About 80 percent the the countless used automobile shoppers every year spend nearly two-thirds of their research and also shopping time – or about 10.5 hours – on used vehicle websites, such together Autotrader, Edmunds and KBB.com (Kelley Blue Book).

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But identify which are the best used automobile websites that aid most might seem as difficult as finding the auto itself.


An evaluation by Santander consumer USA identified virtually 100 digital research and also shopping resources accessible to the virtually 40 million consumers that shop for used cars in a usual year. The best used automobile sites were called by 28 resources that noted choices for those most helpful to car shoppers.

But who has the time to look at 100 websites?


Few shoppers look at at even a half-dozen that the finest used vehicle websites, based on a current survey, which showed that digital shoppers visit an average of around four websites before buying their offered vehicle, and that third-party websites commonly were the very first and last online shopping destinations.

You might use an ext or much less than four of the finest used automobile websites, however you more than likely still desire to recognize which research and also shopping websites are most likely to it is in the most advantageous so you don’t waste your time.

Here room our 16 best used vehicle websites in bespeak of how regularly they were identified in ours survey:

The 16 finest used auto websites


Not all third-party web page are appropriate for every search and using the wrong one have the right to waste her time. Ours goal below is to assist you focus on the best websites for your research and also shopping. This is what you need to know about the 16 used automobile websites the topped our survey:

Autotrader*Autotrader is an automotive marketplace with numerous cars noted for revenue from hundreds of auto dealers and private sellers. The site permits shoppers to search for car by criteria such together new, used, certified preowned, make, model, human body style, color, price, geography and more. Autotrader additionally flags great prices and an excellent prices, based on Kelley Blue Book. The site permits shoppers to acquire car values and also to advertisement theirs for sale. You’ll discover easy-to-use car payment and also affordability calculators and a valuable dealer locator. New-car reviews also are provided. (+)

CarGurus*CarGurus is an automotive shopping and research site where shoppers have the right to compare local automobile listings. The website analyzes countless new, used, and also certified preowned car listings daily to identify each car’s instant Market Value, climate ranks search results according to price – good deal, good deal, fair deal, high price and also overpriced for offered cars– and also dealer call scores. The site enables shoppers to achieve car values and to advertising theirs because that sale. New-car reviews additionally are provided. (+)

Cars.com*Cars.com offers shoppers data, resources and digital tools to make informed buying decisions around new, used and also certified preowned vehicles and also to connect them through dealers. Find by make, model, human body style, color, features, price, transaction rating (great, good, same price) and also more. The site provides one the the simplest car affordability calculators we encountered, and superb tool enabling detailed comparisons in between several vehicles. New car reviews and videos additionally are provided. (+)

Kelley Blue Book*Perhaps the best-known auto research study website, KBB.com earns its call with selection of valuable resources to help consumers research, price and shop because that a vehicle. In addition to a comprehensive new- and also used-vehicle search function, the site functions The Kelley Blue publication Price advisor, which reflects what shoppers must pay based upon other purchases in your area – the Fair market Range. It additionally flags an excellent and good prices and also provides expert and consumer reviews, 5-Year expense to own information, a vehicle-comparison tool, easy-to-use payment calculator and also more. (+)

AutoTempest.comThe website combines results from several shopping websites, consisting of other optimal sites listed here, i.e., Cars.com, CarsDirect, Carvana, eBay Motors and TrueCar.com, and allows easy comparisons through Autotrader, CarGurus, Craigslist and also Facebook Marketplace. The website boasts the “nowhere else will certainly you find much more listings in one place,” and also backs the up v a find engine that likewise includes a automobile Pricing device (new vehicles), Kelley Blue book reports, eBay actual price paid, reviews and educational guides.

CarsDirect*While not as an extensive overall as some various other websites, CarsDirect helps consumers “get a great deal on a new or used automobile by providing up-to-the-minute car pricing information” to notify their shopping. The CarsDirect team of experts analyzes the recent pricing data that allow the website to point out “hot deals and also pricing trends” beneficial to automobile shoppers. Research study make, model, body style, color, features and also prices obtainable before heading the end to the dealer. Brand-new car reviews and also videos also are provided.

Craigslist.orgShoppers ok without all the bells and whistles of countless other sites on this list may want come Google Craigslist.org. The website is similar to old-school neighborhood classified advertisements, however the search engine is serviceable and covers many cities. It is in careful, though, the website doesn’t vet sellers or vehicles, also offering general safety tips because that shoppers and also advice on staying clear of scams. (+)

eBay MotorsThe famous auction website functions an ext like an virtual classified ad listing because that cars and also trucks. The eBay search engine provides comprehensive criteria such together make, model, pricing, location, delivery alternatives and more, as well as a industry Price evaluation that shows how asking prices to compare to various other prices because that vehicles sold on the site. Unlike the previous website, eBay Motors provides seller ratings the may assist shoppers decide whether or no to do a particular purchase. (+)

Edmunds.com* Edmunds supplies a nationwide database that empowers client to search a vast inventory of new, used and also certified preowned vehicles in their area. The site provides comprehensive used-vehicle search capability and vehicle rankings; reports new-car pricing; identify highly-rated supplied cars; flags great, great and same prices, and also offers affordability and also loan calculators. Edmunds additionally provides True market Value and True expense to own on supplied and new cars, respectively. When a little overwhelming, the website is worth trying out for the riches of details it can carry out to major shoppers. (+)

CarvanaPerhaps best known because that its automobile vending devices – much more than two-dozen nationwide – Carvana’s basic website provides a 100 percent online buying experience, including an easy-to-use “Car Finder” search device for your high-quality, used-vehicle inventory. The site enables shoppers to browser makes and models, trims, styles, locations and also more; sell or profession vehicles; identify payments utilizing the basic loan calculator; apply for financing, and arrange for shipment or pickup in ~ the nearest vending machine. (+)

