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An essentialpart that decorating for Christmas is decorating the tree, right? and also the very first part that decorating ishow to put lights ~ above aChristmas tree.

So countless trees come pre-lit, yet I prefer to put my very own lights ~ above a tree. That means when you put your tree up and a light strand doesn’t work, it’s no that large of a deal. You simply run down to Target and buy a new strand or two. Ns actually simply own a bazillion twinkle lights due to the fact that I prefer to placed them all over the place!


Side note: don’t mind mine half-done tree stand. I made my very own crate tree was standing (tutorial here) year ago, but I include burlap and drop cloth in the so you can’t see the yes, really stand. Ns forgot before I took this picture. Oops!

I believed I would certainly take a minute come share how I get my Christmas tree come glow there is no looking favor it’s a large old sphere of lights. I wasn’t going to share it due to the fact that I feel prefer everyone knows this already.

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But I am constantly learning new, simple tricks indigenous people, so I’m sure there’s someone the end there that will benefit from this.

And if you understand this already, then please don’t suggest and laugh at my “duh” moment.