We love warm dogs. In America, eating hot dogs is crucial part of ours culture, v a warm dog dare on every corner, people enjoying castle at huge games, or also grilling castle in your backyard. Grilling warm dogs and also sausage is a nationwide past time. That doesn’t love a an excellent grilled hot dog on a toasted bun.

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Hot dog are likewise served increase for 4th of July celebrations, at design template parks, and there are warm dog eat contests! as such an integral component of our culture, girlfriend will need to know exactly how to do the ideal hot dogs.

Lucky, we have actually a overview of just how to make our favorite rapid food, in just 5 steps. 

With ours help, you have the right to make warm dogs in ~ home just like your favourite street vendor! Making warm dogs really is no that difficult, and can be done in just a couple of minutes, with outcomes bursting with flavor and those warm dog juices that we all enjoy so much! If she looking for just how long to boil warm dogs, you’ve concerned the right place. We can even show you how to chef your “hotdog” in an immediate pot, slow cooker, air fryer, crock pot, frying pan, and also grill. The perfect hot dog cooking recipes is not far away.


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Easy hot Dogs in under 5 minutes

How to boil delicious, American warm dogs in seconds! and also How to do tasty, juicy hot dogs in the microwave in under 5 minutes!
We have actually one last cooking method for girlfriend to try out; boiling the hot dogs in a tiny skillet. This technique is a little different, yet so simple and simple to follow.
Course main Course
cuisine American
Keyword Easy hot Dogs (boiled), Easy hot Dogs in under 5 minutes, warm Dogs (boiled), hot Dogs in under 5 minutes
cook Time 5 minutes
full Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 people
cost Under $10




Hot dog sausagesHot dog bunsWaterCondiments ketchup or mustard


How come boil hot dogs in the microwave
Place your warm dogs in a microwave safe bowl.
Fill the bowl v water, leaving around an customs of space at the top.
Put the key in the microwave and also cook the warm dogs for about 2-3 minutes. Some microwaves will require longer, and you may have actually to add water during the cooking process to stop the warm dogs from drying out.
Once done, eliminate the hot dogs from the bowl through tongs and place on a plate v some document towels to dry off excess liquid.
When dry, put the warm dogs in the buns, and top with condiments to serve!
How to boil warm dogs in 5 simple steps
Fill a huge pan with water.
Place the pan on a high warmth burner and enable it to pertained to the boil.
Once water is boiling, usage tongs come immerse the warm dogs in the water.
Reduce the warm to a low setting, and permit the hot dogs to cook for 4-6 minutes depending on how certain you want them come be.
Once cooked, remove from the water and dry turn off with paper towels and also place lock in the buns, topping with preferred condiments before serving.
How to boil warm dogs in a skillet
First, boil some water in a shallow skillet, and heat the water till it starts to provide off some steam. The water need to be filled come the allude where only half of the sausages space covered in the water.
Using tongs, add your warm dog sausages come the water, and also let them chef evenly.
As the sausages cook, the water will heavy steam up and also boil turn off them, and they might cook an extremely quickly. Therefore, friend will desire to save a near eye ~ above the hot dogs.
Whilst castle cook, include a small spoonful that butter on each warm dog and allow to cook and also roast until they start to blister and crisp up. Keep watching in situation they stick and also burn in the pan.
Once done, eliminate the hot dogs native the pan and also serve up with the buns and your favorite condiments such as mustard, onions or ketchup.

Our peak Tips

When cooking hot dogs, part instructions will tell you to prick the sausages with a fork before cooking. Us recommend that you perform not do this as this have the right to cause all of the juices to leak out as soon as cooking, and also you might be left v dry sausages, which nobody wants! 

In addition, shot to remember that these recipes space for ready to chef hot dog sausages, and so if you room using frozen hot dogs, you will need to allow for a tiny extra food preparation time!


Frequently asked Questions

How have the right to you tell once hotdogs space done boiling?

If girlfriend weren’t currently aware, hotdogs are marketed pre-cooked. However, eating a cold hotdog isn’t the best means to reap the dish. Cook hotdogs is one of the ideal ways to quickly reheat her dogs and also make them that extra little bit tastier!

The perfect way to boil her hotdogs is to cook them for approximately six minutes. This is sufficient time because that the hotdogs to chef to perfection and without splitting the dogs. If her hotdogs split when boiling, this can mean that you have actually lost several of that delicious flavor.

Depending top top how plenty of hotdogs you room boiling may mean the you need to change the boiling time. If you have actually only a couple of to boil, let’s say 2 to four hotdogs, climate they might be all set to eat prior to the 6 minutes room up. However, if you have a huge pack to boil, they might take a tiny longer.

How do you chef hotdogs ~ above the stove?

We have spoken about boiling her hotdogs i beg your pardon is a fantastic way come quickly cook your hotdogs to perfection. However, there room other techniques that friend could shot out. For example, pan-frying is an additional popular method.

Pan-frying her hotdogs permits the meat within to chef thoroughly but adding a crispy outer layer to the hotdog. This type of cooking technique is well-known in plenty of restaurants.

If you’d also like to shot it out, just follow these straightforward steps:

Add half an inch of water come a skillet or frying pan and turn increase the warmth to medium.When the water starts to boil, the is time to add the hot dogs.Frequently roll the dog in the pan to get them same browned top top the totality surface area.

A peak tip because that this an approach is to only chef a couple of hotdogs at one time. This will enable you to obtain the finest results. Also, include a touch the butter to her skillet because that an extra smell boost.

Are boiled hotdogs safe to eat?

As we have currently touched ~ above above, boiling hotdogs is fully safe. It is one of the quickest methods of reheating her hotdogs prior to consumption. Boiling hotdogs makes them almost irresistible to taste and also they will be prepared to eat in ~ minutes.

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One thing that is frowned top top is boiling her hotdogs prior to grilling or frying them. This method can acquire rid of every one of their flavor. So, if you room thinking about cooking up part hotdogs only stick to one cooking method.

Boiling, grilling, and also frying every are an excellent ways to chef your hotdogs. Each technique will produce different results. So, whatever method that you prefer your hot dog to taste, make certain the method you use matches!