Beto O"Rourke is running for Ted Cruz"s chair in the Senate. His campaign says that did not ask a VFW to take down flags ahead of a campaign event. (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez, File)

Members of Rep. Beto O"Rourke"s Senate campaign deny they ever before asked because that flags to be taken under for a campaign event at a Veterans of foreign Wars hall in Texas.

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O"Rourke, who"s trying come unseat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, has actually been crisscrossing the state holding city halls. One of them was in August at a VFW short article in Navasota, northwest the Houston.

The commander of the post, Carl Dry, said he rents out the room for lots of various events. But Dry said prior to the O"Rourke city hall, a young woman v the campaign asked take it take under venue flags.

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Dry defined there space two big flags hanging ~ above the wall in the key hall, one because that the unified States and also one for the state the Texas. There are likewise two standing flags on one of two people side. Mr. Dry said after he told the young mrs "no," a young man then come up and also asked the very same question. This time that replied, "Not simply no, yet hell no." he added, "I was a little hot they"d ask, specifically at a VFW hall."

But chris Evans, interactions director through the O"Rourke campaign, stated that merely didn"t occur. Evans called Fox News: "Our campaign absolutely did no request that any type of flags be removed or taken under from the walls. That is incorrect to say that us did."

Evans added that the campaign has held dozens of city halls in VFW posts across the state, at which castle "ensure that the flags are prominently and respectfully displayed."

The flag dust-up follows reports that O"Rourke"s defending athletes that kneel during the nationwide anthem in protest of gyeongju injustice and police violence, an problem the Cruz campaign has emphasize in its project events and also online.

As because that Dry, he claimed being head of a VFW post, that won"t weigh in top top politics, but included "As much as I"m concerned, it"s a non-issue."


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