better Call Saul: Every Breaking poor Character Who appeared In Season 5 native the apparent to the much more subtle additions, much better Call Saul season 5 had more returning faces from Breaking bad than it might seem.

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Dean Norris as Hank, Bob Odenkirk together Jimmy and also Norbert Weisser together Peter in break Bad better Call Saul
Here space the various Breaking Bad characters who popped increase in Better speak to Saul season 5, some more apparent than others. With only one last season currently remaining, Better call Saul is rapidly recording up come its famed predecessor, i beg your pardon starred Bryan Cranston"s Walter White and also Aaron Paul"s Jesse Pinkman as an unlikely meth-cooking duo. Better contact Saul focuses on Walt and Jesse"s vivid lawyer, Saul Goodman, mainly tracking his backstory, but additionally diving a little into the character"s post-Walt existence.

Where the prequel series was once quite far-removed indigenous the human being of Breaking Bad, the parallels are now coming thick and fast, and also the quantity of characters from the original series appearing in Better call Saul is raising rapidly. Through the finish of season 5, Saul (real name Jimmy McGill) has end up being firmly embroiled in the feud in between Gus Fring and also the Salamanca family, and also Kim Wexler, now Jimmy"s wife, is willingly involvement him down that path. At the same time Mike, has gone all-in through Gus, yet the chicken shop owner now finds himself exposed ~ a botched assassination attempt on Lalo.

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From main cast members to surprise cameos, Better contact Saul season 5 had more recognizable legacy characters from Breaking Bad than one might"ve guessed in ~ the begin of the season.

Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman

Bob Odenkirk together Jimmy in much better Call Saul
The lead protagonist of Better speak to Saul, there"s far an ext of Saul on display than Jimmy in season 5, but facets of both room still an extremely much existing in Bob Odenkirk"s character. Jimmy has actually seemingly resigned himself to a criminal legitimate career and also managed to break his shootout virginity if trekking throughout the desert through Lalo"s bail money. If he had nothing to carry out with the plot itself, Jimmy has additionally lied come the Salamancas come protect Gus Fring, and also now erroneously assumes he"s home cost-free after Lalo was supposedly eliminated in Mexico. Jimmy"s arc is arguably now on-par with Walter White"s.

Better call Saul"s an additional lead finds himself in a comparable boat to Jimmy, currently officially working as Fring"s right-hand man and leaving behind any type of semblance that legitimacy. Mike has been instrumental in Lalo"s non-murder and acted as a handler to Nacho, advocating because that the relax his young friend as soon as the project is done. Mike continues to be committed to his family, however keeps them far away native his expert life, and in a moment of rare vulnerability, reveals come a urine-guzzling Jimmy the Kaylee and also Stacey space his sole motivation. Mike will have actually hell to pay in Better speak to Saul season 6 as soon as Lalo"s survival is discovered.

So provided to gift in manage during Breaking Bad, Gus" fortunes weren"t so bright in season 5 of Better call Saul. The would-be head the the new Mexico meth market is conspiring to become Don Eladio"s sole operative by damaging the Salamancas, yet this comes at an excellent sacrifice, with Gus even blowing-up among his very own restaurants to keep an advantage. Better speak to Saul season 5 expose Gus has constructed a town in his former partner"s honor. Gus still has a means to ago to acquire his dominant status from Breaking Bad, and also it remains to it is in seen exactly how he handle Lalo and also Nacho in season 6.

A variety of Gus" assistants and heavies will certainly be acquainted to Breaking Bad viewers. Tyrus (played by beam Campbell) will certainly be the most acquainted of these, yet fans might additionally remember Dr. Goodman (JB Blanc) and also Nick (Eric Steinig).

The large pre-announced additions to Better speak to Saul season 5 were Dean Norris together Hank and also Steven Quezada together Gomez - the DEA duo the tenaciously sought Heisenberg in Breaking Bad. If Hank and also Gomey"s appearances were beyond simple cameos, their time was more brief than many fans would"ve liked. With that said, Better call Saul season 5 did provide fans a linguistic sparring match in between Hank and also Saul, and also a gloriously it is too dirty stake-out that experienced Hank unknowingly play to Gus Fring"s tune. Significantly, both agents have actually now began down a road that will end with your deaths, and also could attribute further following season.

One of Walter White"s an initial victims in Breaking Bad has actually a surprisingly important role in Better call Saul"s latest season. Pan learned the origins of Domingo"s surname, which came from Lalo Salamanca during a card game, yet it"s Krazy-8"s arrest (indirectly led to by Jimmy"s legit flash-sale) that very first brings the lawyer under the cartel"s influence. Together "Saul Goodman" is hired to stand for Krazy-8, Jimmy finds himself forced to play Lalo"s game, and also start bending the law even much more than usual. At the exact same time, the seeds of Krazy-8 gift a DEA informant space sown.

