znjke.com spoke to Beyoncé"s "Single Ladies" collaborators around their contributions to the visionary visual and also its lasting imprint ~ above pop as we understand it.

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This week,znjke.comis celebrate the music video with a week’s precious of content that looks in ~ the past, present and future of the video, at a time as soon as it seems to be as appropriate as ever. Here, us flashback ten yearsfor an extensive look at just how arguably the many legendary video clip from the 21st century’s best music video clip star came together, and also why its legacy endures a te later.


“If i Were A Boy” is a standout in her videography and also puts her exhilaration chops come work, however the seismic impact of “Single Ladies” go on to dwarf it as a cultural phenomenon.Premiered together “Boy” ~ above MTV’sTotal inquiry Livein October 2008, “Ladies”cemented Beyoncé’s condition as a triple-threat who have the right to marry the elegant of a ballerina and the formidable bombast of a J-setting run corps with a human body roll. It servedas the jumping-off suggest for several of her many formative an imaginative partnerships. The showcased a popular music star wielding the music video as a revolutionary medium on a level she peers couldn’t touch if reviving the form during a low allude of relationship in the process. Perhaps most importantly, it set the precedent for an artist who’d go back to the illustration board, only to upper and lower reversal it over and also stun she fans, lengthy before setting the titanium typical for the visual album together a format.

Below, Nava, Gatson and Knight all speak top top “Single Ladies,” their contributions to the visionary visual and its lasting imprint ~ above pop as we understand it. znjke.com also spoke to Ebony Williams, the dancer that completed the trio v Beyoncé and Everett;Lorraine Schwartz, the designer behind Beyoncé’s bionic glove;and Bobby Moynihan, that wrote and also performed in one of the many affectionate (and hilarious) tributes to the song on Saturday Night Live. Though their experiences differ, they’re unanimous on two points: that Beyoncé is a genius, and that “Single Ladies” is a testimony to not just that genius, but additionally her capacity to maintain it.


When Beyoncé, Nava, and also Nava’s writing partner, Ben Cooper, started brainstorming concepts for “If ns Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies,” the vibe, initially, was simple. You deserve to see that play the end in the first few seconds that “If ns Were A Boy,” which have actually Beyoncé and also actor Eddie Goines stand in front of a white wall while listing turn off words that loss under the umbrella the romantic relationships — intimacy, honesty, commitment, you, me. A complicated scene unfolds from the stark set-up, yet Beyoncé, Nava, Gatson, and also Knight still adopted simplicity while relocating forward through “Single Ladies.”

The white, panoramic ar initially intended for “If i Were A Boy” discovered a residence on the 2nd video shooting set, which would emphasis on putting a modern-day twist ~ above Bob Fosse’s choreography. Gatson had actually introduced Fosse’s work right into Beyoncé’s repertoire before “Single Ladies”:The “Get Me Bodied” video is a straight tribute come the mod “Rich Man’s Frug” step from Sweet Charity, and also shades of the musical’s stand-out “Big Spender” number made it right into her live display as well. A mash-up the Fosse’s wife, Gwen Verdon, performing the “Mexican Breakfast” run sequence and also Unk’s “Walk that Out” walk viral and also had captured Beyoncé’s attention. V “Single Ladies,” the trick was to upgrade Fosse in a way fit for Queen Bey — and also that’s whereby Gatson’s classic appreciation because that vintage music glamour met Knight’s southern affinity for J-setting, wherein one dancer’s steps are then replicated through the crew behind castle en masse (see:Beychella).

Jake Nava, director: Initially, Beyoncé had actually been talking around a minimal, Herb Ritts-y simplicity for “If i Were A Boy.” Me and my composing partner, Ben Cooper, had been thinking about that and also getting with each other references. Climate she said, “Let’s actually perform ‘If i Were A Boy’ me behaving favor a boy.” and so that took the away native a stripped-back, faint world and into a much more narrative world. The white stuff the we’d been working on became the background come the revolutionized Fosse dance routine so that there would be a great contrast in between the two projects. Us knew that we were doing them together, back-to-back, and also that we essential them come have distinctive looks.

