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A beginner’s overview on understanding, tasting, and also appreciating scotch whisky. Follow a few tips and suggestions to do your an initial foray right into scotch the journey of a lifetime!

Whisky, scotch in particular, is just one of those extremely divisive drinks. People love that or dislike it. They had Jack and also Ginger in college and now can’t stand to look at a bottle. Or castle adamantly refuse any type of alcohol except the best scotch in the land. (Unfortunately because that my financial institution account, I’m among the latter.)

But the truth is that whisky is largely misunderstood. Especially by beginners. When you’re just beginning to discover the world of whisky and scotch, that a vast and confound landscape. So plenty of questions. Whiskey vs bourbon? Why is scotch more expensive? Is peat a flavor? and what is through that pesky extra “e”?!

I promise, it’s not as confusing as it seems. Once you gain a few basics down and find a few bottles friend love, you’ll find it much less complicated to undertaking into the people of scotch.

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Here’s a perform of the best scotches because that summer to start your tasting journey!


First, a story that what not to do.

A few years ago I live with among my very best friend in the world. Ns love her to death, for many reasons. Not the least of i m sorry is she curiosity and also determination to try brand-new things.

She is one avid consumer of white alcohol. White wine, white rum, vodka, tequila…anything that has no color is she jam.

One day in ~ the dinner table she announced “I’m walking to begin liking whisky.” and also a few days later she came house from work, again while i was eating dinner, and announced, “See! ns told you I’d begin drinking whisky!”

She triumphantly put the tall, slender bottle on the table. “Spiced gold Rum.”

I looked at the bottle. Looked at her. Back at the bottle. Earlier to her. And tried, very gently, to define that she had purchased it s her a bottle of very-much-NOT-whisky.

“I know! but it’s brown! So ns figured that’s a step closer, right?”

Wrong. Don’t carry out this. Whisky is whisky because that a reason. Rum, and other dark liquors, are what castle are. They are made with entirely various grains, various processes, and are often aged in different styles. Castle taste different. Drink one won’t make you favor the flavors of another.

So prior to you invest money and do something prefer this, let’s define what whisky is and what renders it separate.


What is Whisky?

The technological definition: a distilled liquor made from fermented grains. These grains generally incorporate barley, rye, wheat, or corn. New whisky is a white alcohol, clean in color. Many whisky is climate aged in wooden barrels, i beg your pardon is where it develops its brown color and also richer flavors

But we’re specifically pointing out scotch, for this reason let’s cave a tiny deeper.

What is Scotch Whisky?

The straightforward definition: Scotch is barley whisky do in Scotland. Of course it’s a little much more complicated. There space laws and rules pertaining come every part of scotch production. Scotch is actually one of the most tightly regulated soul in the world. I m sorry is part of why that is for this reason revered and so expensive. You’re paying for regular quality and also you know precisely what you’re obtaining in every bottle.

While we might write a whole short article on the assorted laws and also regulations, below are the crucial ones you have to remember once you’re just beginning out.

Scotch have to be produced, stored, and also bottled in ScotlandScotch must be made from just malted barleyScotch should be aged for a minimum that 3 year in oak barrels

How is Scotch Made?

The regulations above mean the basic process of scotch production is the same across all distilleries in Scotland. Each distillery adds their own twist, for instance in the kind of fuel provided to dried the malt, the type of water used in the mash, or the form of barrels used in aging. But the basic procedure remains the same.


Malting and also Mashing

First, the harvested barley is “malted,” or permitted to germinate and sprout. Warmth stops the sprouting early on (Usually native a warm fire beneath the dried grains progressively toasting the grains.) adding warm water to malted barley creates mash. As organic enzymes in barley failure the street the mash converts to wort.

Fermenting and Distilling

Wort operation to a fermentation tank and linked with yeast to begin fermentation and also alcohol production. (Converting sugars to alcohol is dubbed fermentation.) as soon as it has actually reached roughly 8% ABV the is called “wash” and is transferred to stills because that distillation. Every scotch is distilled twice.

The first distillation removes impurities in copper pot stills. The 2nd distillation in a ‘spirit’ still gets rid of any more water or chemicals and create pure, high ABV whisky.


The final clear distillate is then transferred to oak casks because that aging, a minimum that 3 years. The kind of cask will vary based on the understand distiller’s intention v the whisky.

The formats of Scotch:


A beginner’s overview to scotch isn’t much good without stating the taste that scotch. That course, scotch has actually such wide range in flavor and style us don’t have straightforward answer.

