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On January 11, the Senate’s education committee will organize a hearing come assess the capability of President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination because that Secretary that Education, Betsy DeVos. During the hearing, DeVos will be pressed come answer a variety of inquiries that will reveal just how the education advocate views existing education issues. For now, here are 10 estimates from the Michigan-based school reformer that reveal exactly how she views education and learning in the U.S.

1. On Public education and learning in the U.S.:

"...because that the public"s awareness that classic public colleges are no succeeding. In fact, stop be clear, in countless cases, they room failing. That"s helped people become much more open come what to be once thought about really radical reforms—reforms prefer vouchers, taxation credits, and also education savings accounts-" come the Philanthropy Roundtable in 2013

2. On exactly how She Became affiliated with college Choice:

"I got involved by starting a foundation that gave scholarships come low-income family members so the parents could decide wherein their kids would go to school. We realized really quickly that, if it was wonderful to aid some family members through the scholarship fund, that was never going come fundamentally deal with the real problem. Most parents were not going to obtain the scholarship lock wanted, and also that supposed most kids would not have the methods they deserved-" come the Philanthropy Roundtable in 2013

3. On exactly how Political Partisanship threatens Education:

"Republicans don’t desire to pay teacher enough. Democracy don’t desire to reform tenure laws. It’s an additional partisan stand-off-" in ~ SXSXedu in 2015

4. On industry in Education:

"We need to open increase the education and learning industry—and stop not kid ourselves that it is an industry—we should open it approximately entrepreneurs and also innovators-" in ~ SXSXedu in 2105

5. On her previous experience:

"Have organizations that I have actually been a part of supported common Core? that course. But that"s not my position...along the way, it got turned right into a federalized boondoggle-" on she website

7. On Her assistance of Charter Schools:

"Charter schools are another choice—a really valid choice. Together we occupational to help provide parents with more educational choices, that is always with the presumption that charter institutions are part of the equation-" come the Philanthropy Roundtable in 2013

8. On her Expectations from the Public:

"All ns ask because that is an open up mind and the opportunity to share mine heart...I’ve been affiliated in education problems for 28 years, as an activist, a citizen-volunteer and also an support for children," at a rally in Michigan in 2016

9. Top top Her assistance of Local manage of Education:

"It i will not ~ be a giant bureaucracy or a federal department. Nope. The prize isn"t bigger government.

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The price is local control-" at a rally in Michigan in 2016

10. On just how She will Reveal much more Specifics during the confirmation Process:

"...out the respect for the United states Senate, the is most proper for me come defer expounding on specifics until they start their confirmation process-" on her website