Frank Gatson Jr., choreographer: as soon as you see Fosse do hips and also Fosse carry out hands, Fosse has actually that sexual stance that looks for this reason sophisticated. Michael Jackson?People don’t realize that “Thriller” is Fosse, when he start the shoulder — pump, pump, pump, pump. That’s native Fosse. The Paula Abdul “Cold Hearted,” the scene as soon as she’s on that scaffolding? That’s a step from a Fosse movie <All the Jazz>. That very same scene is where Michael and also them acquired movement because that “Thriller.” Beyoncé was introduced to Fosse by me, due to the fact that I saw that Frug number indigenous Sweet Charity and also I to be like, “This is amazing.”

JaQuel Knight, choreographer: Jake it s okay a superstar. Suggest blank. He it s okay what that takes to break an artist and also to magnify them to superstardom. Every item of detail, working through a high-level production, working with the finest in every room — Jake is not afraid to let you go and also do your thing, and also I think that’s what makes good directors great. If you’re onboard and also on their team, they’re gonna let you execute your thing and then come in and also say, “What if we did this? What if us did that?” to make the most clever changes and also suggestions the make girlfriend think in a different way. As well as that, he’s to be working through Beyoncé forever, and every time, it’s constantly a great, high level that sophistication and also artistry that you can’t uncover anywhere else. Jake understands music; that understands choreography; he understands style and also aesthetics.

Gatson: it took three months to placed that with each other because, you know, even though “Single Ladies” was inspired by the Bob Fosse clip, us still want our very own originality. If girlfriend look in ~ it, we placed J-setting in there… The step from Sweet Charity when the 3 ladies to be on the roof, imaginary little ramp the the girls ran up and came down. However most the “Single Ladies” was influenced by <“Mexican Breakfast”>, Fosse’s wife and also the various other two young females that performed v her in the pantsuits.

Knight: J-setting was the brand-new thing. That hadn’t been seen yet on the tendency level. People always wanted Beyoncé to vogue, yet Madonna had that covered and everyone rather under the umbrella had already done that. J-setting was something organic come me together an artist and something ns could carry to the table. That wassomething I prospered up around—I knew the fundamentals and the method and the vibe and could keep it authentic. That made sense with Beyoncé, since she’s a country girl through the hips and also natural bounce and natural swag come her the you have the right to only gain from farming up eating macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and also fried chicken, you know? <Laughs>It’s instilled in her, that bounce.

To add the lines come it, that’s something she’s been working on due to the fact that the start of her career as an artist. That’s something that Frank has actually instilled in her: “We require the right lines,” with some ballet technique. She had actually all the right ingredients for it, to store it raw and authentic however pulled up and classy. She deserve to drop down and get funky through you, yet then she have the right to pull the up and make it very ladylike. That was something that was yes, really special and unique come her together an artist. She had actually put over time up to “Single Ladies,” so currently she was ready for other to placed her stank on.

Nava: The really essential thing about this is that they had been working on this program while she was functioning on other stuff. However she had actually been practicing this routine, and so I first saw that on video. That was already developed and also tight and also I thought, “Wow, that’s amazing, remarkable — type of a southerly street upgrade of exaggeration femininity and also character personality the Fosse mirrors in his dance.” They’d really functioned on it, and it was looking so tight. I understood why it’s so good when you check out three people doing it favor mirrors.

Knight: The J-setting simply made sense. I remember gift in the room on the computer like, “What else can we do?” i was like, “We could do a bit of J-setting… We need to do it right. Us gotta be true to what it is.” ns was super nervous around it. Don’t ever be the man who thinks you’re introducing something come the world and also is every wrong… We’re all around putting on for people, and our people especially. Whenever us can lug something to the forefront at together a high-art level, we’re all about it. We’re nerds and also geeks for stuff like that. Us think there’s true beauty beauty in that.

Ebony Williams, dancer: I to be so provided to doing things that were using lines, balletic lines, because I remained in a ballet agency at the time. So once I had actually to execute something funky, it to be fun, something that wasn’t the norm because that me. I was always taking hip-hop classes and whatever I could take, so that J-setting pocket was so lit that ns was all set to do it over and over again. The was my favourite part.

