Beyonce’s infant bump has actually been under intense scrutiny recently after she appeared on an Australian talk show and also it seemed to wrinkles in top top itself. Wendy Williams analyzed the footage and also gave she “expert” opinion.

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“What the is ‘B’?” the host asked after ~ replaying the clip in sluggish motion.

“What is that? Is that a infant bump? ns don’t know,” the mother of one walk on come say. “I to be on bed rest the whole time. I’m not exactly sure. But, I have the right to tell you once I would obtain out the the bed and also sit up at a kitchen table, ns wouldn’t be able to sit like that.”

Williams’ examination doesn’t end there. She looks in ~ a recent photograph of the infant bump and additionally evaluates the many conspiracy theories neighboring Beyonce’s pregnancy.

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In Beyonce’s defense, her publicist speak MTV, the allegations room “stupid, ridiculous and also false.” The singer revealed her pregnancy on the 2011 video Music Awards in late-August.

Watch the video below.

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