Did you know it is feasible to sell your timeshare v no upfront fees? numerous owners spring to market want to stop upfront costs, and it is possible. The best method is to uncover a Licensed genuine Estate Brokerage that deserve to take care of the sale for you.

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Do real Estate Agents offer Timeshares?


Timeshares space usually deeded properties, similar to a house. Even if you have actually a points-based timeshare, oftentimes friend will receive a deed that shows ownership of her points. So, it would make sense that real estate agents can offer timeshare, but not every one of them do. There are legitimate timeshare resale service providers that additionally licensed agents that can help you, prefer Fidelity real Estate.

What’s more, selling a timeshare have the right to be a facility process. Not all actual estate agents are acquainted with timeshare resales, and also will likely refer you to a brokerage the specializes in it.

Best method To sell A Timeshare

Since timeshare is a special type of actual estate, the best method to offer a timeshare is come go with a genuine estate agent who specializes in resales. The reason for this is because selling a timeshare requires different laws and also regulations many of the time. It’s important to discover a actual estate firm that specializes in timeshare resale.

Even if you understand a real estate agent, they may not recognize all the rule to offer a timeshare, choose transferring the title. If girlfriend still fan money on your timeshare, however, it may be more an overwhelming to offer your ownership. Especially if you space behind top top payments. If this is the case, call your developer or will for assistance. They might have alternatives and resources to help you get caught up on her payments or for sure exiting your ownership.

Who will Buy my Timeshare?

There is a the majority of talk around selling her timeshare top top the second market and if it’s possible. Many world will case that it simply can’t be done, but we’re below to call you that many people will to buy timeshares indigenous the resale market. There’s no damage in trying to sell your timeshare, particularly when girlfriend don’t have to pay anything uneven it sells. In ~ Fidelity, we get inquiries everyday for Wyndham, DVC, Bluegreen, and also other height resorts timeshares for sale. If you’re wondering who will buy your timeshare, perform not fret. In ours experience, plenty of buyers look to the resale sector to add onto their existing ownership at a better rate. The most vital thing come remember when selling your timeshare is regulating your expectations and also choosing a company that you to trust to list it because that you.

How Much can I gain For mine Timeshare?

Should you decision to offer your timeshare for no upfront fees, it’s vital to keep your expectation low. Timeshares room not one investment, therefore you likely won’t obtain much for your timeshare. Timeshares seldom appreciate in value. Yet if you desire to say goodbye to maintenance fees and annual fees forever, particularly if you room no much longer using her ownership, selling is among the best ways to carry out so.

How much Does It price to offer a Timeshare?

It shouldn’t expense you something to offer your timeshare. You can sell your ownership through a license is granted brokerage without paying any upfront fees. However, if you space behind on your timeshare maintain fees or have any kind of outstanding dues, you will have to pay them turn off first.

Normally, the buyer will pay for closing expenses when make an offer on her timeshare. This terms room negotiable as well, so you may be asked come pay commissions or various other fees affiliated in the closing process. That is approximately you even if it is you decline or expropriate an offer.

Our best piece of advice is to never ever pay thousands of dollars in up-front fees to sell your timeshare.

Avoid Timeshare Scams

If you’re feather to offer your timeshare there is no upfront fees, it’s an excellent to be conscious of possible timeshare scams. Native high upfront fees come expensive lawyers and fake actual estate agents, it have the right to feel difficult to navigate scams. Checking with the BBB and the American Resort development Association is constantly a great tip for spotting scammers.

Out of the Blue Buyers


Many owners have been called by one unknown number, with a human being promising lock have uncovered a “buyer” for their timeshare. It is in wary if this happens. That isn’t uncommon for scammers to discover a perform of owners and also just speak to them v a “buyer.” Why would certainly they carry out this? Oftentimes, the unknown caller will then ask girlfriend to put some funds in escrow until the “sale” is final, just to never speak to again. It is in reality illegal for any kind of timeshare firm or expert to contact you unsolicited. A legit resale company will never ever reach the end to you without permission.

If you were not looking to offer your ownership to begin with, you should particularly take this as a red flag. This callers v a the person who lives may offer you an market that appears too great to be true. Oftentimes, that is extremely unlikely the you deserve to sell your timeshare for what you originally paid for.

