1 : large in dimension a big house/room/field a big glass the soda See much more ExamplesHe is a big <=tall and heavy> man. She relocated to a bigger city. The biggest city in the state The time is big enough for 10 people. <=there is enough room in the time for 10 people> A great big <=very large, huge> van pulled up next to us. I can"t recognize her writing; she provides too many large words. <=long words the many people don"t know the definition of>Hide

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2 : large in number or amount he led a big team through the museum. She was earning huge money <=a the majority of money> together a lawyer.
3 : involving or including countless people, things, etc. She functions for a big company. He organized a big declaring campaign. We had a big fund-raiser because that the school.
1a : large or great in dimensions, bulk, or degree a large house also : large or great in quantity, number, or quantity a big fleet
2a : filled through or defined by enthusiasm and interest I"m a huge fan of soy foods yet urge friend to pick them wisely.— Andrew Weil : active and enthusiastic My mom is a large baker, and also so was my grandm …— Melissa Parks I"m not a huge shopper, so for me come actually prefer a save is yes, really saying something.— Matt Cameron
4 informal : more advanced in age : older my large brother : more maturation His teachers every told me he to be excited around riding the bus, feeling favor a huge boy now.— Laurie Frey
1 : an individual or organization of outstanding importance or strength especially : major league —usually offered in plural playing in the bigs
2 basketball, not blocked : a big player : a facility or forward whose huge size and strength are provided to manage play near the basket But, the problem is the you MUST have guards. Friend can"t play five bigs.— boy name Manley

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high-muck-a-muck muckety-muck nobility , pooh-bah

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