Knight: It would certainly oftentimes simply be me, Frank, Beyoncé, and Ashley Everett. Ashley to be our muse that we would work with throughout the daytime, and Beyoncé would come in for a couple of hours, a couple hours every day. We would teach her stuff, then we would talk about the references, then get up, dance some more, and do that again the next day and the following day. We fully drowned ourselves and wanted to create something that was purely concentrated on the attitude, the performance, and also the choreography. That was our goal: to develop something the was supervisor dynamic but super minimal, something that would capture on prefer a wildfire.

Gatson: Fosse had really sexy moves, but due to the fact that of the training — girlfriend can even see Beyoncé’s growth in the training, from the start of Destiny’s child to now. We would take her to ballet class, display her how to isolate she hip, display her how to isolate she arms — that’s what Fosse was every about, isolations. I can’t get sufficient of him.


Knight: I think it’s really necessary for artists to recognize the history, Fosse being among the most significant artists — choreographer, director, writer. As well as “Mexican Breakfast,” us studied whatever Fosse throughout the process. We also had Desmond Richardson come in and also teach us some Fosse movements, signature Fosse pieces, and we just ongoing to research what we can from the tapes. Together a choreographer that’s looking come tap right into your own style, i think it’s crucial to learn exactly how these various other artists flourish. V that, i was may be to learn who ns was even an ext as one artist, to learn about things I brought to the table and had come offer.

I’m a nation boy; I flourished up in phibìc Carolina and also Atlanta, so i did a lot of country things — backyard barbeques, family talent shows. Through these events, you see a lot. One point I learned indigenous Fosse: You could tell he to be a people-watcher. He take it a the majority of things from day-to-day people and made that his own. That’s a specialty that mine, too: we all haven’t grown up the same way, for this reason the things you’re exposed to end up being yours.

“Single Ladies” has my whole childhood in it, if we’re looking at it indigenous that suggest of view. It has actually my grandma at the cookout; it has actually my nephews dancing in ~ the family reunion; it has actually me in the marching band; it has a small bit the this the end in the street. Every piece of me that danced or observed dance plays transparent the movement of “Single Ladies,” for this reason it was a yes, really beautiful item to me.

Williams: Understanding the tradition of the movement and trying to find similarities in the lines was going to lug it to life and also possibly elevate it even more. That is what ns think was really cool about how combined in the motion with Fosse. Fosse is supervisor musical and is at sight shape-oriented, and so is J-setting. It’s shape-oriented in the fact that one human being is copy the other person’s shape and also the following person’s pocket of music, due to the fact that musicality is therefore important.

Gatson: I think every video director is trying come do function films. Jake was put on the map v Beyoncé a little when that did “Crazy in Love,” and we won awards the year, so currently we come all the way back in 2008, and Beyoncé allows Jake to do this good cinematic piece, “If i Were A Boy.” Jake trusted me, so he to be like, “Okay, Frank, present me what girlfriend wanna carry out for ‘Single Ladies.’” together somebody who wanted to do attribute films, his emphasis was on that, and also I can’t blame him for that, due to the fact that my focus was top top the dance. I just remember lock shot “If ns Were A Boy” for four days, and we shoot “Single Ladies” in 12 hours.

The dance was the star . gift a director, he love “If i Were A Boy” due to the fact that it had actually dialogue; it had storyline; we were on a hundred different locations. Since I’m a dancer and Beyoncé’s a dancerby heart, we had to to convince Jake that the star to be the dancer. There was no set; there was nothing much more than 3 girls and choreography. Friend couldn’t rely on a lamp, a police car, a location. You were in a white place, white room — avoid.

Nava: If girlfriend can gain the camera in the ideal place to appreciate the dance move without having to modify lots, climate you space onto the kind of coverage of run where world will really have actually an opportunity to evaluate that talent in former of you — the personality and also that evolving story that the dance. That was part of creative solution to such impressive choreography.

They definitely were functioning on the choreography for ages, however when I experienced it, it ended up being clear that a very specific photographic method would execute justice come such good performance. You would really acquire an opportunity to hold one lengthy take that developed with the action. Weput the camera in the best place to evaluate a certain move or movement in a certain momentso it wouldn’t be interrupted by to edit or a complex set or lighting. Ns could readjust the choreography so the the 4th member the the dance routine was the stable camera .

