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It"s to be a decade due to the fact that the MTV video clip Music Awards moment that world still can"t stop talking about.

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On Wednesday, Billboard released an write-up documenting what walk on behind the scenes throughout one of the most well known moments in pop society history -- as soon as Kanye West crashed the 2009 MTV video Music Awards stage and interrupted Taylor Swift"s accept speech because that the best Female video clip award come say the Beyonce had actually "one that the ideal videos of every time!" Swift had won the desire award for her video clip for "You Belong through Me," one upset over Beyonce"s now-iconic video clip for "Single Ladies."

Insiders reveal that the moment shocked everyone in the room, but it to be Pink that went up to West"s face to tell him off.

"The crowd in Radio City simply turned on -- people were booing and hissing," James Montgomery, former an elderly correspondent because that MTV News, recalls. "During the commercial break, that went back down come his seat and also Pink walked up to him and got in his face. I wasn"t close enough to listen the conversation, yet she was pointing in his face and also nodding she head earlier and forth, and also giving him her two cents about how f**ked increase this was and also then stormed off. Climate he was sitting there alongside Amber rose with his arm about her, and you could feel everyone in Radio City glaring in ~ his back."

Montgomery claims West was later on upset as soon as he to be asked to leave the awards show. Multiple insiders say West was noticeably drunk before the awards display started, and also on the red carpet, the rapper carried a party of Hennessey.

" was kind of hunched over, and also you could tell he could feel the weight of everyone"s stares," Montgomery says of the immediate results of the shocking interruption. "Within the following 5-10 minutes, he to be ushered out of his seat and I complied with behind that -- and out in the darkened hallways of Radio City, I experienced him walking up and having a very long, heated conversation with Dave Sirulnick about what happened. ... Kanye was very upset about this, and also he was type of shocked the he was being asked to leave. I just remember it gift a really chaotic minute where anyone was , "Is this really happening?" and also everyone being an extremely angry."

Later, previous president of Viacom Media Networks Music & Logo group Van Toffler claimed that not just was Swift -- who had actually to perform just moments after West crashed her speech -- crying ~ the incident, yet Beyonce to be upset too. Toffler then argued the full-circle moment that taken place at the finish of the night, when Beyonce invite Swift to take it the phase to give her acceptance speech when Beyonce winner the compensation for video of the Year.

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"I view Scott Borchetta and I say, "Please have her stay, i will number out a means to resolve this,"" Toffler recalls. "I walk behind the phase -- and also sure sufficient there is Beyoncé and also her dad, and also she is crying. She was like, "I didn"t know this was going to happen, ns feel so negative for her." and that"s when it began to click in my head, and also maybe hers, around potentially having actually the totality arc play out in that one night."

"It to be not simple ," Toffler adds. "But after ~ performance, I had to go back to Taylor and Scott and also her mom and say, "This is what could potentially take place at the end of the evening and also you have the right to have your minute to carry out your speech." There was a lot of begging, but fortunately, she agreed to stay, and also Beyonce agreed to do a wonderfully gracious thing. For this reason the shakespearean arc played the end over the food of the evening."

But one point was particular -- Swift was a true professional also after the shocking moment

"I execute remember that Taylor was identified to acquire it right," director Hamish Hamilton said around Swift"s performance of "You Belong with Me." "She really encountered it with true dignity and professionalism. Probably after the prompt shock and also sadness, she pretty conveniently channeled that power into determination."

Of course, the VMAsmoment set off a lengthy feud in between Swift and West -- the later associated West"s wife, Kim Kardashian West-- that"s still gift talked around today. However these days, the pop star is focused on the release of she feverishly anticipated saturday album, Lover, which comes outon Friday. Clock the video below to see all the Easter egg she"s contained in her text so far.

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