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Vice president Biden raised eyebrows today when he described the Republican party as wanting to placed voters in chains.

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Specifically, the angry president stated to the Danville, Virginia, crowd the the residence znjke.comP budget, partly written by House spending plan Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., offers an indication of the Republican presidential ticket"s values.

"We obtained a actual clear picture of what they every value," Biden said. "Every Republican"s voted for it. Look at what lock value and also look at your budget and also what they"re proposing. Romney wants to let the - he said in the an initial hundred job he"s znjke.coming come let the huge banks when again write their own rules, "unchain wall surface Street." They"re walking to placed y"all back in chains."

An Obama project official tells alphabet News that "as the complete quote provides obvious, the Vice president was clearly using a an alleznjke.comry to define the devastating affect of deregulating wall surface Street and the jae won industry, and how branch Romney"s policies would take us to the same failed formula that caused the 2008 financial situation - the same failed formula the benefitted a few, but crashed ours economy and hurt the middle class."

Defenders the the evil president indicate that that inartfully was attempting to play turn off language Republicans have used around President Obama needing come "unshackle" little businesses and the economy.

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Asked about the comments by Andrea Mitchell ~ above MSNBC, Obama campaign deputy project manager Stephanie Cutter claimed the president "probably agrees through Joe Biden"s sentiments. I mean he"s using a metaphor….He to be making a allude that if us repeal wall Street revolutionary which is what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to do, we"re znjke.coming come earlier to the days whereby they"re composing their own rules, and we saw what happened. Taxpayers had to bail them out. We had actually to spend billions that dollars of taxpayer dollars bailing lock out. Now I would think the that, friend know, that is a problem for middle class taxpayers. That would certainly hamper their capability to take care of their very own finances."

Cutter said, "the bottom heat is that we have no difficulty with those comments."

Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul said, "In case anyone to be wondering just how low chairman Obama can in his campaign for re-election, we now understand he"s ready to speak that branch Romney desires to put people back in chains. Whether its accusing Mitt Romney of gift a felon, having been responsible for a woman"s tragic fatality or now wanting come put human being in chains, there"s no question that since of the President"s failed document he"s been diminished to a desperate project based on department and demonization."

Mr. Biden likewise told the crowd that if they obtain out the vote, "we have the right to win north Carolina again." Danville is close come the north Carolina border, yet it is in reality in Virginia.

-Jake Tapper

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