Dog the Bounty Hunter (a.k.a. Duane Chapman) is no stranger to conflict or heartache, and as part of a big brood, there"s bound to be a couple of family fall outs, right? the was the situation when things involved a head between Dog and two of his sons, Duane Lee and also Leland Chapman.

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According to LA late News, the renowned bounty hunter"s household feud affiliated questionable dealings in ~ the family"s bail bond business, which, the course, played the end on the hit reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. In in march of 2012, a tense episode aired the featured Duane Lee and Dog"s late wife, Beth Chapman, obtaining into a linguistic altercation. A promo for the reality series teased the drama: "They have gone after ~ the toughest, most violent fugitives," however tune in to watch together "the household goes after each other." Yikes!

And the they did. What exactly pushed Dog"s sons to their breaking allude and motivated them to supposedly stop the show? review on for all the dramatic details.

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According to LA late News, the drama within Dog the Bounty Hunter"s family began when Beth Chapman flourished displeased with her stepson, Duane Lee, and his organization decisions. Going into service with household isn"t easy, and according come Chapman, Lee wasn"t paying attention to details at work. 

"That is the trouble through working v your family because sometimes they take it liberties," she said on Dog the Bounty Hunter, every LA so late News. "I"m simply hoping i can gain my work done this particular day without big drama." Everyone knows those native foreshadow trouble on truth TV. 

Lee reportedly didn"t choose being repair at work, and also a screaming match ensued. "If you desire me fired, climate you have to fire me, Beth," Lee said. In an noticeable act the solidarity, Lee"s brother, Leland Chapman, complied with suit. "I battered too," Leland screamed. And over there you have actually it, folks.

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But a lot has actually transpired because that explosive encounter in 2012. Where carry out things stand today?

According to LA so late News, Leland Chapman (pictured right) is living in Hawaii and running his very own bail bond and also tactical it is provided business. Leland"s (now defunct) personal website talked around his goals at the time: "The true truth is the reality that that feels it"s time to relocate on, execute his own thing, and continue carving the end the legacy of Leland Chapman." 

What around Duane Lee? In 2019, AmoMama reported the Lee (pictured left) had not talked publicly about his explosive leave from the Dog the Bounty Hunter reality show. CelebLiveUpdate reports that Lee resides in Florida and also is working as a gaue won advisor. 

Leland walk reappear on the family"s reality show in later episodes and appeared to it is in on great terms with Beth Chapman and also his dad. Unfortunately, Beth passed far in June 2019 ~ a long battle with cancer. Complying with her death, Leland appeared on Entertainment Tonight v his dad and some of his siblings. He spoke fondly of his step-mom, saying the the family had "mended the gap."

In may 2020, Dog reportedly got engaged to a rancher named Francie Frane. According come The Sun, castle "want every their family — including Dog"s 12 children, Francie"s two sons and their grandchildren to every share in your day." Dog has actually said he desires a really big, an extremely public wedding, so maybe fans will learn much more about Leland and also Duane as soon as those wedding bells ring.