It’s no secret that relationship are developed on trust, however sometimes the is no enough. Occasionally, you may need to resort to other methods like spring into and also tracking your companion phone to make sure your mam is fully honest and faithful.

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Fortunately, there room multiple ways you deserve to track her wife’s phone. However, the most reliable means is v a phone monitoring app. The best phone tracking app should have the ability to track iPhone and also Android smartphones.

Best the all, these lets you track everything that go in and also out of her phone secretly. This happens regardless that how far you space from your wife. This system makes tracking her wife easier than ever before!

Besides, part apps space superior to others and deliver more functionality. Also, they can conceal themselves and all the activities from your wife’s attention.

Here, we will present you 3 ways of how to monitor a phone call specially your wife’s phone without her knowing.


Part 1: Spyic – The ideal undetectable call surveillance app

Install for Android | Install because that iPhone

If friend are in search of the most an effective phone tracking app, then try Spyic. This spy application works top top iOS and also Android smartphones. Already, Spyic is offered by numerous users roughly the world.


Spyic is equipped v various attributes that let you monitor virtually every little thing on her wife’s phone. Every the tracking activities on iOS and also Android phones take place in stealth.

The app is a reliable phone tracking app. This app is provided by parents, companies, and also spouses. The boasts of the ideal customer approval ratings in the phone surveillance arena.

Besides tracking her wife’s phone, Spyic lets you track your husband’s call discreetly.

1.1 Spyic distinct tracking features to monitor a phone

Spyic usability is virtually unlimited and includes functions the adhering to features.

1. Ar tracking

Spyic lets you discover out wherein your wife is at any type of moment through the assist of its general practitioners tracking capabilities. The app makes certain you know where your wife, children, or employees space really whereby they speak they are.

2. Text article tracking 

This app can intercept sent or received messages on her wife’s phone. It allows you uncover what goes on in her message communication. The app also permits you to track multimedia files exchanged also if the messages are deleted best away.

3. Track contact logs

All incoming and outgoing message messages will no much longer be a mystery thanks to Spyic’s capabilities. It allows you watch the number, duration, and also timestamp details by simply accessing the call information from her computer.

Also, you can track several phones if your wife has actually several smartphones.

4. Monitor online activity

If you always want to understand which websites your wife visits many often, Spyic renders it basic for you. The app gives friend a list of all internet pages she has visited on her phone.

It will also let you access every bookmarked address, and also every piece of details received or sent online.

5. Track calendar and schedule

Spyic allows you find out where your mam is going to go this particular day or in a week. Also, the app lets you monitor his resolve book, calendar, and notes.

6. Track messaging apps 

Messages have the right to not just be exchanged ~ above smartphones, but also through several chatting apps.

Even despite in the past you no able come intercept exchanged messages, now you deserve to through Spyic. Spyic lets you track your wife’s society networking messaging and accessibility the famous social media apps.

These include: Twitter, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype

7. Access multimedia files 

Most smartphone users take several pictures and also videos top top a everyday basis. Spyic permits you to see whatever on her wife’s phone consisting of what the camera captures.

Every picture and video your wife takes will be obtainable on her Spyic account, come ease their access.

1.2 exceptional Spyic capabilities 

No jailbreaking or rooting required

Spyic developers use cutting-edge technology to get rid of the must root Android or jailbreak iOS devices. This is a milestone only a couple of cell call tracking apps can claim.

Thanks to engineers at Spyic, there space no intricacies of rooting or jailbreaking your wife’s phone.

Operates in stealth

All the tasks in this application take ar in the background. This way, she will certainly not have the ability to suspect the you space tracking her. Even though top top Android the app has to be installed, it instantly deletes its icon.

Moreover, the application disguises chin in the installed apps come ensure your mam does not suspect. For iPhones, no surroundings is needed on the target device. Friend only require to carry out her iCloud credentials of her iPhone. It is all!

Safe and also Secure

Spyic does not have access to an individual data so the can’t store it top top the server. Also, the is safe because the application does not require rooting or jailbreaking her smartphone.

Rooting or jailbreaking her phone pipeline your wife fragile to malware and hacking.

far tracking capabilities

This is a web-based tracking application that enables you to track your wife’s phone remotely. This can be achieved remotely via any type of web web browser by logging right into your Spyic dashboard.

In your dashboard, you have the right to track an ext than simply location on her wife’s phone.

1.3 using Spyic to track her wife’s or husband phone there is no them knowing

To discreetly track your wife’s or husband phone, you must follow the basic steps outlined below:

Step 1: To start the process, you have to sign up because that a Spyic account. Visit the Spyic main website and register.


Step 2: Setup the target device

a) To use Spyic on your wife’s Android phone, download the app on her phone and install it. The procedure will take less than 5 minutes. The setup wizard will take you with the installation process.b) come track her iPhone, girlfriend only need to carry out her iCloud credentials. Carry out them, climate hit Verify.

Step 3: After configuring her phone, the device will a while come sync data. When everything is done, friend can click on Start to complete the setup process.


Step 4: Next, log in to her dashboard. ~ above the left panel, scroll to the places tab.



Here, there are multiple features. You will have accessibility to functions that permit you track the ar of your wife’s phone. Also, on your dashboard, you will have the ability to track her real-time location.


Part 2: Cocospy Tracking App

Install because that Andorid and also iPhone

Cocospy is another good app capable of tracking her wife’s phone. This is a good option. That is simple to use and supports the tracking of both Android and iOS devices.

Cocospy is just one of the ideal phone security apps obtainable today. The application comes with an intuitive user interface. Also, that does not call for rooting or jailbreaking her phone to track it.

Cocospy is web-based, which permits you to accessibility her phone via a net browser. After setup the app, the operates all tracking tasks in stealth. This ensures the application is undetectable by your wife.

Also, this phone tracking application has some superior features. Because that instance, Cocospy allows you monitor the ar of her wife’s phone and installed apps ~ above the phone.

Part 3: Glympse

This is amongst the best phone trackers. It provides various tracking capabilities. Apart from tracking the cell phone number, it allows users track social media activities.

The application supports basic and premium versions. However, the basic version lacks many of the best tracking features. Moreover, even the premium version calls for rooting her phone to be able to track it.

Part 4: FlexiSpy

Download FlexiSpay Here

Based on user reviews, this is just one of the best app to track a call without even touching or installation an app on the target phone. The assistance team is also very quick in responding to her queries and also helping you monitor a phone easily.


The best means to track her wife’s phone call is with a phone spy app. The finest apps are easy to use. Apps that call for rooting or jailbreaking her wife’s phone present a large inconvenience.

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In this article, us have developed that Spyic is the best application to track a phone. Over all, it is equipped through mobile gps tracking attributes that set it apart. So, if girlfriend are looking for convenience, Spyic is the finest bet for phone general practitioners tracking and much more.