Exports that Cognac raised for a 4th consecutive year in 2018 – an indication the the group shows no signs of slowing. We existing the ideal value-for-money expressions on the market.

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SB presents the finest value-for-money Cognacs ~ above the market

The spirits Business held its yearly Cognac Masters last month, whereby an proficient panel of judges recognised the finest bottlings in the business.

Looking across multiple categories, indigenous VSOP Premium come XO single Cru and also Vintage, a wide variety of Cognacs to be awarded the peak accolades of Master and Gold medals for their quality.

The separation, personal, instance scores of every entrant have not been revealed, however these were 10 the the highest rated medallists in the competition, in no certain order.

While some expressions carry a much more premium price tag, our judges have offered each Cognac provided here the seal that approval because that offering excellent quality in ~ their corresponding price categories – an interpretation you can component with your hard-earned cash through confidence.

Click v to the adhering to pages to see the optimal 10 best value because that money Cognacs that 2019.

Courvoisier Napoleon


Price: US$60

In the super-premium vintage Cognacs round, a master medal was offered to among the world’s biggest Cognac houses: Courvoisier.

The brand’s Napoleon bottling was deemed to it is in “really well balanced” through a “harmonious mix of flavours”.

Bottled in ~ 40% abv, Courvoisier Napoleon is a mix of matured grande and also petite Champagnes at your peak.

Cognac Frapin – Chateau Fontpinot XO

Price: £105 (US$137.56)

A grasp medal was bestowed upon Cognac Frapin’s Château Fontpinot XO expression in the XO – single Cru round.

One referee noted: “This Cognac has all of the intricacy you want and nothing is out of balance. It’s nearly architectural.”

The Cognac is distilled over lees and made from grapes harvested, distilled, aged and bottled at Château Fontpinot.

Naud Cognac XO


Price: £71 (US$93)

Gold medallist Naud Cognac XO delighted judges in the super-premium Cognac round.

The Cognac won plaudits for its “rich and also vibrant nose” and its “woody palate with dried fruits and raisins”.

Produced by Famille Naud master Distillers, Naud Cognac XO is a blend of grapes native grande Champagne and also grapes from fin Bois.

Courvoisier XO


Price: £77.95 (US$102.11)

In the XO – Ultra Premium round, Cognac residence Courvoisier grabbed another Master for its Courvoisier XO.

Judges said the expression to be a clear example of “what you gain when girlfriend pay an ext for age and also depth”, with “harsh alcohol transforming into complexity, creating something rather special”.

Despite its well-off rancio character, the Cognac managed to maintain its “vibrancy and also freshness”.

The 40% abv Cognac includes long-aged eaux-de-vie indigenous grande and also petite Champagne.

Camus very Special


Price: €36.90 (US$41.32)

In the higher-priced VS – supervisor Premium flight, Camus really Special winner Gold because that its “good coupling of flavour”, i beg your pardon judges agreed was “subtle and elegant”.

Camus really Special was distilled with lees and aged in grain French oak small barrels. Follow to the brand, the expression boasts an extremely high concentration in esters.

Ferrand Reserve dual Cask


Price: US$79.99

The “dry” Ferrand Reserve double Cask got hold of a gold medal in the VSOP – super Premium round. “I could have brought on choose flavours indigenous this Cognac for ages,” one judge said. “It’s got some really exciting flavours that have been well integrated, such as redcurrant jam and also coconut water.”

The expression has been aged very first in timeless French oak Cognac casks and then in casks the once hosted Banyuls, a fortified wine produced and also aged in the south of France due to the fact that the 13th century.

The French oak Cognac has been matured for seven to 10 years in different ageing cellars – part dry and some humid. This liquid is then blended with 20-year-old Cognac and also placed in Banyuls casks, which are matured in humid cellars for a additional year.

D’Ussé XO


Price: £249.99 (US$327.47)

Bacardi-owned Cognac brand D’Ussé XO to be awarded a gold medal in the XO – Ultra premium round.

Cellar understand Michel Casavecchia hand selected eaux-de-vie indigenous the cellars that the château de Cognac to craft D’Ussé XO. The eaux-de-vie has actually been aged for 10 years or more in French oak barrels.

Cognac Frapin – Millésime 1990


Price: £140 (US$183.39)

A second Master medal was provided to Cognac Frapin for its Millésime 1990 expression in the Vintage – single Cru round, which assessed Cognacs made specifically from grapes get an impressive in among the region’s recognised crus.

The expression to be praised for its flavour of “rancio and evolved fruit”, and also “tropical fruit and also vanilla”.

Made from the ugni blanc grape, the Millésime 1990 – 27 years Old originates from the Les Gabloteaux vineyard located on the western side of Domaine Frapin.

Martell XO


Price: £150 (US$196.44)

Produced through French drinks group Pernod Ricard, Martell XO won a yellow medal in the XO – Ultra Premium flight.

The Cognac is a mix of grande Champagne and also Borderies eaux-de-vie. Martell XO pays tribute come Martell’s founder Jean Martell.

Merlet Brothers blend Cognac


Price: £40.95 (US$53.63)

In the VSOP Premium leg, gold medallist Merlet Brothers mix Cognac was praised for having actually notes of “masala and also some woodiness”.

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One referee noted: “The palate to be all about orange peel and also zest. That a Cognac that has evolved into early adulthood. That fluid.”

Produced by liqueurs an equipment Merlet, the expression is a mix of eaux-de-vie aged in between four and also 10 years.