The pandemic supposedly acquired people ago into your kitchens — baking bread and also making lull food casseroles. But about here, we’ve actually discovered ourselves gaining take-out a little much more often. At first it was a means to support neighborhood restaurants, and then it ended up being increasingly uncomfortable to linger in grocery stores hunting for rarely-used ingredient for brand-new recipes. Plus, there’s simply the truth that once there are various other stressors ~ above the mind, it’s nice to have one less thing on the mental bandwidth.

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So we’re still cooking (Jeremy’s stupidly-easy-but-incredibly-delicious biscuits have seen perennial action), however restaurant take-out has ended up in the dinnertime rotation a bit much more frequently.

Something i noticed after consuming this Styrofoam-encased meals, is that we sometimes ended up with some leftover French fries. Restaurants frequently accompany their entrees with outsized sections of them, and our youngsters especially don’t always have the appetite to complete theirs off. The leftover fries would finish up in the fridge, whereby they would certainly invariably stay untouched, and then be shunted to the trash.

Because who likes to eat leftover French fries? your deliciousness has a quick shelf-life; new from the fryer, castle the elevation of tastiness, yet a day, even an hour later, and also they’re soggy and also mealy. Reheat castle in the oven, and also they turn hard and dry. Nuke ‘em in the microwave, and also they become soft and also limp, there is no of their previous crispness.

And yet, it appears a dead to throw your fries away. Girlfriend paid because that them, and also take-out is expensive. You desire to acquire your full money’s worth instead of letting her food walk to waste.

Fortunately, it’s possible to reheat and also reuse leftover French fries in ways that reclaim their golden glory.

How come Reheat French Fries (So They in reality Taste Good)

While plenty of methods because that reheating fries rotate out lackluster results, these two will bring your fries back to other approaching their fresh-from-the-fryer state.

The enhanced Oven Method


As stated above, reheating fries in the oven tends to do them dry and hard. Yet with a few tweaks come this method, friend can obtain a much superior result.Preheat oven to 400 degrees.Tear off a sheet of foil large enough to cover a baking sheet and crumple it right into a ball.Gently (to stop tearing) open the silver paper so the it’s flat, however not completely smoothed out. Keep the textured ridges you’ve created; the fries will certainly sit on peak of these ridges, allowing the oven’s warmth to heat every next of the elevated pieces.Place French fries top top the foil spaced out in a solitary layer.Hit the fries v a irradiate spray of food preparation spray.Bake for about 5 minutes, till hot.Add salt to taste (you i will not ~ think it’d it is in needed, but it likely is and quite boosts ’em) and also consume.

The Re-Fried Fries Method


If fries taste ideal straight indigenous the oil, climate it makes sense the returning lock to part grease would regain their deliciousness. And indeed, this to be the best technique we tried; re-fried fries taste almost far better than they go originally.
Coat the bottom that a pan through a slim layer the oil and heat end medium-high heat.Place the fries spaced out in a single layer in the pan.Leave fries to warm for 1-2 minute (depending on thickness/desired crispiness), then flip/stir them, and also fry for 1-2 minutes more, until hot, golden, and crispy.Let drainpipe on a paper towel-lined bowl and include salt together needed.

If you favor softer fries (and no keen on including oil come an currently grease-laden food), usage the cooktop method. If you choose crispier fries, use the frying method.

How to Reuse French Fries in a meal

If you don’t desire to go through the problem of heater up the stove or dirtying a frying pan simply to do yourself a French fry snack, consider reusing her leftover fries by combine them into an additional food or meal. When they’re blended with other things, their texture becomes less consequential. 

Smothering the fries with cheese and toppings or poutine (gravy + cheese curds) is a great option, together it transforms a would-be snack right into something the eats choose a meal.

You can likewise use leftover fries pretty lot in any kind of recipe that calls because that potatoes (keeping in mind the they’re currently cooked, and won’t need as much cook-time as the initial recipe phone call for). You deserve to stick lock a breakfast burato or hash, or incorporate them right into a casserole.

Possibly the ideal option is to put your leftover fries into a frittata. Frittatas room a versatile dish – they deserve to be eaten for breakfast or dinner, and also you can pretty much throw anything you have on hand, leftover or fresh, right into them, even if it is veggies, meats, or even (cooked) pasta. While you can come up with infinite combos, this is a recipe the will gain you started and easily and tastily usage up her leftover fries. 

Leftover French fried food Frittata


Ingredients8 eggs¼ cup cream4-6 slices the bacon¼ cup cheddar cheese1/4 teaspoon salt1/2 teaspoon pepperleftover French fries (the specific amount doesn’t matter, however no an ext than around 2 cups)fresh chives


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Cook bacon, drain, and also dice. Dice chives. Whisk with each other eggs, cream, salt, and also pepper until simply combined. Lightly grease a cast-iron or various other oven-safe pan. Ar French fries in a solitary layer ~ above its bottom. Sprinkle in pieces of bacon. To water in eggs, spanning fries and also bacon evenly. Sprinkle on cheese.

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Heat on range over medium-high heat, until the edges start to firm. Then deliver to oven and also bake because that 15 minutes/until friend can reduced into it without see runny egg. Sprinkle frittata through chives and serve.