I'm interested in the town hall Fist of the phibìc Star, and I'm just wondering wherein I must start. Must I watch dubbed or dubbed? should I simply watch the original series? that looks like 130 episodes and I'm not certain if I want to go through all that. Any assist would be much appreciated.

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it looks prefer 130 episodes and I'm not sure if I desire to go with all that.

Why are you then also interested in the series?

Anyway ns tried some Googling and found this 2 orders:


FOTNS: The Movie (1986)

FOTNS TV collection (1984 – 1987)

FOTNS 2 TV series (1987 – 1988) *OPTIONAL

Fist the the Blue sky (2006 – 2007) *OPTIONAL

Legend that the Dark King (2008)

Legend that Raoh - death for Love (2006)

Legend the Toki (2008)

Legend that Raoh - Fierce Fighting (2007)

Legend of Yuria (2007)

The Legend the Kenshiro (2008)


Serious prize though. For the tv-series the ideal (albeit the much more convoluted) option is to clock episodes 1-8, then skip to illustration 11-13, then go directly to illustration 19, and from over there on you're all clear. There's no suggest in skipping something else. Well, other than the last episode as that's just a recap one. By doing this you'll more or much less see whatever that happened in the manga, and also you don't need to watch those hilariously horrible filler episodes. You have the right to if you desire to, however it ain't necessary.

As because that anything else FotNS related... The 80s movie is basically simply a retelling that the first 55 or therefore episodes, despite condensed and also altered considerably as you could have guessed.

New Fist of the north Star is a sequel and also takes place after Fist that the north Star 2 (which takes place after the initial series).

Legends the the Dark King is a prequel to FotNS, and features Raoh together the protagonist, yet I think it works better if you already know that Raoh is and also what his deal is.

Legends of the True Savior is a collection of multiple movies and also OVAs. Legend of Raoh: thing of death in Love is a recap movie comparable to the 80s one, but it recaps the third part of the initial series, so basically illustration 58-82. Legend of Raoh:Chapter of Fierce fight is a comparable deal, yet of the fourth and final component of the tv-series (that being episodes 83-108). Legend that Yuria, Legend that Toki and Legend of Kenshiro are basically a side stories acquisition place before or during the tv-series. They are nothing essential, yet if you choose those characters and want to understand even an ext about your origins and actions throughout the series you might also watch them. It's not like they are bad or anything.

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Not sure since I've just watched a couple of episodes the the TV collection but hope the this helps.