until now, O’Rourke, who denies trying come flee the wreck, was the just person existing at the step of the collision come speak out publicly around what taken place that night. “I think we have contradicting stories here,” claims the officer that arrested him.

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Narrative native Beto O'Rourke's 1998 DWI arrest report. Credit: Anthony, Texas Police room
Hargrove, 71, managed the crash scene but does not remember gift there. However, he said he to trust what his officers told him about the two-vehicle collision that occurred in Anthony, a small town close to the Texas-New Mexico border west of El Paso.

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Hargrove stated the report, which the reread after the Houston Chronicle published it last year, mirrors O’Rourke “struck the car from the rear and he finished up in the median pointed the wrong way, and also he took that as his opportunity to acquire away.”

“He walk something to command the officers to think that he was trying to acquire away,” Hargrove said. “What they put down, I thought them.”

Until now, O’Rourke to be the just person current at the step of the destructive to speak the end publicly around what occurred that night. O’Rourke told Vanity Fair he had actually been drinking in El Paso — Jameson whiskey v his father, the previous county judge of El Paso county — and also later with a high school friend. That was taking his date, established only as Michelle in the article, earlier home to ras Cruces, brand-new Mexico, once the crash occurred.

During critical year"s Texas Tribune Festival, O"Rourke stated he got to out come the woman for the an initial time in much more than 15 years and asked she recollection of that evening — and also he told Tribune CEO Evan Smith during an onstage interview the she had actually the exact same recollection he did.

"She said, ‘No, we were in the mean of the road. We did not shot to flee. I don’t understand that over there was everywhere we can have gone,’” he said. The Tribune has actually requested an interview v the woman v the O"Rourke campaign.

Evans, the O"Rourke spokesman, listed that "the police report mirrors he to be arrested for a DWI no for leave or attempting to leaving the scene."

Carrera could not recall if over there were any kind of discussions about bringing charges versus O’Rourke because that attempting come flee the scene.

An army veteran who offered in Iraq in 2009 and also now functions for the commonwealth prison system as a drug therapy specialist, Carrera stated he’s not political and also probably won’t vote in the 2020 elections. Hargrove, who retired after an ext than four years in legislation enforcement, established himself together a Republican.

In the 12-page event report native Sept. 27, 1998, Carrera composed that he was dispatched at around 3 a.m. To federal government 10 near the brand-new Mexico heat in “reference come a motor car accident.”


read the complete DWI arrest report here.

When Carrera arrived on the scene, a witness who is not established in the report told him that he witnessed O’Rourke’s Volvo heading west toward new Mexico “at a high price of speed.” The report states the witness was additionally traveling west and also saw the collision occur.

O’Rourke’s auto “then lost manage moments later and struck a truck traveling in the exact same direction,” the says. After the wreck, O’Rourke’s vehicle crossed the center median and also came come a stop facing the other way — pointing eastern toward El Paso.

“The defendant/driver climate attempted to leave the scene,” Carrera wrote, and the evil “turned ~ above his end head lamp to warning oncoming traffic and to shot to obtain the defendant to stop.”

According to the report, when Carrera inquiry O’Rourke if he was injured, the officer couldn’t understand what that answered “due come slurred speech.” see O’Rourke’s “glossy eyes” and smelling alcohol top top his breath, Carrera asked that to exit the vehicle, and he “almost dropped to the floor,” Carrera wrote.

Carrera arrested O’Rourke and also took him to a police substation, wherein breathalyzer administrator Cecil Melton, additionally a former officer through the Anthony Police Department, interviewed the future congressman and also presidential contender.

O’Rourke, who had turned 26 the night before, called Melton he was en course to las Cruces as soon as the wreck happened and also claimed he’d only had actually two beers. But when Melton provided him the breathalyzer test, O’Rourke go out a .136 and a .134 blood alcohol level, well past the legal limit at the moment of .10 (The legal limit is now .08).

Melton, now a paramedic in El Paso, said he to be doing many breathalyzer tests per week earlier then and has no recollection the O’Rourke.


But current Anthony Police cook Carlos Enriquez claimed a thorough search of department records turned up only the DWI report and also accompanying breathalyzer analysis. Hargrove said generally all the reports would certainly be in the very same physical file they used ago then, for this reason what taken place to the accident report stays a mystery.

The Texas room of windy Safety, citing the expiration the the retention duration for such old files, said it might not find the accident report, either.

It no the very first time O’Rourke was accused the attempting to flee the step of supposed crime. According to a heavily redacted narrative of his may 1995 burglar arrest by the college of Texas in ~ El Paso Police Department, O’Rourke and also two associates allegedly broke into the yard of the framework management structure at the school, triggering one alarm.

One that the policemans who responded to the scene said he saw “three topics in the middle of the compound running in three various directions.”


review the complete burglary arrest report here.

The El Paso district attorney then and also now, Jaime Esparza, states he has actually no recollection that the burglary case and his office can not locate any type of files ~ above it.

Nor might he remind the specifics of O’Rourke’s DWI, which his office oversaw. However Esparza, chosen in 1992, claimed it was taken on like any type of other first-offense DWI.

O’Rourke’s driver’s patent was temporarily rely and, under a pretrial diversion regime that lasted around seven months, the misdemeanor drunken driving charges to be dismissed after O’Rourke took web traffic safety and also alcohol abuse classes and agreed to stay sober and also out of problem while in the program.

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O’Rourke waived his right to an attorney and represented himself, documents show.

“We’re nice liberal when it concerns pretrial diversion,” Esparza said. “He took his punishment and also it to be done.”