susi or killing off the personality — though they will have to face the issue soon together Howard’s larger-than-life mother has actually becomea clip on the show, featuredin aslew ofepisodes every season.

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Susi,whoused to call herself “the one and also only,” studied acting at the HB Studio in new York and also came to Los Angeles in the 1970s. Shewas discovered by the casting department at global Studios, and also soon after, she was cast as Kolchak’s secretary, Monique Marmelstein, in the hit ABC series Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Dozens the TV guest appearances followed, including Cheers; Doogie Howser, M.D.; ER; Mad about You; simply Shoot Me; The King of Queens; and Six Feet Under.

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Among her most acquainted roles was in “The Boyfriend,” the standard two-part illustration from Seinfeld‘s 3rd season. When George is at the joblessness office trying to sweet-talk his way into a benefits extension, he notices a photo on the workdesk of his instance officer. Transforms out it’s the woman’s very-available daughter (Susi) — and also George look at an opportunity. The mommy arranges a date between the two, which go predictably poorly.

Susi additionally was energetic on stage, appearing in together productions asJustin Tanner’s Heartbreak Help and Coyote Women, and also was in the original cast of Ladies’ Room, through Robin Schiff. Below is a compilation the Mrs. Wolowitz’s scenes from the an initial four periods of Big Bang: