These smoked chicken wings are coated in a sweet and also savory spice rub then smoked till tender. Include a coating of barbecue sauce and you’ve gained an remarkable appetizer or meal alternative with very little effort.

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I used my electrical smoker to do these chicken wings for a party, and also everyone devoured them! these wings couldn’t be any kind of easier to do – every it take away is about 5 minute of prepare time, then the smoker does the rest of the work.



We’ve been using our brand-new smoker every week, and also this time we made part smoked chicken wings. These wings space so packed complete of flavor, us couldn’t prevent eating them! I’m definitely serving these chicken wings at our next game day party.

How carry out you exhilaration chicken wings?

This is a an easy yet to solve recipe. Chicken wings room coated in a homemade sweet freckles rub, climate smoked until cooked through. After your wings are ready, brush on some BBQ sauce and you’re ready to eat!


This cooking recipes calls for my homemade freckles rub and also BBQ sauce. It yes, really is worth the extra effort to do these yourself quite than using store bought condiments. The being said, if you’re in a pinch, you can use a keep bought rub and also barbecue sauce and still get good results.

What temperature carry out you acting chicken wing at?

I smoke my chicken wings at 250 degrees F in an electric smoker. You can also try smoking your wings in ~ 225 levels F, yet be conscious the cook time will likely change.

How long does it require to smoke chicken wings?

It takes approximately 2 hrs to smoke chicken wing at 250 degrees F. It’s always best to use a thermometer to examine the interior temperature of your chicken come make sure it’s done. Chicken is done when a thermometer put into the thickest component registers 165 degrees F.


What form of lumber is best for smoking chicken?

I typically use apple lumber for mine smoked chicken. It’s readily accessible and add to a little bit of sweetness to the meat. Other an excellent choices room hickory, cherry lumber or maple wood.

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Tips because that smoked chicken wings

Be sure to to buy the party style chicken wings, i m sorry are currently cut right into segments. If friend can’t discover party wings, you can buy full sized wings and cut them right into pieces yourself.Generally speaking, acting chicken walk not have crispy skin since it’s cooking at such a short temperature. I choose crispy skin, therefore I ar my pan of chicken wing under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp up the skin.I think these smoked chicken wings space fabulous as-is, but if you want to offer them with a dip, free free! Ranch would be a an excellent choice.


Whether you’re a jar smoker cook or just starting out, this chicken wings space a an excellent choice. They’re low on prep time, but vast on flavor!