The large Bang Theory: Leonard & Penny's relationship Timeline, Season through Season from the pilot, The big Bang Theory has actually been all about Leonard and Penny, however how did their connection evolve?

Split photo showing Penny and Leonard suggesting after your wedding and Leonard embracing penny on TBBT
Leonard and Penny space the central couple that The large Bang Theory - and arguably, most of the display revolves around their connection. There is no Leonard and Penny dating, penny would never have set Howard up through Bernadette, and Leonard wouldn"t have actually moved the end - permitting Sheldon and also Amy to move in. In so numerous ways, The big Bang Theory is yes, really the Leonard and Penny theory, and also fans love watching their ups and downs.

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Of course, castle had an ext than a couple of of those ups and also downs follow me the street! Penny frequently struggled to date someone so different from she usual type, and also Leonard struggled to be able to even asking Penny the end for a the majority of the show. However, in the end, this is exactly how their story played out.

They took a couple of big leaps in season one, indigenous the moment they an initial met, in the pilot, to their first date in the season finale. For most of the season, Leonard to be pining after Penny, and also she was date a string of really tall, very attractive men. However, lock did have a an initial kiss of sorts ~ Penny"s Halloween party, as soon as she came to Leonard"s apartment to complain around never dating decent guys... And by the end of the season, as soon as Leonard ultimately screwed increase the courage to ask she out, she stated yes.

11 Season two - dating Apart, however Growing Closer

~ their an initial date at the end of season one, Leonard and Penny don"t have actually a 2nd date, and also go ago to being friends. This is in component because they just weren"t sure, and in part because Leonard placed his foot in it as soon as he uncovered out the Penny to be concerned around not being "smart enough" because that him. End the food of the season, lock both date other people, however by the finish of it, as soon as Leonard leaves to job-related at the phibìc Pole, penny realizes just how much she will miss him, and also that she might still have actually feelings because that him.

penny and also leonard kissing
~ Leonard gets earlier from the phibìc Pole, Penny has realized that she wants to be v him, and also the two gain together. For most of the season, they actually control a happy partnership (and even collection Howard and also Bernadette up along the way), but it"s too an excellent to last.

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In illustration 19, Leonard tells Penny the he loves her, and she replies "thank you". It"s the fatality knell of plenty of a small-screen relationship, and it brings points to a close for these two... In ~ least, for now.

9 Season 4 - coin & Zack, Leonard & Priya

This season, no a entirety lot happens between Penny and also Leonard. They room still broken up, and seem to have uncovered a happy medium as friends. There is a brief duration where Penny"s father is visiting, and Penny asks Leonard to convince her dad that they are still together, but it"s one episode-long ruse. At assorted points, they room dating other people; penny is with Zack and then sleeps with Raj, and Leonard and Priya start a major relationship.

This season, Leonard and Penny reunite (again), after ~ Leonard"s partnership with Priya fails, and they realize that they might still have feelings for each other. Things actually manage to go well, too, and also for many of the season, they space happily dating. In ~ the finish of this season, Leonard proposes, and also Penny turns him down, but thankfully they room mature enough to identify that they room both happy and continue to day at this allude in time.

7 Season 6 - Penny finally Says i Love You

After 6 seasons, penny is ultimately able to actually admit exactly how much she cares around Leonard this season, and their partnership really starts to move forward. This is aided by the fact that Alex, a study assistant at Caltech, is hitting on Leonard at work-related - other that provides Penny realize just exactly how much she loves him, and also that she deserve to be jealous too. By the end of the season, they are seriously talking about the future.

Leonard and also Penny space still going solid in the season, even after the corridor finds the end that she is in reality married! turns out, Penny and Zack obtained irresponsibly married in Vegas, but thought that wasn"t legal, and also they now have to acquire their marital relationship annulled. However, this doesn"t cause too much of one issue, because when Leonard proposes a 2nd time, coin accepts, and the two become officially engaged - lot to everyone"s excitement (except Sheldon)!

5 Season 8 - Engagement & gaue won Shifts

Leonard and also Penny spend the totality of this season engaged, and not yes, really planning a wedding, either. They have a few ups and downs, the course, but Sheldon beginning to recognize that Leonard wants to spend more nights through Penny, and things it seems ~ to it is in going well.

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The one huge issue the they have actually this season comes when Penny pipeline acting behind, and gets a task in pharmaceuticals - and one that pays well. For the first time, she makes much more than Leonard, yet while this throws them a little, they soon acquire past it... And the finale sees them driving to vegas to obtain married.

Season 9 choose up wherein the finale that season 8 leaves off, v Penny and also Leonard top to vegas to get married. Things do get off to a rocky start, after ~ Leonard confesses to a drunken kiss through someone else the Penny didn"t understand about, however they still acquire married. The remainder of the season sees them adjusting to married life - and also dealing through the reality that your friends space none as well pleased that they were left the end of the entire wedding.

3 Season 10 - A Re-Do awareness & brand-new Living Arrangements

Fans that were disappointed in ~ the vegas wedding in season 9 got the Leonard and Penny ceremony of their dreams in season 10, when they decide to have a "do over" to involve your friends and also family. It"s a beautiful ceremony, through everyone present, and it"s among the ideal episodes in The large Bang Theory as a result. Following that, the pair settle right into married life, and also eventually end up an altering apartments. After ~ Amy needs to move out many thanks to water damage, she and Sheldon move into Penny"s old place, and also Penny and also Leonard lastly get Leonard"s apartment to themselves together a married couple.

Season 11 sees a rare time the peace and happiness because that Leonard and also Penny, as they navigate the normal ups and also downs of a marriage. Castle do additionally find an old video clip of Penny, talking about how much she go love Leonard, which helps him feel much more secure in the relationship. This is also the season that they start talking about kids, thanks mostly to Howard and Bernadette, yet they are decided against the idea of starting a family.

1 Season 12 - Looking ago & acquiring Pregnant

Penny and Leonard have actually grown increase a large amount since they an initial met, and also a lot of this season sees them thinking ago to that an initial year, and also their first "official" kiss, and their future. Coin is happy in her work, now, and also Leonard is finally beginning to action up and become more of a leader and also a confident skilled as well. In enhancement to this happiness, the concern of a infant comes up numerous times in this season, v Penny originally adamant the she doesn"t want kids... Yet eventually, in the finale finding out that she is pregnant, and also being how amazing happy about the idea of starting a household with Leonard.

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