A step-by-step overview to gaining rid of fleas, as well as prevention solutions to stop future outbreaks


Don't allow fleas destroy your outdoor funny — here's room vet-advised procedures and products to assist treat your pets against fleas. Getty Images
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As the weather start to warm up, we have the right to look front to socially distanced walks, picnics and also ultimately more time outdoors. However, warming temperature often method increased flea activity, i m sorry is not as pleasant: “Fleas an extremely much reap kind that a hot, humid environment,” stated Douglas Kratt, DVM, chairman of the American Veterinary clinical Association. Flea infestations deserve to be stressful, however by following a multi-step therapy plan and listening to your regional veterinarian’s advice, you can successfully stop break out from continue in the an initial place.

“First the all, take a deep breath — there"s a many really great products the end there that space safe,” said Kratt, who works as a tiny animal practitioner at central Animal Hospital. “Second the all, use your resources. Skinny on the endure of the world that you"re trusting the care with to provide you a couple of an excellent options.”

While it might be also late because that anyone analysis this short article having knowledgeable issues, “preventive care is far more preferable come treatment,” stated Heidi Cooley, DVM, a veterinarian in ~ Banfield pets Hospital. So if you’re pet isn’t already on a flea control program, you may want come consider starting them top top one to save time and also money pertained to ridding your pet and also home that a flea infestation. Another an excellent practice they suggest out is continuous baths in enhancement to commonly washing her pet’s bedding. Due to the fact that hot water and soap kills fleas, continuous washing is one the easiest methods to avoid fleas from dispersing throughout the house. As for managing an currently flea infestation, us consulted specialists on the finest steps to take and some over the counter products to think about buying.


SKIP AHEAD exactly how to get rid of fleas

How execute fleas attach to your pet

Fleas have the right to survive outdoors because that up to two weeks without a organize — your pets deserve to come in call with castle in backyards, dog parks and kennels, not to point out contracting them from another pet that has fleas. Once an adult mrs flea attaches to her pet, she can lay as plenty of as 50 eggs every day and live as much as 100 work (depending on how old she to be on attachment). Kratt described that “when they jump on her pet, the female flea will honestly begin laying egg within the day.” Within 2 to 16 days, those eggs will certainly hatch right into larvae, i m sorry then grow into pupae.

How to eliminate fleas

Once you’ve established your pet has fleas, the best method involves multiple simultaneous steps that target fleas, larvae and also eggs on your pet, in your house and yard. Constantly consult her veterinarian for referrals on just how to finest treat your pet.


Step 1: Brush her pet v a flea comb

Vets recommend at first brushing your pet with a flea comb to remove any fleas. Salary extra attention to the neck area and the basic of the tail.

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Hartz Groomer’s ideal Flea Comb

Designed for both cats and dogs, this Hartz brush is designed to easily remove fleas, flea eggs and also other debris. Priced on the lower end for flea combs, this $3 comb additionally doubles as a grooming tool that can detangle knots in her pet’s hair. The extra-fine this comb has an median 4.7-star rating from nearly 4,500 Amazon shoppers.