The most common method for deciding i beg your pardon scotch style or odor is most to her taste is come look at location. Choose wines absorb terroir of a region, details scotches from certain regions have comparable characteristics.

This way if you want a certain flavor, your finest bet is to find a location that matches her flavor profile and sample scotches from the area!

The Highlands – the largest region with huge variety in stylesThe Lowlands – mellow, citrusy, and also feminineThe archipelago – heather and also peat through honey and also smokeIslay – greatly peated, smoky, meaty scotchesCampbelltown – highly distinctive wet structure notes with salt brine and smoked toffeeSpeyside – light v sweet notes, floral and citrusy with notes the honey

A couple of Tips on how to Drink Scotch Whisky

Be honest with yourself. us all have different tastes. Accept yours. Sit there, forcing yourself to pound down 3 glasses that whisky isn’t going to make you like it any better. Whisky isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. The suggest is to reap your drink for its own sake, no to prove something.Don’t be fear to try brand-new things, or retry seasonings you’ve do the efforts before. If you understand you commonly like fruitier alcohols, don’t be afraid to taste several of the spicier or smokier scotches. Ours taste buds change with age, for this reason a scotch you may have actually disliked in the past can prosper on you. Specifically with a little water or ice.If you prefer something, speak so. And if girlfriend don’t, say that too. Don’t fake appreciation. You must be specifically honest if who is helping you taste and also pick out a scotch. (And if her goal actually is to find one friend like and also not just people-please.) ns promise her friend or bartender i will not ~ be offended if you don’t prefer their favorite scotch. See point 1 above.Try a glass in ~ a tasting or a bar prior to buying a bottle. as a whisky lover I have the right to attest…the stuff is expensive! prior to you you to drop 80$ on other you’ve never tried, shot it elsewhere for cheaper. Uneven wine, you’ll probably have the ability to find a bar adjacent that offer glasses of common scotches. So nothing guess.Don’t forget to sniff. Our mouths and noses room connected. And half the smell of what we put right into our mouths actually originates from the smell. (That’s no a genuine statistic.)Learn come taste scotch correctly. (See below.) This is a vast one. Most civilization I understand struggle v scotch because they take it a dainty tiny sip, acquire a mouthful that alcohol and oak, and also can’t stomach the rest. (Sort of the means girls sip beer.)Try is with some water. Going in addition to the allude just above, water is a huge component of tasting scotch. Water dilutes few of the alcohol for this reason you have the right to appreciate the an ext subtle flavors. Chemically, compound in the alcohol react with water droplets to create and also expose entirely new flavors and smells too! Try it through a small ice…note a little, no a large cup that ice. Add just a cube or two. Don’t include too much or you’ll dilute it. The American style of heaping cup of ice through a little of scotch is just silly. You no order a snowcone, walk you?

How come Taste Scotch?

Don’t start tasting till your third sip.

Instead, take it a complete sip that the scotch and also swirl it about your mouth. Yes, it’ll sting a bit. But this swirling activity acclimate her mouth to the alcohol and flavors. Swallow your very first swirl and also take a 2nd sip.

This time, hold it under her tongue because that a couple seconds. Climate swirl and also swallow. Now, sip number 3, is whereby the fun begins! her mouth will be an ext accustomed come the alcohol, for this reason you’ll have the ability to pick the end flavors much more easily.

Now add some water!

Add a couple drops that water. (Use a dropper or also your finger dipped in cold water.

Swirl the glass, let the sit because that a minute, then sniff and taste again. You’ll an alert a vast difference. For many people water bring out much more appealing notes.

If you like your watered scotch, add one or 2 ice cubes will include water and cool her dram.

Diluting and cooling the alcohol brings the end the subtle spices you can miss otherwise. Many beginner drinkers favor scotch top top the rocks come scotch neat.


