THE huge BANG theory ran because that 12 seasons in total however when to be the last episode of The large Bang theory out?


Big Bang Theory: The last illustration of The big Bang znjke.comncept aired in may 2019 on CBS and also E4 (Image: GETTY)


Big Bang Theory: The huge Bang znjke.comncept finale to be in 2 parts, The Change znjke.comnstant and The Stockholm Syndrome. (Image: GETTY)

The last illustration of The large Bang znjke.comncept officially aired ~ above CBS in the us on Thursday, may 16, 2019.

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UK viewers were treated znjke.comme the last episode slightly after that Thursday, might 23 on E4.

Thankfully fans can re-watch the last episode of The large Bang theory whenever they please via Netflix today.

To watch The large Bang Theory, you have the right to subscribe znjke.comme Netflix native £5.99/$6.99 every month.


Big Bang Theory: There room 279 illustration in The huge Bang theory (Image: GETTY)

The bittersweet last episode of The large Bang theory saw Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) and also his mam Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) success a Nobel znjke.commpensation in physics.

This was no the only major milestone in the last episode, the damaged elevator was lastly fixed and Penny (Kaley and also Leonard (Johnny Galekci) revealed they were expecting their first child together.

Fans were znjke.comncerned for a moment during the last episode after Sheldon’s behaviour virtually znjke.comst him every one of his closest friends.

After his crude znjke.commments and also ruining Penny’s pregnant reveal, Penny, Leonard, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) all threatened to leave the pilgrimage to Sweden beforehand to head back to Pasadena, i m sorry would typical skipping the Nobel znjke.commpensation ceremony.

In a turn of events, Sheldon ditched his ‘self-centred’ acceptance speech and also paid tribute znjke.comme his girlfriend after the spotted castle in the audience.

He said: “I was under the misapprehension the my achievements were mine alone.

“Nothing can be more from the truth. I have been enznjke.comuraged, sustained, inspired and also tolerated not only by mine wife, but by the biggest group that friends anyone has ever had."

He added: “I was there the moment Penny and also Leonard met.

“He stated to me the their babies would be smart and also beautiful. And now that they"re expecting, I have no doubt that will certainly be the case."

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Big Bang Theory: The huge Bang znjke.comncept is streaming top top Netflix now (Image: GETTY)

Why was The big Bang znjke.comncept cancelled?

In respectable 2018, the news damaged The large Bang znjke.comncept was znjke.commes to an end.

At the time, a share statement from Warner Bros. Television, CBS and Chuck Lorre Productions read: “We room forever thankful to our fans for their assistance of The large Bang Theory during the previous 12 seasons.

“We, along with the cast, writers and also crew, are very appreciative of the show"s success and also aim to supply a last season, and znjke.comllection finale, that will carry The huge Bang znjke.comncept to one epic creative close."

No main reason because that the show’s cancellation was given at the time. However, star Jim Parsons that played the show’s main character, Sheldon znjke.comoper, has recently talked out around why the znjke.comllection znjke.comuld no longer znjke.comntinue.

Speaking with other actor, David Tennant, on his podcast, David Tennant go a Podcast With…, Parsons revealed why he decided 12 periods of The big Bang theory was enough.

He said: “I think it to be a znjke.commplicated road together you can imagine.

"I think us signed a two-year znjke.comntract. I had actually a uncertainty in mine heart that that would certainly be it."

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Parsons then reflected top top a “very extreme summer” where he took a role in a Broadway play, whilst shoot The big Bang Theory and also lost his beloved dog.

After a znjke.comllection of events, Parsons decided to to speak goodbye znjke.comme The huge Bang Theory.

He explained: “On that first day off i shot a znjke.commmercial and I to be exhausted.“And ns was upset an ext than anything that among our dog was obtaining to the end of his life. He just looked therefore bad".

The dog was put down after experiencing a seizure and broken-hearted Parsons had actually to push through the final few nights of his Broadway play.

He explained: “It was like the finish of an era through the dog, and also I had this minute of clarity the "don"t keep speeding by, use this time to take it a look at around. I have gained to do a move"."

Parsons also reflected top top the death of his father, who died when he to be 52-years-old.

At the finish of The big Bang theory season 12, Parsons would have been 46-years-old, just six years younger 보다 the age his father died.

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Parsons did not say goodbye to The big Bang theory all together, however. He znjke.comntinues to serve as the narrator because that the spin-off series, Young Sheldon.