Remember the amazing ladies that kicked turn off an era that drama? Remember once episodes were only 20 minute long, and the season appeared endless? Well, this is what the ladies space up come now:

Aimee Landi

Now a “roadie” functioning shows like Chris Brown, Gavin DeGraw, and Billy Joel. Travel the country, and still reminiscing her bad girl days. Quiet friends with Ty from her season. Also, her mom has cancer, therefore please check out and donate to she GoFundMe page.


Jodie Howell

Jodie is date a guy named Brian, who has actually a photo of himself and her breasts (head reduced out) as his facebook profile pic. This man is almost everywhere her society media, and additionally he has actually a son. Castle both live in Maryland but have recently vacationed in NYC. Jodie right now works as in occupational health sales because that a medical/hospital company.


Kerry Harvick

Kerry is a happy mom and also an owner at central Texas Realty Mart. She resides in Comanche, Texas. Unfortunately, she music job does not appear to have been successful, with the last noteworthy single released in 2007, a year after she stint ~ above BGC.


Zara Sprankle

Surprisingly, Zara is also a happy mom! She has a beautiful son and daughter. If memory serves me correctly, she is still with the lengthy term friend from she season, and also he appears to be the father of her children. I think the guy in the photo is him, however you can judge for yourself…


Leslie Ramsue

Leslie resides in Georgia and also is a realtor and also financial adviser. She is very religious and passionately versus racism and police brutality.


Hripsime “Ripsi” Terzian

Unfortunately Ripsi is almost nonexistent on society media. In 2009 she is tape-recorded as gift arrested because that driving under the influence, there is no a license, and with drug possession (Seroquel). She was found passed out in the driver’s chair of a to run car. Where she is, i hope that Ripsi is well. That girl basically MADE negative Girls Club. If everyone has any info ~ above her, allow me know.

Update: I’ve received gossip that Ripsi is well and also working in ~ a dental office, possibly near Boston. She desires nothing to perform with BGC.


Tyla “Ty” Colliers

Ty is a mother, a biker chick, and a horseback rider. Because being on bad girls society she has worked in the sex industry and has test to compose a memoir. She’s ongoing with her troubled past, acquiring arrested for disorderly conduct and possibly a few others.


Joanna “JoJo” Hernandez

After showing up as a instead of on BGC, JoJo go on to some bigger and much better things… she winner season one of For the Love of beam J! she nickname was Cocktail, yet I guess points with ray didn’t occupational out. She’s at this time living in ras Vegas and also modeling.


Andrea Laing

Here’s one more replacement making the big(ger)! we barely remember her from BGC1, but this lady has actually been hitting the box office prefer crazy. She’s appeared in many films and shows, including some coming out in 2016. The only appearance I acknowledge is an illustration of teenager Wolf, yet you can inspect her out for you yourself on IMDb.


DeAnn Witt

This nation baddie stays in McKinney, Texas where she manages one apartment complex. She’s all around her job and has received tons of apartment administration related awards.

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She’s been dating the man she is with for about 9 year now, and apparently he’s had actually a “crazy ex” the entirety time. Also, her kid from the display is all flourish up (a teen)! Aww