Gatson: also the cast was organically made. wasn’t supposed to it is in the girl in the video, but the girl who was claimed to execute it got trapped in Japan, and also we had to cast one more girl last-minute and also make her be the girl. Fate or the heart of the world just operated it out. She to be perfect because that it.It was simply something the was magical.

Williams: Every day that you to walk in the room, girlfriend still feel choose you’re auditioning, for this reason that very first rehearsal to be still surreal. I wanted to make certain that i was doing my best and was showing myself in the ideal light. I was do the efforts to publication that job, okay? ns was going come dance next to Beyoncé Knowles, ns was trying to make sure that i was going to number it out. Ns was likewise super-exhausted —I had just finished rehearsal v my ballet companybecause i was law dual-jobs in ~ the very same time. However I couldn’t believe that I was in the same room standing beside the one and also only Beyoncé. It was surreal.



“SASHA FIERCE. SHE verified UP FOR job-related TODAY.”

With the choreography set and the black-and-white aesthetic on lock, Beyoncé, Everett ,and Williams suitable up: Everett and Williams donned corresponding black leotards, with Beyoncé in a similar garment the stood out through its own embellishments and the addition of a mechanical gloves custom-made for her by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Every three had their hair teased and tied half-up in styles that threw to ‘60s girl groups looks; all three wore heels.

The heels would certainly prove to it is in a little of a headache, as at the very least three bag were necessary to obtain through the shoot due to the intense choreography. “If you ever before want to be triflin’ and just watch because that the heels, you can see three various heels,” expose Gatson. “To execute that number full-out peak to bottom every take, just imagine that. Simply imagine the pressure on the heels!”

Nava: I spent two work doing “If ns Were A Boy” top top the highways of new York, and also I saw her exhilaration in a way that was not very glamorous. The character the she to be playing, she provided it integrity. In ~ the an extremely end, us got earlier to the studio and did the separate sections where she singsso that human being could understand that what to be happening in the video wasn’t in reality the narrative — the was the narrator, her, singing about this story.What us were showing in the movie was just her playing on the means that she felt around masculinity and behavior in that moment.

It ended up being a cinematic job, and “Single Ladies” ended up being a minimalistic performance inspired by a Bob Fosse jobbut updated. Once we had just perfect doing those tiny bits in the studio, i kinda went, “Yes, we gained it,” and she was like “Alright, i think we better go next door come the ‘Single Ladies’ studio, we acquired a video to shoot.” This young woman’s occupational ethic is incredible. I, personally, was kind of powering down a small bit after running around new York on a tight schedule because that a pair of days.It was a nice intense new York shoot, and she had more energy than any kind of of united state the totality time, as usual.

Gatson: They had actually that bodysuit on and their legs to be showing. You might see the currently in the movement — that’s important, to check out the lines. I don’t think civilization understand why civilization are in dance course with tights on: you’re there to check out your body, and also of food you can’t go to dance class naked! i love lines. Michael Jackson understands lines; Beyoncé understands lines. They simply knew to placed their body , so the line is something that’ll go down in history.

Lorraine Schwartz, designer the Beyoncé’s “bionic glove”: was about who Beyoncé is. She wanted something the represents a strong, independent, an effective woman — other modern, however futuristic. We made the glove before we experienced the video, yet being that the video clip features only women, the only more signifies these characteristics. The glove really symbolizes that empowerment and also that stamin that lies within women.

We were really functioning on a time constraint to develop something original. To begin, we needed a wax mold of her hand, for this reason she had to sit through her entire arm and also hand in the wax for around an hour at different angles — and also this was just for the mold alone. We produced it in titanium, which is a lightweight metal and an extremely challenging metal to produce jewelry with. It needed to be comfortable, detachable so she might wear the in lot of ways.

Williams: Beyoncé is a chameleon and can just watch something and make the happen. That is what was yes, really special around the 3 of us —the reality that we construed the lines and the truth that we understood that Fosse’s work-related was really brilliant and timeless. The was something that we really wanted to lug forth. On top of it, we just had actually a lot of fun together. We all room super moved perfectionists, which is likewise something that mirrors through. We all have actually a substantial attention come detail, i m sorry was also super important. Us are similar in height.