It"s curious the while Don Eladio remains the guy everyone is trying to impress in Better call Saul, he appears to have very tiny idea of the power struggle going on roughly him. Previously, Eladio seemed to be more favorable that Gus Fring than the Salamanca family, but Lalo"s arrival has moved that pendulum in opposing direction. Better speak to Saul"s season 5 finale also foreshadowed Eladio"s death scene in Breaking Bad, with the Don providing the very same "Salud!" as he drinks down Gus Fring"s poison.

Juan Bolsa

Eladio"s nearby assistant, Juan Bolsa, is revealed together the man responsible for organizing the desert strike on Jimmy, signalling his own desire to rid their business of the Salamanca name. Not just did Lalo discover Bolsa was the mastermind of the scheme, but Eladio"s faithful assistant also failed to establish Gus was currently making his move, meaning the strike on Jimmy managed to frustrate both sides of the equation. Will Lalo seek revenge ~ above Bolsa in Better speak to Saul season 6? nearly certainly, but Breaking Bad suggests he won"t come out on top.

Debuting in Better call Saul"s second season, Mike Margolis returned as the furious bell-dinger, Hector Salamanca, but portrayed the character before his crippling condition took hold. The spin-off go on to display how Hector end up being wheelchair-bound and unable come speak, and also even revealed that Lalo to be the one who gifted his uncle the famed bell. Hector only had a passing role in Better call Saul season 5, listening come Lalo"s reports and also being required to stay a party hat by one over-enthusiastic nurse.

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Ed Galbraith

Robert Forster showed up in Breaking BadEl Camino and Better speak to Saul, but tragically happen away in the direction of the end of 2019, do his return together Ed Galbraith specifically poignant. Ed appears on the other end of a phone contact in Better speak to Saul"s future timeline, v Jimmy (now well-known as Gene) spooked after gift recognized and inquiring about making another new identity for self elsewhere. After being quoted double the price, "Gene" at some point decides versus the idea, but Ed may yet have an influence on future events.

Forever a worthy resource of entertainment, Lavell Crawford when again returned as Huell in Better speak to Saul, first helping Jimmy"s street-scheming hustle and later acting together a witness throughout the McGill-Wexler nuptials. Huell could not have been the center of sophisticated scheme this season, however his comment during Jimmy"s wedding to be a certain highlight, and the character stays a trusted associate that Saul heading right into season 6.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

Lydia has appeared in Better speak to Saul previously, and also had a additional cameo in season 5. On this occasion, she sat-in ~ above a meeting in between Gus Fring and also his secretive sponsor, Peter Schuler the Madrigal Electromotive. Clearly no fan of the Salamanca family, Lydia argues an old-fashioned jail shanking to resolve the Lalo problem, i beg your pardon foreshadows her future role in a prison slaughter asked for by Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Ever silent and also ever threatening, Daniel and also Luis Moncada returned as Leonel and also Marco Salamanca, respectively, in Better contact Saul season 5. Known as "The Cousins," this pair duo to be responsible because that collecting the bail money for Lalo and delivering it come Jimmy in the wilderness. The Cousins might"ve wished they"d stuck about a tiny longer to safeguard their middle-man from Bolsa"s goons.

Peter Schuler

Making his Better call Saul debut, Norbert Weisser reprises his Breaking Bad function as Peter Schuler, a high-ranking executive, management of the Madrigal company, who has actually been plot the climb of Gus Fring from the shadows, despite his own poor health. Schuler expresses doubts around the operation, citing challenges in structure the superlab and also the ongoing Salamanca problem as obstacles, but Gus assures him your goals have the right to be achieved. Weisser can be in because that a bigger role in Better call Saul"s final season.

While Mike is help to set up Lalo"s arrest and also subsequent release, the becomes involved with Detective Roberts, that is investigate the murder of Fred Whalen, the wire transfer man from Better contact Saul season 4. Through Mike"s manipulations, Roberts connect the killing to Lalo Salamanca, although it"s later on ensured the the charges don"t stick. Roberts to be a recurring character in Breaking Bad, and one the the Detectives tracking Heisenberg together Hank.

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Mike"s Family

Mike"s daughter-in-law and granddaughter had actually a background visibility in Breaking Bad, but Better speak to Saul has explored Mike"s partnership with lock in more depth. Despite usually presenting himself as the archetypal trusted grandfather, the push of Mike"s task finally showed in season 5, as he fear his own precious Kaylee with an uncharacteristic outburst. Both Stacey and Kaylee room played by different actresses than they were in Breaking Bad.