The big Bang Theory: The 10 best Comic publication Store Scenes, Ranked indigenous finding dates to dressing up, there space so countless amazing comic book store scenes in The large Bang Theory.

Split photo of scene from the comic book store
Everyone"s favorite researchers on The huge Bang Theory spend many of your time at home or in ~ Caltech wherein they work in their respective fields. However, when it"s time to punch off some vapor and gain some downtime, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj head come the comic publication store. Funny enough, the comic book store is actually dubbed The Comic center of Pasadena but they just refer to it as the comic book store.

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The team spends hours at the comic book store and became close with the owner, Stuart. Since of this, there to be plenty of scenes hosted at the comic publication store wherein the guys got together to record up. On part occasions, even Penny, Bernadette, and also Amy proved up for part light-hearted fun. The comic publication store soon came to be a place where some of the finest scenes to be had. However some were much better than others...

The Bitcoin Entanglement - tbbt
In the 11th season, the men are at the comic book store as soon as they realize how much Bitcoins to be worth and also that castle bought a few seven year prior. The episode has actually a series of flashbacks, which linked all the dots regarding where they kept their Bitcoins.

The gang at some point remembers that they provided Leonard"s laptop and also transported the Bitcoins come a speed drive. However where was the speed drive? Sheldon claimed he placed the flash journey on Leonard"s keychain but Leonard reminded him that he shed that flash journey years ago. A flashback easily came throughout the screen and showed Stuart recognize the speed drive and selling it.

The Meemaw Materialization - TBBT
It"s constantly fun once a member of the team meets a lover lady at the comic book store. The doesn"t occur often, i m sorry is why it"s such a fun experience for the group.

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In "Meemaw Materialization," Howard and Raj gain into an dispute over Frozen while looking for comics. Once a beautiful woman called Claire overhears them, she joins their conversation and also introduces herself. Although Raj had actually a girlfriend at the time, he was taken by Claire and met with her in ~ the comic publication store again to talk around a screenplay she was writing. Seeing Raj autumn for another woman if talking about comics and space was a fun one for his character.

In the final two periods of The big Bang Theory, Stuart"s comic publication store ultimately becomes successful. He happy accepts all the brand-new customers and also had to easily hire help. He finished up rental a woman named Denise that was exceptionally knowledgable ~ above comics and was the perfect fit. As always, however, Sheldon hated readjust and loathed that so many people were in the save now. Discovering that who else as well as Stuart was functioning there also collection him off. Sheldon decided to quiz Denise to view if she had actually what it take it to work-related there and it became relatively obvious that she did. Denise even argued a new comic for Sheldon!

7 "The Guitarist Amplification"

The Guitarist Amplification - tbbt
as soon as Leonard and also Penny obtained into a petty argument, they started screaming at each various other in your apartment. Sheldon couldn"t stand their suggesting because it reminded him of his childhood. He ran far without Leonard and Penny knowing yet when castle finally uncovered him, he was at the comic publication store prefer a tiny kid.

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He used his sadness as leverage for a brand-new toy indigenous the comic publication store, which coin made Leonard buy for him. This mother and also father dynamic the Leonard and Penny had actually with Sheldon was one of the best.

In "The good Guy Fluctuation," Leonard was emotion down due to the fact that he was in a long distance connection with Raj"s sister Priya. The street was obtaining to him and also he to be lonely. But once an attractive girl called Alice presented herself to Leonard at the comic publication store and asked him out, he all of sudden regained all his confidence. Stuart easily rushed over to Leonard after Alice left and took his picture because that was among the few who acquired hit on in ~ the comic book store.

5 "The Bakersfield Expedition"

as soon as the men went away to Bakersfield for a comic book convention, the women stayed earlier to learn more about your partners" key hobby: comic books. Penny, Bernadette, and also Amy slowly walked right into the comic book store knowing that all eyes to be on them. Stuart didn"t gain too many women in the store, so as soon as he did it was a huge deal. The women asked Stuart what type of comics the guys usually bought however when coin asks him who the ideal superhero is, Stuart conveniently tells she to it is in quiet as she can start a "rumble." It to be a funny episode to view the girl so out of place.

In season three, Sheldon and Raj join a Mystic Warlords that Ka"a tournament at the comic book store. While Sheldon and also Raj were an excellent at the game, they were mainly going come the tournament for a chance to meet—and diss—Wil Wheaton. Sheldon had a personal vendetta against Wil ever because he canceled a meet-and-greet he was claimed to do when Sheldon to be younger. Since then, Sheldon wanted to do him pay. Funny enough, when Raj and also Sheldon played against Wil, Sheldon shed on function after taking a liking to Wil. The feeling quickly faded once he found out Wil was lying come him throughout the night.

3 "The Scavenger Vortex"

Raj is a born showman. He loves themed events and would have thrown 100 of castle if his friends would tag along. In "The Scavenger Vortex," Raj put together an epos scavenger hunt approximately Pasadena and paired anyone up into twos. One of the clues led them to the comic book store. And as they progressively filtered in, Stuart hilariously asked them if they ever thought of him when planning fun things. City hall Bernadette yell in ~ Leonard when Penny and also Sheldon were growing was among the finest parts.

In "The Perspiration Implementation," the ladies space invited to the comic book store therefore Stuart might ask them inquiries as unbiased guests in his store. ~ a plethora of an unfavorable reviews composed by women who went to his store, Howard picked your brains to find out how the store can be less creepy. The town hall the females go over all of the sexist and uncomfortable things in the comic publication store to be legendary.

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1 "The Justice organization Recombination"

Season four"s "The Justice league Recombination" was an emotionally one for Penny however it became a an excellent episode. With Penny and also Leonard being broken up, she started dating Zack again to to fill the void. Yet when it"s brand-new Year"s Eve and also Zack wants to invest it at the comic publication store through Leonard and co., Penny had no choice but to play along. Being with her new boyfriend and also ex-boyfriend made her uncomfortable due to the fact that it to be clear that she wasn"t over Leonard. What do this episode good was everyone dressing up as their favorite Justice league of America character.