I also think that the dynamic of united state all being various shades was really cool come see and feel. We were all relatable to various audience members.People would certainly watch and also see other of themselves in each and every one of us. And what i really loved around it was the Beyoncé claimed she wanted“two stars” alongside her, and also for me, i was like, “What, friend think I’m a star?! oh my god! Beyoncé thinks ns am a star!” She wanted it come be as if us were an old-school singing team or a trio. She wanted it come be around a trio and also not just around her, which was really giving and gracious.

Knight: i think it to be the very first shot the the day, and also Frank to be like, “Okay, Quel, be all set for her for once she mirrors up on set. She’s not gonna it is in the exact same girl you’ve to be working v the previous two weeks.” We had actually a main of rehearsals, and had basically obtained in my neck and the necks that the dancers. What I average by that is she took every item of advice I had actually givenand every stylized means I relocated — it’s all in she brain, in her blood. The feels precisely like her at this point. Every job after rehearsal, Frank was like, “You know, girlfriend haven’t rather seen she yet. She hasn’t quite displayed up.”

Once we gained through the shoot, watching her perform the an initial take native the top, that was simply magic. She tapped into every character. Every piece of the activity is perfect. It was simply magical, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping. It was the weirdest, craziest, out-of-body experience that you can ever havein your life. ~ that first take, Frank was like, “And right here she is: Sasha Fierce. She showed up for work-related today.”

Nava: people think it’s one shot, however it’s actually around five shots — even though we were doing that in lengthy takes, we filmed that in chunks so the it wasn’t also demanding ~ above the dancers and also so that we might focus on acquiring perfect chunks. Climate we basically seamlessly linked those chunks, and Jarrett go an amazing job with that. It was a type of unforgiving photographic approach.

Gatson: If you ever before look at old musicals, the was always something castle bragged about, about how they would certainly do full takes of the routine. It’s sort of like doing a speech: friend gotta begin with the speech calmly, you gain to the center part, and then you take it it top top home. Dance is sort of favor that too; if friend keep protecting against it, the doesn’t acquire its rise like it needs to. You’re probably going to be tired throughout the center of it, so it’s something around the adrenaline and also the magic that performing a piece. That’s what us wanted: We want the energy of how you have to push your body come really carry it ~ above home and bring the on to the end up line. That’s the reason why we go watch live shows, friend know? We see live shows since we see that performer in reality go through height to bottom.

Nava: This is something the has due to the fact that become an extremely much a part of my method to dance: much like the finest scenes in an action movie, you require to allow the shots to be long to evaluate the cumulative effort,to really show people this is no a trick — this is people doing other incredible. That also influenced the way in which I recognized that it was vital to sheathe this action. No tricks, not lots of edits —let civilization see it. Friend don’t want to keep the camera in just one place, you want the camera to evolve however keep lock in frame,so youchoreograph the camera move in relationship to the dance.

Gatson: I psychic Ebony also on the set, she practically sprained her ankle, but she said, “My ankle’s fine, due to the fact that I to be doing this Beyoncé video.” you were concerned because, damn, if her ankle sprained, we couldn’t continue the video clip shoot. She was so hungry and so driven and also so full-out.

Williams: I fell one time andtwisted my ankle pretty good, and also Beyonce was like, “Stop the music!” right before we perfect the song, however I preserved going though. We finished the song and she was prefer “Stop the music, you hurt her ankle!” and also I was choose “I’m okay, i am fine.” and she was like, “No, let’s take it a minute, let’s take it a break.”

What was special about it, too, to be that us all had our three directors chairs, and we all satellite side by side in our chairs — she really wanted united state to feel choose a wonderful trio. So, they sat me in the chair and also wanted to go gain ice and also were so concerned that ns was hurt, and also I claimed “No, no, no, i don’t want ice, due to the fact that if I gain ice then ns can’t dance!” girlfriend aren’t supposed to ice her foot and then move right away. You need to warm the up; it’s like starting from scratch. I stated that i was okay, and she said, “Are you sure? You’re gonna feel the tomorrow.” and also I looked in ~ herandsaid, “Beyoncé, i am going to it is in in this music video. Ns am about to it is in in her music video, so i am just fine. We need to keep going.”

Everyone to be silent, since they were like, she did not simply talk come Beyonce like that! But Beyoncé looked at me and she smiled and started cracking up and said, “You heard her, let’s go!” and also they were favor “Okay, action, we room going to do this again.”

