S9 · E1 · The Morning After

16 Sep 1998

Brandon and Kelly sleep with each other the night the the aborted... More

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S9 · E3 · Dealer's Choice

30 Sep 1998

Abby announces the she and also Carl room planning to elope in... More

S9 · E4 · Don't Ask, Don't Tell

28 Oct 1998

Carl decides to annul his marital relationship to Abby since he... More

S9 · E7 · You speak Goodbye, i Say Hello

18 Nov 1998

As Kelly and also Valerie fill Brandon's belongings for shipment,... More

S9 · E8 · I'm ago Because

2 Dec 1998

David is arrested for statutory rape and gets rely from... More

S9 · E9 · The adhering to Options

9 Dec 1998

After Kelly's grandfather almost dies that pneumonia, she... More

S9 · E11 · exactly how to it is in the Jerk women Love

13 jan 1999

Gina finds heroin in Dylan's jacket. He throws out his stash... More

S9 · E12 · Trials and Tribulations

20 january 1999

Dylan storms into the Marchette mansion and also holds a couple... More

S9 · E14 · I'm Married

3 Feb 1999

Matt flies to brand-new York to visit Lauren, who has actually spent the... More

S9 · E15 · Beheading St. Valentine

10 Feb 1999

Although that loves Lauren and also feels causing obligation to assist her... More

S9 · E16 · survive Skills

17 Feb 1999

Lauren ill a reaction to her medication. She learn that... More

S9 · E17 · Slipping Away

3 Mar 1999

Kelly and also Dylan agree to walk to Mexico and obtain medication... More

S9 · E18 · Bobbi Dearest

10 Mar 1999

Gina decides come sue Felice because that $1.1 million because that the money... More

S9 · E19 · The Leprechaun

17 Mar 1999

Noah deals with foreclosure ~ failing to make his mortgage... More

S9 · E20 · fortune Cookie

7 Apr 1999

David and Claudia proceed with to plan for your wedding, and... More

S9 · E21 · i Wanna with Out and Grab Ya

14 Apr 1999

Donna is stunned to find out that she parents have actually separated... More

S9 · E23 · The end of the civilization as We recognize It

28 Apr 1999

Kelly and Matt babysit Erin, and also have sex in the living room... More

S9 · E24 · Dog's best Friend

5 might 1999

David comforts a drunken and depressed Gina exterior the... More

S9 · E26 · That's the Guy

19 may 1999

Kelly speak Matt around the rape. Dylan puts up a $100,000... More

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S9 · E21 · ns Wanna reach Out...What is tune played at the end of episode 21? Kelly is looking in ~ Dylan through the window... More
S9 · E26 · That's the GuyWhen Kelly drops her glass top top the floor and thinks she identify the guy, whos is th band... More


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