This main we"re working on arranging our image as part of the 52 main Organized residence Challenge, but before you deserve to devise a an excellent system for organization that works for you, you should make certain you"re save on computer pictures and photos correctly to maintain them for the future.

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That"s since photos are actually quite delicate, and since they"re frequently irreplaceable you need to take treatment to place them in warehouse or on display in means to keep them looking your best.

(Note: Make sure to check out the organize Photos an obstacle for the full details of the organization procedure when you"re obtaining all her family"s pictures and photographs in order.)



Here are the 5 rules come remember to keep your arisen photos (we"re not discussing digital image in this article) in tip optimal condition:

Rule 1: save Photos In The ideal Conditions

Photographs are arisen or published onto paper, and also contain ink and also pigments, and both the file and pigments have the right to degrade through time or in disadvantage conditions. Because that that factor the conditions the photos space stored in make a large difference in how well they will age over time.

Ideally, when picking the clues you"ll save your family"s pictures, you"ll think about these three conditions: (1) humidity; (2) temperature; and also (3) light.


The national Archives & records Administration, i m sorry is whereby I got countless of this recommendations around the ideal conditions for storing pictures, argues keeping image in one area with higher than 15% loved one humidity and also less than 65% family member humidity.

In incredibly dry atmospheres photo paper can become quite brittle. Yet normally the issue is making sure you don"t save the photos in an area through too high humidity. If you"ve obtained your photos save on computer in your damp basement, because that example, it motivates mold growth and can additionally cause the images to stick to each other as they get moist and the ink and pigments run and fade. Higher humidity also can cause much more insect infestations that paper, which can ruin your photos.


Temperature is additionally something to consider. The lower the temperature, typically, the better, due to the fact that this slows under degredation of the record and ink, and likewise discourages insects.

Definitely store your picture in one area that repeatedly stays below 75° F at all times. That means, because that example, your hot attic is not a great place because that the photos.

Large temperature fluctuations actually room not good either, so most garages are also out the the concern for photo storage, due to the fact that they vary from cold to warm as the weather changes.

It is ideal to store images in a climate controlled environment, which will commonly control for both temperature and for humidity simultaneously.


Storing photos in a dark ar actually helps maintain them, since it keeps the squid or pigments native fading. Light in general, but especially UV and fluorescent lights malfunction images with time.

We"ve all watched sun-faded picture before, such as those that have actually been out in frames because that years, therefore you know that fading is a actual issue. If you"ve obtained a favorite photo you"d like to screen (and that doesn"t) simply make certain it is a duplicate and keep the original or at least one copy in the more secure darker environment so the you deserve to simultaneously reap the storage the photo provides on screen while keeping a copy because that the future.

Rule 2: Store photos In safe Places

Because of temperature and humidity issues we"ve currently determined that the attic, garage and basement room not ideal places for storing your photos. Yet you likewise need to think about other concerns when it involves photo preservation once you decide where to store them.

The biggest things to consider include protecting your photos native insect or rodent damage and also from overfill water.

Insects and also rodents love paper, so keep photos out of areas which contain this pests.

As stated previousy, damp and also moldy photographs can additionally be a large problem, so store photos from any type of areas that room prone to flooding or leaks, and likewise keep lock up turn off the floor in case of a little flood to save your family memories from obtaining damaged.

Rule 3: Properly manage Your Photographs & Negatives

When dealing with your photos, and also negatives, friend should have clean dried non-lotioned hands.

Still, also with this precautions constantly hold photos and negatives through the edge, and also never put your fingers straight onto them. Her fingerprints contain oils and other chemicals that deserve to permanently leave a mark on the picture or negatives.

Rule 4: pick The ideal Containers For your Photos

When organizing and storing your photos the is necessary to select the ideal container for them, and also the 2 main varieties are photograph albums and also photo boxes.

Unfortunately, in the past civilization purchased all types of cute or cheap albums or boxes for your photos, included them, and also left them for years at a time, and also now years later they remorse it.

I cringe once I think around all the image I included to magnetic and self-adhesive albums once I to be a child, or all the photos ns glued directly onto construction document for scrapbooks. Ugghh.

We now understand that many of these points actually harm your pictures, such as non-archival quality files which save lignin and also other acids, or adhesives which come to be yellow and brittle with age, and also plastics that degrade and also cause the photo to stick, occasionally permanently, come the album.

The crucial thing come look for are items that are archival quality, and also that are photo safe, acid, lignin and PVC free. Girlfriend can find a huge selection of archival albums top top Amazon here and also archival photo boxes here.

Here are added recommendations for how to NOT keep your pictures:

Do not usage tape or adhesive to affix photos right into an album or scrapbookDo not mount or affix photos come anything but archival top quality paperDo not organize photos with each other using document clips or rubber bandsDo not save photos in envelopes, particularly if the envelopes room not make from archival quality paper

For a an ext in depth conversation of what form of photograph albums to choose, check out my short article on how to choose the finest photo album for your family"s memories.


Rule 5: Properly fill Your photograph Containers to Preserve, not Damage, The Pictures

Finally, also the safest photograph storage containers, that room archival quality, carry out not job-related properly if they space not fill properly.

Do no overfill one album, due to the fact that this can reason the images to acquire bent or creased, or to an ext easily fall out and get damaged.

Further, picture boxes space a good way to save photos generally, however they have to be no overfilled, nor underfilled.

Overfilling a picture box can cause many the the same problems as one overfilled album. One underfilled picture box method that the photos move all around, and can curly on the edges or obtain frayed or damaged. If you carry out not have a full box, usage something photo safe in the box, such together archival quality dividers, to store the photos from shifting about too much.

Further, once filling photo boxes the is typically fine to stack the picture on top of each various other loosely as lengthy as you"re not in a humid or high temperature fluctuating setting which might cause the photos come stick come one another.

Some photo boxes allow you to "file" your photos on their side, with dividers. This can additionally work, however be sure then that the box is adequately filled so photos was standing up directly without bowing and leaning, i m sorry can cause them to then no lay flat.

If you follow these five rules for appropriately storing pictures and photos your family members memories will certainly be much an ext likely come last end the course of many generations, just the way you"ve always wanted and envisioned.

You can gain even much more tips for organizing photos here, in the Organize image Challenge.

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