Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was connected in an ugly dispute over residential or commercial property that ended up being so bitter that he was sue by his very own mom, can reveal.

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Warner, 63, was called by the FBI ~ above Sunday as the lone doubt in the Christmas Day battle outside an at&t building, after ~ DNA verified he died in the strike carried out through an RV rigged come explode. 

According to Davidson ar court records, Warner’s 62-year-old brother, Steven Warner, died in September 2018, without leaving a will.

Their mother, Betty Christine Lane, that divorced father Charles B. ‘Popeye’ Warner years prior to his 2011 death, suggested that the former household home, which had actually passed from Charles come Steven, must then legally belong to her.

Betty Christine Lane, the mommy of Nashville bomber Anthony Warner, was watched on Sunday because that the very first time since the Christmas work attack. She sued him in 2019 end a residential property dispute

Lane, who broke cover to take out the garbage, stays in the home that boy Anthony Warner do the efforts to insurance claim possession of after the deaths the his father and brother

Anthony Warner claimed possession the the family members home whereby his mommy lives (above) in 2018 and then moved the deed to California mrs Michelle Swing, who ended the problem by transporting ownership earlier to his elderly mother Christine lane

But Lane claims in her lawsuit that Anthony, acting as ‘attorney-in-fact’ fraudulently asserted the $250,000 home for self in an august 2018 quitclaim deed transfer.

Lifelong bachelor Anthony climate mysteriously offered the residence to a 29-year-old, Los Angeles-based woman named Michelle Swing, whose mommy he was supposedly in a relationship with in the past.

The bomber’s dad Charles B. ‘Popeye’ Warner (above) died in 2011

The mother-son suit showed up to have been resolved by November of this year, however, after ~ Swing provided the exact same transfer process to provide the three-bed, single story property ago to Lane, that is still residing there today.

When inquiry the 85-year-old roadway on Sunday about her child Anthony Warner she said she might ‘not talk around it’.

The retiree also posted indications in her garden warning she would contact the cops if everyone trespassed on she driveway.

On Sunday afternoon, lane was being comforted by she 59-year-old daughter Teresa Wardrop, who told ‘We space not going to speak come you.’

Lane’s February 2019 lawsuit states the rift started when Anthony took it upon himself to carry out Steven’s affairs after he passed away without a will.

Lifelong bachelor Anthony mysteriously provided his family’s home to 29-year-old, Los Angeles-based woman Michelle waver (above), whose mother he reportedly once courted

When request the 85-year-old roadway on Sunday about her child Anthony Warner she said she might ‘not talk about it’

The retiree additionally posted indicators in her yard warning she would speak to the cops if anyone trespassed on she property

Lane’s lawsuit states that on August 27, 2018, Anthony Warner, acting through power the attorney, moved his mother’s interest in the family members home right into his very own name. 

The transport ‘resulted in a an individual financial get for Warner’ – that paid the ‘wholly inadequate’ price the $10, according to the court papers.

That was despite tax appraisers valuing the house at $196,000 and property website Zillow estimating its precious at $223,519 in ~ the time. More recently, the property has actually been approximated to be precious $249,100.

‘When defendant signed the quit insurance claim deed deeding the real home to himself, this was an plot of self-interest and as such, violated his duty to act in the best interest that his brother,’ the lawsuit adds.

At a February 2019 circuit court hearing, a judge ruled that Lane to be in fact the ideal person to manage Steven’s estate.

Swing offered the property back to the elderly grandmother-of-one on respectable 7.

When reached out to Swing top top Sunday to check details of what occurred in the property dispute she decreased to answer.

When reached out to Swing on Sunday to confirm details the what taken place in the Warner family’s property dispute she decreased to answer 

Last month, Warner also transferred property to Swing that the $160,000 home (above) where he lived and apparently created his RV bomb

Swing additionally failed come respond to concerns over what type of relationship, if any, her mother had ever had through Anthony Warner. revealed Saturday the Anthony Warner also passed on his major residence to Swing for nothing, just a month prior to launching his bomb plot in downtown Nashville.

Swing, who has family in Knoxville and also studied business and marketing in ~ the college of Tennessee, told united state she knew nothing about the acquisition despite being associated in the earlier property transfer.

Bizarrely, her mobile number is scribbled top top a note right now pinned to the back door that the neatly-kept duplex, a 15-minute drive southern of main Nashville.

Warner to be quickly figured out as the prime suspect after the FBI received an ext than 500 tips, consisting of from civilization who had spotted one RV identical to the one used in the bombing parked up exterior his house.

Officials room ‘looking at any and also all feasible motive’, FBI one-of-a-kind Agent Doug Korneski told reporters Sunday, there is no revealing more.

This image taken indigenous surveillance video clip shows the RV the was affiliated in a blast on Friday. Loudspeakers top top the auto played the spirit hit ‘Downtown’ before it detonated

Three were injured in the blast external of an AT&T infection building, which wreaked havoc on phone organization in multiple southerly states

It complied with reports the Warner harbored deep paranoia about 5G moving technology. 

Officials to speak a big AT&T infection center appeared to be a target in the attack, i beg your pardon knocked out phone business in multiple southerly states.

‘We’re still complying with leads, but right currently there is no indication that any type of other persons to be involved,’ stated Korneski. ‘We’ve reviewed hours of security video clip surrounding the recreation vehicle. We witnessed no other world involved.’

Warner to be a retirement burglar alarm installer who continued to work-related as a freelance that consultant. 

Neighbors explained him as an eccentric loner that was frequently spotted tinkering through unusual antennas external of his residence in Antioch, a Nashville suburb.

The house on Bakertown road is festooned with security cameras, spotlights, and also ‘no trespassing’ signs, and odd antennas. 

The RV used in the battle was typically parked in this fenced-off area alongside Warner’s duplex in Antioch, a Nashville suburb

The home was festooned with security cameras and ‘no trespassing’ signs, specifically in the area whereby Warner kept the RV parked

A ‘no trespassing’ sign likewise adorned the front door the Warner’s duplex

Warner was frequently spotted fiddling in his yard with odd antennas, including this one behind his house, which shows up to it is in a ClearStream HD digital tv antenna

Spotlights and also motion sensors were also clustered roughly the area whereby he retained the RV

Several neighbors have described Warner as an ‘oddball’ and also said they’d seen an RV parked external the residence which matched the one provided in the attack. 

Three were injured in the substantial explosion early on on Christmas Day, after ~ the RV played a warning to evacuate minutes before the explosion.

In a bizarre twiste, the RV’s loudspeakers then blasted Petula Clark’s 1964 spirit hit ‘Downtown’ immediately before the bomb went off.

The assault devastated the heart of Nashville’s traveler scene, a downtown strip packed through honky-tonks and bars. 

Authorities said Warner to be not known to legislation enforcement prior to the Christmas blast.

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