Ryan Reynolds has actually posted a comedy throwback video clip to mark Betty White’s 99th birthday yesterday (January 17).

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The pair operated together on 2009 movie The Proposal, White playing the grandmother come Reynolds’ character Andrew Paxton.

Sharing a joke clip filmed on the movie’s collection with White and also co-star Sandra Bullock, Reynolds wrote in his Instagram Stories: “We do this 12 years ago. Betty transforms 99 today, yet she is <100 every cent> the funniest human being on the planet.”

In the clip, i beg your pardon was shared in full on YouTube, Reynolds and also Bullock space preparing to provide fans a behind-the-scenes look at the film as soon as White shows up on set, Reynolds saying the White “hates” him.

While Bullock defends their older co-star, White then calls Renolds “Bryan” and also mistakes him for she assistant.

After she calls the a “jackass”, Reynolds loses it and also tells her: “You seem like an adorable, sweet old lady top top the outside, yet on the inside, you’re prefer this seething demon… why don’t friend suck a hot cock?”

White climate runs over to Bullock, feigning offence as she discreetly gives Reynolds the finger, prior to Bullock confronts him and also puts the in his place, phone call White a “national fucking treasure”.

Betty White. Credit: Getty/Wireimage/Amanda Edwards

In real life, White and also Reynolds show up to have a near friendship, the former giving Deadpool a rave review once it to be released in 2016.

Calling that the “best photo of the year”, White additionally said that Reynolds looked “so fucking handsome in his red suit”.

White marked her date of birth yesterday ~ above Twitter, share a clip from she unseen collection Pet Set.

Would you think it?! It's mine 99th birthday which way I deserve to stay up together late together I want without asking. Ns am also an extremely pleased come let you know around the re-release of my long-lost collection after fifty years! i am simply so proud of the “Pet Set”. Ns hope anyone is safe and also well. Pic.twitter.com/uyn1IEXUqb

— Betty White (
BettyMWhite) January 18, 2021

“Would you believe it?! It’s mine 99th birthday which method I have the right to stay up as late together I desire without asking,” she wrote.

“I am also an extremely pleased come let friend know around the re-release of mine long-lost collection after fifty years! i am simply so proud the the Pet Set. Ns hope anyone is safe and also well.”

In other news, Reynolds and also Rob McElhenney recently came to be the owners of football club Wrexham ~ a much-publicised take on bid.

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