For diehard fans of the TV show, The huge Bang Theory’s apartments, or ‘nerd-vanas’, are iconic life spaces. I will not ~ you love to step into the apartments wherein Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and also the rest of the corridor spent many comic and also heartfelt moments?

We certain would! So, review on together we take it you through a very accurate and also true-to-life 3D Floor setup of the fictitious apartments – 4A and also 4B.

About Those huge Bang concept Apartments

Situated top top the 4th floor of ‘The Building,’ the fictitious The huge Bang theory apartments are nearly mirror pictures in regards to layout, other than for the extra bedroom in apartment 4A.

In the first couple of seasons of the show, apartment 4A is where physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper reside, while their across-the-hall ar Penny stays in apartment 4B.


It turns out that The huge Bang Theory’s apartment’s real-life ar is somewhere in the vicinity that 215 south Madison Avenue, brand-new York.

Imagine you space looking come rent out a comparable property roughly that location. Girlfriend could budget plan $1,825 or an ext per month for Penny’s 1BHK (bedroom, hall, and kitchen). Want that extra bedroom? climate you have to be all set to spend $2,275 or more per month for Leonard’s and also Sheldon’s 2BHK!

Take a online Tour of The huge Bang theory Apartments

If you are all set to glean decor catalyst from this American sitcom, our digital tour will assist you understand the many facets of The large Bang Theory collection layout, including:

The large Bang theory apartment life room Apartment 4A’s kitchenThe boy’s bathroomSheldon and Leonard’s bedroomsPenny’s apartment layout

The huge Bang theory Apartment life Room

Sheldon and also Leonard’s life room is just one of the many memorable spaces in the show. It’s the place where the sitcom’s protagonists hung out the many – eating Chinese takeout, playing video games, celebrating Nobel prize wins, or simply watching TV.


The bachelor pad emanates a distinct geeky chic vibe many thanks to the adhering to features:

Comic books and science-inspired objects:Look around, and you will find DNA models, superhero and cult film memorabilia, telescopes, miniature rockets, and also even globes.

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Well-lit workplace nook:The nook has actually scores of books, a computer, and also many tech gadgets. Meanwhile, large windows cover one wall, which allows light stream into the room.Understated and also comfy décor:Sheldon and Leonard’s big, brown, animal leather sleeper sofa and functional table and chairs present that the duo likely spends an ext of your money on gaming, books, and also science devices than interior style! even the walls and cabinetry have actually uniform neutral colors.

Apartment 4A’s Kitchen

In Sheldon and also Leonard’s The huge Bang theory apartment layout, the life room leads into an open kitchen – featuring a large counter table where the group spends a an excellent portion of their days socializing and drinking wine.


You will certainly find an ext pop-culture elements such together the Star Wars layout toaster and Batman cookie jar in this space. Together a nod to the nerdy characters of the show’s heroes, there is additionally a whiteboard extended with complex scribbled equations!

Wooden elements abound in this room, native hardwood flooring come cabinets and also open shelves the blend seamlessly through the mild-colored walls and green tiling. Notification the pot and pan hanging rack over the sink to maximize warehouse space.

The Boy’s Bathroom

Moving into Sheldon and Leonard’s bathroom, the focal allude is the shower head curtain with a regular table print, i m sorry shields a straightforward built-in bathtub. Properties sci-fi wall surface art consist of the walls, while the remainder of the room is quite an easy and utilitarian.

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Sheldon and also Leonard’s Bedrooms

As friend move about Leonard and Sheldon’s rooms, girlfriend will view their distinct personalities reflect in every space. Sheldon’s room is all about strict symmetry and matching the colors and also textures with no real regard to design trends or schemes. An alert the equivalent wooden bookcases, desk and also bed, the same-colored drapes and sheets, and the meticulously i ordered it shelves!


Leonard’s room top top the other hand has actually a slightly more relaxed vibe. To break the monotony of the room, over there is one upholstered bench at the foot that the bed and a light resource in the kind of a mission-style table lamp.

Both physicists display books, quirky popular music art, and activity figures in your rooms.


Penny’s Apartment Layout

If her favorite personality on the display is Penny, then choose her, you too could add color and also personality to her apartment decor. A stark comparison to the men The big Bang theory apartment interior, Penny’s living space made ‘cluttercore‘ cool, even before it came to be a trend.


Her home features a joyful, happy and also comfortable mess that’s an amazing mix the high-end and also low-end furniture merged with diverse accessories such together Chinese lanterns and also cartoon wall art. Come amp increase the eclectic vibe, be sure to mix and also match colors, such together bright pinks, greens and also oranges, and blues across the bedding, furniture, and curtains.


Hopefully, friend now have actually all the is required to inject that ‘The large Bang Theory’ vibe right into your home or apartment. If in doubt, simply think “affordable geeky charm meets pop-culture influences” and also you’ll have yourself a winner!