Your Pandora bracelet is black! exactly how did this happen? It way so much to you, and you have been taking care of it. How can such an expensive bracelet suddenly end up being so tarnished? Don’t fret, because you space not alone. Numerous of your fellow Pandora bracelet wearers have actually experienced this before. We researched the actions that you should take to clean up her favorite bracelet.

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If her Pandora bracelet turns black, there space a few simple procedures you must take.

Put a few drops of mild soap into warm water. Next, drip a toothbrush into the solution and also gently scrub your bracelet in a one motion. If the doesn’t seem come be acquiring cleaner, shot soaking her bracelet for 10 minutes. Then, clean that again.


Tarnished Pandora arm bands are nothing to problem about. It doesn’t median you are neglecting your accessory. Friend are more than likely treating the the same method you have been handling all of your jewelry for years. You may have a couple of more questions around why this is happening. Keep analysis to find out exactly how to keep your bracelet looking brand new!

Is Pandora real Silver?

Pandora sell a selection of jewel pieces consisting of earrings, necklaces, and their famous bracelets. If you want to to buy a bracelet from Pandora, here is a an excellent blog write-up discussing prices. Plenty of of their products are metal-based with miscellaneous stones. These metal bases room sterling silver- or gold.

If her bracelet is silver-colored, climate it is make from high-quality sterling silver. According to Pandora, your sterling silver mixture used for their bracelets is 92.5% silver and also 7.5% various other metals. These various metals are largely copper.

Mixing pure silver with other metals is an extremely common in jewel making. Pure silver- scratches really easily. Adding other metals boosts its toughness to aid keep her accessories nice and also shiny.

Why Does my Pandora Bracelet look at Tarnished?

Pure silver will certainly tarnish over time. Your Pandora bracelet looks tarnished because it is greatly made the silver. That is usual for silver and also doesn’t mean your bracelet is dirty.

Chemical reactions cause tarnishing. The aspect of silver reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the air. This chemical process creates a black color layer ~ above the surface ar of your jewelry.

How carry out You Clean A Pandora Bracelet That’s unable to do Black?

Cleaning your Pandora bracelet is an extremely easy. Just follow these basic instructions to get your Pandora bracelet back to its initial state:

Create a mixture of gentle soap and also lukewarm waterIf the bracelet is very tarnished, soak the in the mixture because that 10 minutes.Get a clean toothbrush or any small soft-bristled brush.Gently scrub her bracelet with the toothbrush in a little circular motion.Pat dry v a clean clothRepeat if necessary

Usually, this is sufficient to gain your bracelet looking new again. But, sometimes, it helps to usage jewelry care kits or silver- cleaning products.


This is a care kit native Pandora. It contains a cleaning solution, a soft brush, polishing cloth, and more. You will uncover everything you must put some new life right into your bracelet!

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Here is wonderful cleaning systems you could use if the soft soap mixture is not enough for her jewelry. Sometimes, the takes other a little much more substantial to placed that shine back into your silver.

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This cloth cleaning kit is likewise a great way to remove the tarnish on your bracelet. This 2-cloth method does not usage liquids. Instead, you obstacle a clean agent and also anti-tarnish barrier onto your jewelry through the first cloth. Then, friend buff the away through a 2nd cloth leaving the bright behind.

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DIY silver Cleaning Methods

You might be wonder if over there are any kind of other methods to clean your bracelet. Here are a few ways to clean her bracelet with products you may have lying approximately your house. This ways may save friend money and also be an ext natural.

Baking Soda and also White Distilled Vinegar

Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda through one cup the vinegar. Soak jewelry. Then, rinse through water.

Cream of Tartar and also Water

Make a paste v the cream the tartar. Next, coat your bracelet v the paste. Leaving it on because that a few minutes till it is dry. Then, obstacle it off v a towel to restore the silver.


Put a little amount the non-gel toothpaste top top a cloth. Rub it onto your jewelry in small circular motions. Leave it on because that at least five minutes. Finally, to wash the toothpaste off and also dry.

Lemon and also Salt

Add three tablespoons that salt through two cups of water, then squeeze one lemon right into this mixture. Let your bracelet soak for 5 minutes. Next, remove the bracelet and rub v a polishing fabric to remove tarnish.

Does Pandora Clean bracelets For Free?

Many Pandora stores have cleaning machines located on-site. They use these to keep their products looking great and to occasionally clean customers’ jewelry. Also though stores generally do not advertise in-store cleanings, many will carry out this service.

Go come your regional Pandora store with your tarnished bracelet and ask nicely to view if they have a clean machine. Hopefully, lock will offer your beloved bracelet a rapid clean for free.

Will Pandora resolve My Bracelet?

Every Pandora product comes through an automatic two-year warranty the covers manufacturing faults for free. They will either replace or repair your jewelry. To usage your warranty, you need to keep your receipt. In some cases, you have the right to prove your date of acquisition with a credit transaction card statement, however it is so much simpler if you conserve the receipt.

If your bracelet is damaged, Pandora offers repairs. Girlfriend must carry your bracelet into a retailer, and also they will send her jewelry in because that an assessment. Under warranty, most tiny repairs room free. There may be a low price outside that the warranty.

However, a tarnished bracelet does not count as a production fault. If you carry one right into the store, they will most likely administer you with treatment information.

You may also be concerned about your bracelet stretching. Below is a an excellent post to read over the topic!

Does Pandora shine Fade?

Pandora shine is a brand-new collection the accessories. This jewel is made the end of sterling silver then coated in an outer layer of 18k gold.

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Gold does no tarnish like silver. Pandora bright pieces will certainly only begin to tarnish if the peak gold layer wears off. Gold may not tarnish, however it does experience dulling as soon as exposed to chemistry in the air. This is totally normal, for this reason Pandora Shine piece will slowly dull over time. Luckily, dulling and also tarnishing have the right to be prevented and also slowed under with appropriate care.

You deserve to Restore her Pandora Bracelet!

Do not worry if your silver jewelry turns black as tarnishing is tied to occur over time. There are plenty of methods because that cleaning your favorite pieces. So, offer one of lock a shot and obtain your Pandora bracelet shiny again!