“Timeshare Cancellation”

Timeshare cancellation is a term supplied by countless timeshare departure companies. Castle promise they deserve to cancel her timeshare contract, and sometimes also invite owners to dinners to show a presentation of how they will perform it. Timeshare cancellation carriers are usually made up of lawyers that will shot to uncover a loophole in your contract but are often unsuccessful in actually helping you obtain out of her timeshare. Just like other contracts in life, friend can’t simply cancel a timeshare contract.

Timeshare cancellation suppliers will likewise charge thousands of dollars up-front, and also usually advertise a “100% money back guarantee.” However, there have been thousands of complaints filed for these carriers that they rarely accomplish this guarantee.

Sell her Timeshare through No Upfront Fees at Fidelity

It’s straightforward to sell your timeshare through no upfront fees with us. At Fidelity actual Estate, we are a legitimate resale company, a Licensed actual Estate Brokerage, and also members the the American Resort breakthrough Association.

We have actually been the recommended Resale Broker because that Disney Vacation society for over 15 years. No to mention, we have been helping both buyers and sellers because that over 20 years. Our strong industry partnerships and promise come excellence enable us to it is in the ideal in the industry.

Why you deserve to trust Fidelity real Estate to offer your timeshare (with NO upfront fees, ever!):

Fidelity genuine Estate has remained in business because that over two decades as a leadering the timeshare resale industry. Our licensed agents are specialists in all brands, products, and also the whole resale closing process.We room recommended, preferred, and also vetted by top sector developers. Our tandem with vital industry players and also fellow ARDA Members shows our impressive services and reputation.We host an A+ Rating as an Accredited company with the far better Business Bureau. Us take our reviews and also customer feedback serious to make certain that we room not only complying with all guidelines to a T, but also providing the ideal level of client service and care.Member that ARDA, the American Resort advancement Association. ARDA is the trade company that proponents for timeshare owners, developers, and legislation to safeguard all parties. Together a timeshare resale company, us take details steps to ensure we are following all regulations and the ARDA password of Ethics.

Contact Fidelity

Get began by filling out aform on our websiteor calling one of our agents at1-800-410-8326 (410-TEAM).One of our licensed genuine estate agents will provide you a totally free consultation to walk over the solutions we can administer to you.

Below is a step-by-step guide of how we aid you with the listing and also closing procedure of selling, with no upfront fees.


Create A totally free Timeshare Listing

When you’re prepared to sell your timeshare with us, us will produce a listingfor your timeshare.Should you decide to expropriate our services, there space zero up-front fees. We will job-related together to produce your timeshare listing and collection the sell price. This is approximately you, yet your agent can give you an calculation of what other timeshares are marketing for at her resort. Transparent this process, girlfriend will have actually direct interaction with her agent and also we can adjust purchase prices and also such accordingly.

When an market is made on your listing,we will call you to go over the details. Fidelity actual Estate agents can aid facilitate negotiations. If you decide to accept an offer, we will draft increase the contracts of sale for both parties to sign. There space a few negotiating points the are typical with buyers make an offer, so keep that in mind. Determinants that buyers look for include whether over there is already a reservation because that the year through your ownership, once points will be obtainable to use, how numerous points are left in the existing year use year, etc. You have every one of the negotiating power and also it’s at some point up come you whether to accept an sell or decline.

Right Of an initial Refusal

Once contracts space written and also signed, it’s not over yet! The will that your timeshare is associated with has the right of an initial refusal (ROFR), which way they have the right to step in as the buyer. The ideal of first Refusal is written in every timeshare contract, and also it offers the resort or developer the ideal to testimonial the terms of the sale prior to it move forward. IF they select to, her resort might take end the sale and step in together the buyer. Essentially, this way the will or developer accepts all regards to the sale and also will purchase your timeshare ago from friend instead. If the resort or developer waives the ROFR, we deserve to then proceed with the sale v both initial parties. Either way, you will certainly still be relocating forward with selling your timeshare!

Title Transfer and also Disbursing Funds

If the ROFR is waived by the resort, us can straight you come a reliable title firm that will carry the title the end of her name. The title agency will procedure the location transfer and also send the new title and documents to the resort and the ar the will is located in. This deserve to take a tiny while depending upon the title firm and the ar your will is located. It is in patient, though, due to the fact that it’s practically done!

Contact the will to confirm the membership is out of your name. Perform not protect against paying until you confirm v the resort. Until this is done, you will certainly still be responsible for paying themaintenance fees.

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Once every one of these actions are complete, you have actually officially marketed your timeshare v no upfront fees!

Get Started offering Your Timeshare now by Filling the end the type Below! One of our Licensed genuine Estate agents will call you as quickly as possible.