Autolist.comAutolist boasts the it will assist shoppers “find your dream car” by enabling them come “search multiple brand-new and used car websites in one simple search.” In enhancement to a comprehensive, customizable find tool, the site supplies trending searches, and searches by price, body style, most well-known vehicles, cities and also year. Authorize up for a cost-free account and you can achieve buyer intelligence that contains a price history, “Listimate” price comparison, price alters history, work on market and also a Carfax report. A resources section provides shopping guides, reviews and also vehicle comparisons. (+)

CarMax*Shoppers can find CarMax-certified used vehicles online that are available through 225 stores nationwide. Shop by automobile price, category, brand, model year, popularity and also lifestyle (commuter, eco-friendly, family and also outdoor), because that example. Return the website can be less complicated to navigate, shoppers should be able to find car-buying tips and also an easy-to-use automobile payment calculator. (+)

TrueCar.comTrueCar is a digital automotive marketplace offering an ext than a million used vehicles, also as brand-new vehicles, v a network the certified dealerships nationwide. TrueCar likewise is linked with car-buying program for an ext than 250 companies, consisting of Sam’s Club. Shoppers have the right to use the search tool to display vehicles by category, price, brand, model, version year, features and also more. The site shows whether deals are excellent, great, fair or high-priced based on TrueCar’s analysis of numerous used cars accessible across the U.S. Vehicle loan and also car lease calculators additionally are available. (+)

VroomBoasting that it uses “the far better way to buy or sell a car,” the site provides a step-by-step guide for vehicle buyers, from looking online to starting your purchase, uploading documents, financing with lending partner such as Santander consumer USA and, the course, shipment to her door. The search device is an easy and simple to use, allowing shoppers to sort through countless Vroom-certified, low-mileage cars, trucks and also SUVs listed with Carfax vehicle history reports and also no-haggle prices. (+)

Facebook MarketplaceLocated on facebook social media platform, this is basically a classified advertisement website through a search role that allows shoppers to recognize vehicles that fulfill their selected criteria. However the website generates find results amongst the best in our survey (see complying with section). The website may not provide all the details essential to do a purchase, however it does provide shoppers a feeling for the regional market.

iSeeCars.comAlthough no high in mentions in our survey, iSeeCars.com makes this list because it likewise gets outcomes for shoppers, which, ultimately, is what this article is about. Besides offering a considerable search tool, the site likewise identifies great, an excellent and same deals; car prices compared to market prices; condition analyses, dealer ratings, and more. Shoppers likewise may discover popular searches identified by iSeeCars. And the website produces valuable studies indigenous its own auto sales data. (+)

* check out ranking follow to pageviews by eBizMBA.com based on Alexa worldwide Traffic Rank and U.S. Traffic Rank native Compete and Quantacast(+) cell phone app easily accessible in the app Store and/or online

Best virtual car-buying website to gain results

While the survey is one method to look at the ideal used car websites because that shoppers overall, some shoppers already have done their homework and also just want to find for a specific vehicle.

We sampled every the ideal used automobile websites in the list over by looking for 2015-2017 ram 1500 pickup within 50 miles of a specific location in the suburb the a significant metro area. Three- come five-year-old models loss in the “sweet spot” of used vehicles with the large depreciation hit having actually been taken by the original owner and still offering recent features and technology, and possibly lower maintenance costs.

That produced this ranking of the 13 ideal online car-buying sites based upon search results presented in parentheses:

•Edmunds.com (664)•iSeeCars.com (447)•Facebook Marketplace (428)•Autolist.com (384)•Craigslist.org (360)•CarGurus (292)•Kelley Blue Book (290)•Autotrader (268)•TrueCar.com (268)•Cars.com (255)•AutoTempest.com (177)•Carvana (172)•CarsDirect (159)

Of course, results might vary depending on where a shopper resides, the specific model they room seeking and also how much they are willing to take trip from residence to purchase a vehicle.

While most automobile shoppers won’t want to use their typical of 10 hrs of virtual research and shopping time based upon quantity alone, yes something to be claimed for utilizing at least one an extensive website that offers information ~ above the local market.

Otherwise, an option of the ideal used vehicle sites depends a lot upon what other information the shopper desires or needs to make the finest vehicle-purchase an option to fit their lifestyle.

But, as we created at the outset, there are a lot an ext third-party websites 보다 time to look in ~ them.

The 2nd level that used car websites

These websites range from familiar names together as consumer Reports to less acquainted such as lug a Trailer, but all were determined less often among the 28 resources in ours survey.

•Bring a TrailerOnline auction site for vintage and classic cars•CarfaxUsed car listings attribute millions that vehicles through Carfax background reports•AutobytelShop brand-new cars and inventory consisting of hundreds that thousands of supplied cars•AutoNationNew and used cars for sale virtual from more than 300 retail locations•Car and Driver New-car reviews and lists that 10-best vehicles by categories•Cars because that SaleUsed vehicles for sale by countless dealers nationwide•CarSoupNew and used cars for sale v great, an excellent and fair deals identified•Consumer ReportsResearch, ratings and also tools, however you have to subscribe to gain the best information•HemmingsThe biggest collector car classified ad website through millions of energetic buyers and also sellers•NADA GuidesResearch on vehicles, new car prices, used auto values, deals and more•RelayCars Virtual reality research website and apps through 360-degree see of numerous vehicles

Remember, though, this is simply the next level that websites figured out by our survey from among 28 sources and also doesn’t average they space the just sites the may carry out some value. However the remainder the the approximately 100 websites rated only one point out by ours 28 sources.

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You can uncover a complete list that our online survey resources at the finish of this article.