Scotch Terms because that Beginners:

Single Malt – Scotch produced and aged at only one distillery. Think that it together a unique expression that that details distillery.X Year Old single Malt – a usual misconception is that solitary malt way the scotch originates from a single barrel. In fact, all solitary malt scotch is blended! Distillers execute this to develop a continuous flavor indigenous year come year. (If girlfriend buy a 12 year Macallan today, it must taste the exact same as a 12 year Macallan friend bought 2 years ago. So friend can always be sure you’re buying one friend love.) The year labeled on the party is the youngest whisky included. In a 12 year Macallan, the youngest whisky to be aged 12 years in oak, but there may be 16 or 20 year old whisky in there as well! The crucial is, all the whisky included in one bottle comes from the same distillery.Blended – Scotch made from a mix of whiskies from different distilleries. They room usually developed by separate blending service providers who pick specific flavor profiles they desire to highlight and select whiskies to blend together that have those traits. This scotches will come from all over Scotland and also at least 2 separate distilleries.% ABV – Alcohol through Volume. The percent of alcohol in your bottle. (The percent of ethanol in 100mL that the liquid.) many scotches are approximately 43% to 46%, however you can find higher.Peated – Peated refers to the presence of peat in the scotch. Peat is a compound of decaying tree matter found in the Scottish bogs. Through no lumber around, famers reduced out, dry, and use peat together fuel. “Peated scotches” usually mean the malted barley was dried over peat fuel. Lock will have a smoky, earthy, distinctive flavor.On the Rocks – Scotch offered over iceNeat – Scotch served alone in a glass, room temperature.

Best Scotch Whisky because that Beginners?

And right here is what girlfriend all come for: deciding which scotch should you shot first. Together you’ve probably determined by now, that all relies on what flavors you like.

If you a huge fan that crisp, fruity white wines prefer Riesling, you’ll most likely prefer lighter scotch to start with. Yet if you choose rums and also bourbons, you’ll prefer a richer, sweeter, spicier scotch.

The one thing I do recommend is remaining away indigenous peat. Peated scotches have a an extremely unique and also distinctive odor that have the right to be tough for beginner to appreciate. They are absolutely worth trying, but start through something a small lighter first!


1. The Glenlivet 12 (or Glenfiddich 12)

Most world who drink solitary malt scotch started with a sip that Glenlivet or Glenfiddich. These two space Speyside whiskies, so they are naturally a little lighter and smoother. But both space still incredibly facility and a great gateway right into elegant scotch. Which friend pick relies on her tastes.

The Glenlivet is full of apple and orchard notes with very solid mandarin orange and vanilla flavors.

The Glenfiddich is a little creamier with solid pear notes.

2. Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood

Overall a an extremely smooth mix of berries and chocolate, yet Balvenie does have actually a little bit of a sherry spice with some cinnamon and also black pepper. Yet the very first maturation is in bourbon casks, which way softer vanilla and honey will certainly temper the heat.


3. Glenmorangie 10

Another among the classics, Glenmorangie is a Highland single malt. You’ll acquire some lemony tart note with hefty stonefruits like apricots and also peaches! Glenmorangie reminds me that a cream soda every time ns drink it.

4. The Macallan 12 double Oak

Macallan is just one of the many well-known and also highly pertained to brands. They spend extra time on maturation and perfecting those flavors, often aging in ex sherry casks. So your drams have actually a spicy flavor. I wouldn’t introduce it as your very first sip, yet it must be forced drinking for beginner scotch lovers. Try it after a few of the others, yet do shot it!


5. Monkey Shoulder – Blended

Many name-brand blends acquire a poor rap. But great blends space actually wonderful examples of craftsmanship. (And they tend to it is in cheaper!) castle perfect because that dipping your toe right into scotch without spending an arm and a leg on a solitary malt.

Monkey Shoulder is a mix of light, fruity Speyside scotches. Yet the mix is surprisingly complex. Every little thing from berry to barley come apricots come peppermint to butterscotch.

6. Ballentine’s – Blended

Another blend that’s perfect for a beginner. This dram is therefore unbelievably smooth you can sip it almost without noticing it’s whisky. If the alcohol is still a little too high for you, add an ice cube or some water and you’ll think the a virgin drink!

7. Compass Box an excellent King Street

Compass Box is one of the rare service providers really striving to make mixed scotch worthy of her time. And also they’re succeeding! King Street is grain heavy, so it will certainly be slightly more approachable than many barley-only scotches. You’ll obtain a nice, smooth mix of vanilla, pear, and also peach v just clues of white pepper for a taste that heat.

8. Threat Takers: Highland Park 12

For those really interested in a taste the that famous “peat”…try a Highland Park 12. This dram is from the Island region, not Islay, so the peat will certainly be much softer. You’ll gain a hints of smoke, to watch what it’s every about. Yet mostly notes of sea salt brine, honey, heather, and spiced fruit.

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As because that my friend, she did discover to appreciate whisky. She came over recently and also tried among the strongest, peatiest scotches i have and absolutely loved it.

There is hope for united state all!

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