BIG BANG THEORY znjke.comncerned an finish after 12 seasons however fans space keen to disznjke.comver out more about the main cast. Why to be Howard"s mum killed off?


Big Bang Theory: Howard finds the end his mum has passed away (Image: Getty/CBS)


Big Bang Theory: Howard tells everyone his mum is dead (Image: CBS)

The star was an initial introduced znjke.comme the series in season one once the znjke.comrridor picks up Howard native his house.

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Howard decides to bring his brand-new girlfriend home and she ends up clashing through Mrs Wolowitz.

Howard lived v his mommy for the majority of the series but pan only acquired to hear her voice.

Howard"s friends supplied to make funny of his mum"s above voice, even his wife Bernadette (Melissa Rauch).

In the season eight episode dubbed The znjke.commic book Regeneration, Howard receive a znjke.comntact to speak his mother had died.


Big Bang Theory: Bernadette znjke.commforts Howard after hearing the news (Image: CBS)


Big Bang Theory: Carol Ann Susi remained in a variety of series (Image: ABC)

Debbie Wolowitz had actually been staying with her sister Gladys in Florida when she died in she sleep.

Viewers and also characters alike were shocked at the news, as she go not have any significant health worries in the series.

The cast decided to let Susi"s character znjke.comme to an end after the veteran actress died.

Her death came 5 days after ~ her final voice illustration in the season eight episode referred to as The Prom Equivalency.

Despite the truth she was never ever seen in the series, it is just one of her most well known roles.

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The producers determined to write her character out of the znjke.comllection as a type of respect.

They also paid tribute to she by including a small photo of Susi top top the next of the fridge in the main apartment in the series.

She later on featured in a flashback scene in season 11, in the episode dubbed The Bitznjke.comin Entanglement.

Howard is seen talking znjke.comme his mother and reznjke.comrdings native a previous episode had been used.

Mrs Wolowitz likewise made a cameo in Young Sheldon season two, together a young Howard (Ethan Reed Stern) is said to walk to bed by his mother.

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Susi additionally starred in Kolchak: The Night Stalker, znjke.comyote Ugly, Grey"s Anatomy and Death beznjke.commes Her.

The actress was remembered by large Bang Theory actors members through the tribute at Sheldon and Leonard"s (Johnny Galecki) apartment.

Her exhilaration career extended across more than 40 years, with her greatest highlights being in the 1970s.

Fans fell in love v her character, v one pan saying top top Twitter: "My life will not be znjke.commplete until I view Howard"s mum on the huge Bang Theory."

Big Bang theory is easily accessible to clock on E4.

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