G-Dragon (left) enlisted in February 2018 when Taeyang (centre) and also Daesung did so in March that year.PHOTO: THE brand-new PAPER

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Hundreds of pan turned up v banners and also balloons at a centre in April once South oriental actor Lee Min-ho wrapped increase his two years of mandatory military service.

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Lee, visibly relocated by the support for his return to civilian life, bowed come the crowd.

Now, various other fans who want to extend the same raucous welcome - to BigBang stars G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung - have actually hit a bump.

They have been told no to show up.

The 3 singers space expected to be released from their army stints in October and also November.

G-Dragon enlisted in February 2018 while the various other two did so in March that year.

According come the allkpop portal, their firm YG Entertainment has told civilization to continue to be away due to the fact that the singers" camp is in a ar where afri swine fever has been reported.

Cases have been detected in pig ranches near the country"s border with North Korea, i beg your pardon reported an outbreak in May.

In a bid to curtail the spread of the virus, YG provided that the military base has ramped up quarantine initiatives, including keeping a lid on world entering the area.

The trio"s upcoming discharge was intended by pundits to it is in high-profile events, offered the stature of BigBang in K-pop.

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In 2018, YG also had come appeal to pan of G-Dragon not to send him e-mail.

It claimed then that due to the fact that the message had actually to be printed out and also handed over to the soldier, the volume that e-mail come G-Dragon was proving an unnecessary distraction and added chore for governmental staff in the base.

But even as the group"s members are set to complete their armed forces stints, over there is still hesitation over the future the BigBang.

Seungri previously this year existed the group when that was claimed to have actually procured prostitutes for would-be investor of his businesses, among other allegations.

G-Dragon, that is slated to it is in discharged ~ above Oct 26, newly posted online: "Live because that yourself. It"s not the finish of the people without you."

That cryptic message has actually been understood by part fans as his intention perhaps to explore other facets of present business, consisting of fashion.

They could have inquiry him straight on Oct 26 about his plans yet African swine fever has actually now shot under that possibility.

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