The follow Amazon Visa card is among your favorites because that earning rewards. V 3% cash ago on her Amazon purchases, and 1-2% almost everywhere else, it’s simple to understand why. alum Kyle James claims you’ll get even more rewards if girlfriend redeem your points for cash rather of Amazon credit.


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Over in ~ his site, quite Be Shopping, James explains that once you use your rewards to cover an Amazon purchase, you i will not ~ score points for the purchase.

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For example, if your points bring a $300 item under to $220, you’ll score 660 reward clues on the acquisition ($220 x 3). However if girlfriend cash the end your points, or inquiry a explain credit, then use your map to do the exact same $300 purchase, you’ll finish up with 900 points instead of 660. ($300 x 3). Remember, you’ll acquire the very same dollar amount whether you cash the end or redeem points straight on one Amazon purchase, making this trick a complete no-brainer.

In his example, James points the end that you would earn 240 more rewards clues by simply changing how girlfriend redeem those points. It’s an easy tip to save in psychic if you have the card. For an ext detail, head come his full post below.

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Wait a second, this provides no sense. Yes, in this example you earn 240 an ext points, yet you had to spend $80 more to earn claimed points. It really doesn’t issue if you use the points immediately or take out a statement credit transaction in the future, the net an outcome is the same 3% return. What am I missing here?