Christmas tree lighting tips that will certainly make your tree, whether actual or fake, watch festive and also glow indigenous within.

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I have actually put the lamp on much more Christmas trees, both real and artificial 보다 the average person will in a lifetime. My task in retail screen had me putting the lights on and also off(we reduced them off the display trees every year, therefore we might put new ones on)of hundreds and also hundreds the trees and also garland, too. When I to speak hundreds – ns literally mean hundreds.


I know my way around a strand of mini-lights and also wanted come share mine Christmas tree lighting tips to do the process of placing lights on a tree fast and easy, and that will provide you glowing results.

What is the Right means to put Lights ~ above a Christmas Tree?

There are plenty of ways to successfully put lamp on a Christmas tree. Here are 3 ways:

Branch wrapping – This is the best method to add lights to a Christmas tree whereby you wire the lights from branch to branch. This is done by walk up and also down each branch on the tree beginning at the basic of the branch and wrapping the lights roughly the branch together you job-related to the outer tip that the branch and also then ago down along the branch. When you are ago at the base, you move onto the next branch. This requires fairly a few strands of lights relying on the dimension of the tree. Going Round and Round Horizontally – This is the fastest means to include lights come a Christmas tree. That works really well when you have actually a really full tree. To to this, begin at the top or bottom fo the tree. As you go approximately the tree v a irradiate strand, just push the strand right into the facility of the tree follow me the branches and also then back out again. Walk round and round the tree horizontally repeating the process. Once you gain to the finish of a strand, plug in another strand and also continue adding lights in this manner.Add the lights Vertically – string the irradiate strands vertically up and down the tree. To perform this you begin each string of lights at the optimal of the tree and simply permit it hang down. Tuck the ends right into the branches come hide the finish of each strand. When doing this you require to affix all the lights approximately the top and will require to include a plug close to the peak of the tree.
Christmas Tree bright Tips

I watched mine dad usage the branch wrapping technique when ns was a child. He was really good at it. It took him all day, however every cable was hidden. The horizontal an approach or upright stringing pipeline too countless empty spaces and the lights sometimes look too lined up.

To irradiate my Christmas tree, i learned beforehand in my display career from my seasoned display mentors that us did not have time to wrap every branch.

Instead, we used methods that to be fast, easy, and also where the lamp were always evenly spaced with little wire showing.

The Easy method to placed Lights top top a Christmas Tree

1. A 9-Outlet Christmas Tree Cube

Before putting lights top top the tree, use a handy-dandy 9-Outlet Christmas Tree Cube Tap extension Cord .It is the best tree lighting invention ever!


If you are not acquainted with this type of extension cord, once you use it – you will never ever put lights on a Christmas tree there is no it.

When you use a regular extension cord v one outlet insanity – every the plugs from every the lights need to reach this plug or outlet bar. The peak light strands need to weave down the tree come the bottom to be plugged in where the outlet(s) are. That can acquire quite messy and also may leave more lights then are crucial along the course to the outlet.

This scenario does not take place when you usage the 9-outlet Christmas Tree Cube – this expansion cord gets strung up follow me the tribe of the tree and also evenly places 3 cube taps(for 9 plugs)one at the bottom, middle, and also top the the tree. The light strands top top the peak of the tree get plugged into the peak tap outlet, the middle lights – the center tab, and also the lights roughly the bottom, get in the bottom tab outlet.

No much more having to send every the plugs to only one outlet or area. It also makes it simple to follow the security rule, no to plug an ext than 3 sets of lights together. As soon as you have three light sets strung together. You have another outlet in near proximity come start another 3 strands.

The expansion cord likewise has a rocker switch that makes turning the lights on and also off every at once an extremely easy.

2. Testing the Lights before You pave Them

Test every light strand to make certain it is functioning properly before stringing on the tree. Over there is nothing worse than having actually to discover the negative strand as soon as the lights are on the tree. Plug every strand right into an outlet and also leave the plugged in for about 5 minutes. Next, tenderness shake it about to make sure all the bulbs space secure. If it remains lit – it is good to placed on the tree.

If fifty percent the set is lit and also the various other is no – girlfriend could try replacing the first bulb after ~ the outage or a fuse, yet this might not deal with the strand. Don’t toss these, they deserve to be used to light the bushes approximately the exterior that your home for Christmas. Friend string the lit ar on and shove the unlit section right into the bush.

3. Lighting the Christmas Tree Trunk

To do a Christmas tree look like it is lit indigenous within, stringclear mini lights approximately the trunkand in the center of the tree.


At night, the tree will glow beautifully.You deserve to mix color strands v clear lights for a festive glow.

4. Include the lamp from optimal to Bottom

The best way to string lamp on a Christmas tree is to begin at the top and also work your means down. The reason I carry out this is the the height is usually sparse and it is hard to hide the wires. Ican use every little thing amount that lights that is required to acquire this area simply right. When I think it looks OK, I continue down the tree.

How to save the Christmas Tree irradiate Strands from obtaining Tangled as You Work

To store the strands from tangling as you include them come the tree, plunder them about your shoulders favor a shawl. This enables you to pull the strand freely when friend need an ext to string and also keeps that from tangling.


Weave the strings of lamp in vertical tide in 12” heights if moving approximately the tree horizontally, then choose the most influential branches come wrap the lights roughly to make certain the strand is secure.You execute not have to wrap every branch.

One point to think about is as soon as using a range of brand brand-new lights or have actually strands from different manufacturers – the colors and also brightness of the bulbs might look different – if this is the case, make certain to place similar strands evenly roughly the tree. If not, one part of her tree may lookdifferent, either in color or intensity.

How come Make sure Lights room Evenly Spaced ~ above Tree

As girlfriend string the lamp on the tree – carry out the “squint test” to lug the lights right into focus. It creates a bokeh impact when friend squint.

How to execute the Squint test – just stand a few feet away from the tree and also squint her eyes as you look in ~ the tree. This helps you check out where over there is an north spot that demands filling.

5. Twinkle Lights

Adding incandescence twinkle lights – not LED or blinking lights, yet bulbs that slowly twinkle one light at a time, no the entire strand going on and also off at as soon as adds come the bright of the tree.

Adding a couple of strands that twinkle lights will make the tree watch magical.

You can buy twinkle lights here:

6. Purchase The best Amount of Lights

Buy an ext strands that lights than you think you will need.100 light strands room the best to use for many sized trees.

It is much easier to simply throw the end old strands the don’t light. The is as well time consuming to number out the reason of the unlit bulbs. Even if friend do discover the cause, that is a weak point and is most likely to just go the end again. Toss and use a new strand.

7. Save on computer Christmas Lights

To easily store lights so they won’t get tangled – wrap the strand roughly a piece of cardboard or a cardboard tube conserved from a roll of record towels. Plug each strand to itself and also then save in a big box.

When wrapping around the cardboard, begin with the masculine plug so that as soon as you unwrap following year, you’ll have the plug finish of the strand ready to start adding to the tree unwrapping as include the strand come the tree. Law this likewise helps with maintaining the strand native tangling as add the lights to the tree.

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