Gatson: I do remember saying, “Will the dance host the viewer’s fist the whole time?” Think around it: That’s the risk. But that’s what we would always re-edit, rethink, re-rehearse — let’s make it like that, let’s shoot it prefer this. Let’s do the ramp be invisible. It was a lot to make the video clip have that thing, and it worked. World will clock that point from optimal to bottom, and won’t take your eyes turn off of it.


Bobby Moynihan — who had actually just joined the SNL actors — uncovered himself in a bizarre situation that affiliated Justin Timberlake in a leotard once “Single Ladies” eventually inspired a sketch on the late-night comedy staple. Month later, the MTV video clip Music Awards recognized the excellence of “Single Ladies” with a whopping nine nominations.

Bobby Moynihan: In my eight years at SNL, this was still most likely one of my craziest weeks. Ns think it to be my eighth show? It to be really beforehand on. The Saturday before, Kenan and I were hanging out in his dressing room, and also he showed me that “Single Ladies” video. I’d been trying to think of miscellaneous to perform with Andy, and also I literally simply thought, “Well, if I put a leotard on and dance around behind her, possibly that’ll it is in funny.” the was precise it. Kenan showed it to me, and I to be like, “I think that’d be funny! I enjoy dancing, ns think I might do a great job in ~ that.” the was an easy as that.

She to be coming. Us didn’t recognize if she to be going to execute anything. <SNLwas>like, “We don’t understand if Beyoncé will perform this; us haven’t had contact with her.” It just kind of went away, and also that’s what taken place in the start of SNL, so i was an extremely used come it. Ns was like, “Oh well! ns tried. At the very least I created something that civilization laughed in ~ at the table.” then on Thursday, out of nowhere, Andy just knocked on my door and was like, “Hey, carry out you desire to come talk to Beyoncé around doing this sketch?” and I was like, “No! i don’t desire to go all over near anybody! i am terrified!” He was like, “Come v me, it’ll be fun!” we went under to the dressing room, and also Beyoncé to be there. I just remember go in and sitting down, and also she was so nice and also calm and wonderful. She had actually a lot of of civilization with she in the room, but she simply seemed nice awesome.

Beyoncé was super exorbitant and really kind. She was rehearsing. She looked at us really nicely and also said, “You know, is it feasible that we might do this as a pre-tape?” She really want to emphasis on the music part. We were like, “I don’t think that’s going come happen. It’s already Thursday; we would’ve had actually to plan it.” For all intents and also purposes, i was like, “We’re not doing this.” Itjust go away, the was it. I think Andy just called Justin Timberlake and also was like, “Get under here!” He remained in town, and also I was not there for this part, yet from what ns understand, Justin just showed up. They went to the costume department, he adjusted into a leotard and also a robe, went and knocked on her door, reduce the robe, and said, “We’re gonna perform this sketch, right?” Then all of a suddenly Justin Timberlake remained in the sketch too, and she stated yes.

Knight: I was there the night.I psychic we got there, and also Justin stormed into the dressing room andalready had actually his leotard on and started to perform the choreography! <Laughs.>At that allude I to be like, “We really have actually something large on our hands here! If that made it come SNL, it was a thing.”SNL gets whatever right as soon as it come to culture and trends. Because that Justin to it is in a component of it simply took it every up a notch. Justin is who who has really great taste in artistry and also has a great eye because that trends, things that are coming and also staying and coming and also going.

Moynihan: Beyoncé’sa lot of funnier than human being thinks she is! She made a couple of proposal — one of the suggestions, as soon as she go “Yeeeeah!,” to be hers, and also we created it in because it was really funny. Then we had actually a rehearsal v Justin and also figured out part silly characters to make it a little bit sillier. The end of all my time top top SNL, there’s a grasp of time I have the right to remember being fully and totally like, 15-year-old Bobby Moynihan present, “Holy shit, I’m top top Saturday Night Live right now!” You deserve to see the on my challenge in that Beyoncé scene when we all start crowding about her and dancing. I just remember she right prior to going, “You don’t have to be afraid! I acquire it, simply go because that it!”

