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This past year, ns spent new Year’s eve in brand-new York City because that my 40th birthday. To view the sphere drop has actually been on mine bucket perform for a lengthy time. Ns knew crowded would certainly be one understatement, however that was okay; however, for fairly some time, I never knew that as soon as you got in place, girlfriend couldn’t leave! that is a whole different ballgame. Ns knew i still wanted to carry out it, however I likewise knew i didn’t want to be stuck because that 12 hrs in one clues with thousands of thousands of mine closest friends and NOT be able to so lot as walk to the restroom. This is how to watch the ball drop without standing in the crowd!


NYC sources & Recommendations

First that All…

I believed you present up extremely early on to gain your spot, bring your own food and drinks, and also you and also your friend(s) take it turns conserving each other’s location to go to the bathroom. This provides me laugh also now at how naive i was. That is NOT just how it happens. Not also close.

In fact, what in reality does happen, is that police begin closing off the highways in the beforehand afternoon. World have to be lining up because that the security checkpoints even previously than this. Once you get in place, you can NOT leave. Not even to walk to the toilet or to acquire food or something come drink. Friend can’t lug food and also drinks in with you. You space there for the 10-12 hrs until that ball drops. Yeah…

The Process


My husband and also I walked through NYC come grab yes, really Italian pizza. Together we did, us watched as people were lining up to go with the checkpoints. No backpacks or huge bags and no umbrellas. You deserve to have a small purse on her person, yet of course, it will be searched. Civilization were herded right into corrals. When that corral filled, that security checkpoint would certainly close down and you would see the group running down to the following checkpoint (farther away from times Square and the ball). Us remember thinking we to be so glad us were simply on our way for pizza!

Why we Were for this reason Calm

Ahead the the trip, i knew the neither of us really want to stand in the crowd because that so long without usually being able come move, allow alone eat, drink or use the restroom. Diapers didn’t interest united state (don’t laugh, but this is just how a many of civilization do it!).


Instead, we opted to publication a hotel with a room watch of the ball. Ours was a partial view, but it had actually one and we could go exterior for a much better view. The hotel was decently priced (for the event going on) other than for December 31st.

In full disclosure, as you deserve to imagine, that night isn’t cheap. I will certainly say the if friend really want to see the ball drop, however the crowd and the rules are maintaining you from doing so, save up come book a hotel room v a view. It’s completely worth it!

If you desire to learn how to cut down ~ above the total cost to offset that one expensive night, this is a fantastic guide to building up Hilton Honors points. Trust me, those points room golden!

How The Afternoon Went

What we didn’t think about when we booked our hotel v a watch is that it would be ~ above a street closed to the public. This was kind of nice…until we were trying come get earlier to ours hotel with our warmth pizza and also ran right into a long line trying to gain through a single checkpoint. Yes, a checkpoint to gain to our hotel on claimed closed-off street. Totally grateful for defense though. It’s important priceless.

Once we acquired through the checkpoint, us were escorted come our hotel through police moving extremely huge machine guns. Turns out, the street our hotel to be on was not just closed turn off to the public, it was likewise serving as the personal parking lot of NYPD consisting of the Inspector!!

After this, we determined that would be our last undertaking out because that the remainder of that day. We ate our currently lukewarm pizza if watching football and also waiting for the festivities to begin…all native the warm of our hotel room.

The Festivities Begin

At 6pm EST, they raised the ball to take its position at the top. There to be fireworks and also a small celebration because that this event. Then there to be a celebration event every hour till that large countdown in ~ midnight. We caught these from our room each hour. Castle didn’t last really long.

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Here is the 9:00pm celebration.

And the 10:00pm celebration. You obtain the idea. This ongoing every hour till the big moment!

THE Countdown

Around 11:45pm, i went to suffer the special moment external with number of others; however, my husband shooting this video from our room! at 11:59pm, the ball started that 60-second lower to the bottom the the pole ushering in the brand-new year. V 10 secs left, the group shouted the countdown…

HAPPY new YEAR 2017!


into the arrival of 2017!


Happy brand-new Year 2017!

Confetti to be everywhere. I typical everywhere! It yes, really was a wonder moment! One that I extensively enjoyed. Because that me, that signaled the finish of my birthday, the end of the present year and the begin of a new one. I can never phone call anyone my date of birth is next year!