I’m excited and also a small nervous to announce the I’m showing up in two episodes that the history Channel’s upcoming scriptures Secrets Revealed, i beg your pardon starts airing nationwide this Wednesday, November 13, at 10:00pm EST.

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Read the totality story — including air times, web links to an ext information, and video clip trailers from the series — in my recent e-newsletter.UPDATE (December 19, 2013): It transforms out I had a prominent duty in the 5th episode, together well: “Mysterious Prophecies.” friend may have the ability to watch the whole thing on-line via the “Bible keys Revealed” video clip page.UPDATE (December 1, 2013): Learn much more about “The Life the Adam and also Eve,” which I define in the third episode, native the sneak-peak look in ~ “The Unabridged Bible.”UPDATE (November 26, 2013): The third episode — “The Forbidden Scriptures” — airs morning (Wednesday) night. This might be the many enlightening of the episodes, due to the fact that it addresses miscellaneous most civilization don’t recognize much about.

I psychic talking around this in depth on camera, and I’m called that some of my explanations make it right into the last show.

Here’s the official description, from the history Channel:

The books, gospels and also epistles discovered in the Holy holy bible are writings taken into consideration to be divinely inspired. But are over there chapters that the bible that space missing? have actually stories to be censored and characters deleted? and if so, simply who decides what is included—and what is forbidden?

UPDATE (November 20, 2013): The 2nd episode airs tonight: “The Promised Land.” once I was interviewed, I declined to comment publicly about the connection between the bible and contemporary Israel’s borders, so I’m no in this one, however I’m curious to hear what other human being say. Here’s the background Channel’s description:

It is taken into consideration the most sacred place on Earth. But it has additionally been sculpted up, sub-divided and also fought end for hundreds of years. Was the area recognized as “The Promised Land” really provided by God to a “chosen people?” because that the Jewish people, it is the land wherein David was King, whereby Solomon constructed a great temple and also where Abraham and also his descendants can live in peace and prosperity. Christians believe they have actually a appropriate to this area because, according to the new Testament, Jesus will an initial appear here when he returns because that the work of Judgment. Due to the fact that the Crusades, holy place Mount in Jerusalem has actually remained under Muslim control and also is the website of one of the most sacred mosques in all of Islam. Probably God’s genuine promise was not to Abraham, but to every one of humanity, and that a “promised land” to be to be earned—not just given. Might this land of religious tension and also endless warfare actually become a Promised soil of peace as foretold in the Bible?

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