Gatson: I was more than likely the only one who obtained a small mad about that, and also let me just tell girlfriend why. It’s just the truth that Justin is an incredible dancer. The could’ve done the choreography much far better than that, you recognize what I’m saying?! The actors on Saturday Night Live, of course they couldn’t execute it, yet Justin — if he just would’ve not joked with it, that could’ve killed it! the would’ve tore it up! He’s a dancer! that was the thing.I was on the collection that day as soon as they go that. When Justin made fun of the steps, ns was like, “Damn, you could do the step much better than that!”

Williams: We carry out on SNL the night. They were absolutely hilarious. Justin Timberlake is an yes, really nut. Ns couldn’t carry out anything put pee my trousers of laughter. They space amazing.They are characters.It additionally says therefore much about who she is as a person. She is awesomeand a humanand real and still really much conscious of that. And also that is cool.

Moynihan: The 2nd I walked off for that Beyoncé lay out I ran into JAY-Z. I’m standing there in a leotard and also heels, and he just looked in ~ me and also went, “Nah, man.” and also just go away. <Laughs.> the really happened. He to be laughing, yet he just went, “Nah, man.” i don’t understand what the meant, yet it was genius. It to be perfect.

Gatson: My favorite live “Single Ladies” is the MTV Awards when Kanye acted every crazy the night. We won the compensation for finest choreography. That was incredible due to the fact that we had actually elevators. We began off with just three girls, and also then much more girls to be revealed on that J-setting part. They would certainly come increase magically, and I think I had a hundred girls in that, close to a hundred; ns forget the number. That was probably my many enjoyable “Single Ladies” , because Beyoncé opened up with a small a cappella à la Michael Jackson/Sammy Davis Jr., then she to walk in. It to be an remarkable night.


In the months adhering to the debut that “Single Ladies,” the music video clip grew right into a cultural juggernaut: world all end the human being were record themselves make the efforts their ideal to drop that low favor Beyoncé, Everett, and Williams — consisting of the president of the united States.

Nava: The thing about “Single Ladies” is that her entertainment of the viewer is so an effective and undeniable the it doesn’t really illicit an unfavorable energy, i don’t think. It just makes human being think, “That’s great, I want a go!” and so they all did have a go. That sort of escalated, and it’s not the first time that a dance relocate has come to be a worldwide trend. Once I ended up see Obama law the hand move, I definitely was excited that we had done something in the people of dance that had become timeless.

Knight: Everyone started to upload their videos of castle doing it. And also when i say everyone, it to be celebrities under to civilization in the country, human being overseas — literally everyone was uploading it. For me, that was the minute where ns was like, “Okay, this has actually gone down, this is way bigger than a music video.” It to be something anyone was may be to affix with. Nevertheless of race, nevertheless of gender, regardless of upbringing, nevertheless of where you are currently, everyone had actually a item of that they to be able to attach with, and also I think that’s what made it so beautiful.

Williams: One point that was super an effective and why that went viral and also why it hit me the means it go was just how it is so relatable. Details movements, anyone have the right to do — anyone have the right to move your hand ago and forth. The was smart on so numerous levels, since that is what people are looking for.People are trying to find some linear parallel between someone lock look increase to and their story.

Often, human being see this stars and think the they’reuntouchable,that lock can’t be living the same stories that ns am living. How can I really feel prefer I to be a part of it? and one means they could was by recognize these activities that they have the right to do and have their very own interpretation and also recreate. When it started happening and everyone started making their very own versions on YouTube, it was like, “Wow, this is big.”

Nava: I suppose, throughout the history of music videos, there are specific videos wherein you definitely think, “That video changed the method I feel about the track.” because I’ve functioned with her on “Crazy In Love,” I’d been struck by the maturity the her an innovative visionand her feeling of her very own visual identity. Ns don’t think in any way that she to be naive to the strength of music videos.But i think that all the stars set on the job, and also her visual identification was simply so powerful, the may have inspired her to acknowledge how valuable it was to really go the street to make good videos.It appears to have stood the test of time and ended up gift something the is a component of society forever.

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I thought that in this climate of increasing quantities of content, it becomes really essential to do something really was standing out. Butthat’s a lot less complicated if you’ve acquired Beyoncé and also her talentand her music, and that is why ns love to work with her more than anyone else.