The big Bang Theory: 10 things That do No Sense about Stuart Bloom Stuart Bloom, the comic book store owner that The large Bang Theory, has actually a most incongruities end the food of the show.

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Big Bang concept Stuart Bloom
when Stuart Bloom was never a main character on The large Bang Theory, he appeared in every season starting from season two. The went ago and forth from actors member come recurring role, but he was constantly in the background together the friend that wasn"t really close v the main group, yet longed come be.

Stuart was the back-up man for events, the person the group could rely on when they essential something, and also the knowledgeable comic publication store owner.

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He was socially awkward, desperate because that love, and constantly seemingly down on his luck. While some of the elements of his personality, and also things he did, to be explainable, others, no so much.

Big Bang concept Comic book Store
It seems that most human being go right into the comic book store to hang out, stand and also read comics, or upper and lower reversal through in search of the occasional rarely find. Rather than buy, that seems most comic publication fans come in to browse and meet various other like-minded individuals, or those v whom lock can dispute topics choose who to be the best Batman.

So, it"s no surprise that Stuart always had jae won struggles. Yet what renders no sense is just how he was able to save the store open at all for so long. If points were therefore bad, exactly how was he making rent and also being maybe to salary the bills?

Big Bang concept Stuart
Stuart has actually a degree, owns his very own business, has actually some relations in high places, and also a man amount that knowledge about comics and film franchises prefer Star Wars and also Star Trek. For this reason why is he so down on self all the time?

Stuart doesn"t simply lack confidence, the does nothing yet beat himself up constantly and also talk around all that the negative things in his life. He has actually so lot going for him and also if he were to project confidence, he might have checked out things change for him.

Big Bang concept Stuart coin Date
when it pertains to Stuart, there"s no concern that he is lonely, depressed, and also lacks self-confidence. For this reason it"s baffling that, given every one of these realities, he had actually no problem asking coin out on a day when he an initial appeared on the show. No once, however twice!

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The very first time, he didn"t yet know that Leonard had feelings for Penny and mustered up the courage come ask out the pretty brand-new aspiring actress in town. She went out with him even though the date ended horribly with her falling sleep on the couch if Stuart and Sheldon argued around Batman. The 2nd time, he and Penny actually kissed, however it ended up being clear she was just trying to obtain over Leonard, and also make that jealous, once she accidentally dubbed Stuart by his name.

7 His Hollywood Connections

In numerous instances, Stuart is presented to be a pretty linked guy. That is friends with Wil Wheaton, frequently pairing up with the group-adjacent friend to compete in various tournaments and games.

In another episode, it"s revealed that his uncle is Stan Lee"s dermatologist and also he even has the icon"s residence address, i beg your pardon he offers to Penny. Stuart additionally at one allude gives Leonard Adam West"s contact information therefore he can try and to convince the comic publication icon to come to Sheldon"s date of birth party. Why isn"t Stuart far more successful provided these relations to celebrities, numerous of whom showed up as cameos on the show?

If Stuart therefore badly wanted to be friends v the guys, why would certainly he continuously seek their girlfriends? Not just did he continue to hold a torch because that Penny after your dates, even knowing there were solid feelings in between her and also Leonard, yet he likewise once go out through Amy, too.

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Before Amy and Sheldon officially identified their relationship, Stuart asked Amy out and she agreed, trying to acquire over Sheldon. This prompted a jealous Sheldon to show up and make things official with his long-time girlfriend.

5 His damaging Luck

Stuart was more than just a under on your luck guy. He to be constantly complaining about his finances, health, love life, lack of friends, and also more. The was always broke and also seemingly life in squalor. However the bad luck frequently went come morbid territory.

In one episode, for instance, Stuart revealed to Sheldon that his psychiatrist cursed suicide and also blamed Stuart in the note he left behind!

It"s evident that the main group often used Stuart. They offered him because that his connections, because that his comic store, or together a 5th wheel as soon as needed. ~ Howard got married, they very obviously let Stuart right into the fold, yet only as a replacement because that Howard.

In fact, Sheldon even went for this reason far as to call Stuart "the fake Wolowitz." Stuart was so desperate for friendship, he didn"t care, even moving in through Raj, and later through Howard, Bernadette, and the kids.

3 His relationship With Mrs. Wolowitz

~ a fire took out the comic book store and Howard gave Stuart a job taking treatment of his hurt mother, Stuart emerged a close bond v the woman. Therefore close, in fact, the it made Howard jealous.

Then, when Stuart realized the insurance money money wouldn"t covering the costs to re-open the store, Mrs. Wolowitz offered him the dough, and also even some furniture indigenous the den of the house. It was a strange bond, particularly given exactly how close Mrs. Wolowitz already was v her very own son.

Stuart lived with the married pair for part time after Mrs. Wolowitz passed away, which made small sense. Especially because he gained lazy and wasn"t doing lot to help around the house, so lot so the Bernadette had actually to force Stuart and also Howard to clean ~ she had had enough.

Bernadette and Howard did once shot to gently imply to Stuart that he leave, however after establish it to be his birthday, castle chickened out. Nonetheless, even Stuart should have actually realized the he had overstayed his welcome. After eventually leaving, the did return to live with them again, yet at the very least that time, he had a purpose: to assist out with the kids.

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1 single For so Long

Sure, Stuart to be socially awkward, depressed, and also often to express self-pity. But he likewise had a vast knowledge around comic books and also other sci-fi content, something the plenty that girls who came right into the keep would have appreciated.

Indeed, Denise ended up being attracted come Stuart as soon as he prove his substantial knowledge for the Star wars franchise at Sheldon and Amy"s wedding. Why walk it take it so long for a woman to check out what he had actually to offer and also show interest in him, especially since he had asked girls out plenty of times before?