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Good news: Grilling season is practically upon us. Prior to firing up her gas grill, take part time come learn exactly how to clean it.

If her gas grill is a workhorse during the heat weather months, it’s worth learning just how to clean it. Follow any type of of these alternatives to acquire your gas grill clean, i beg your pardon will aid your food taste good and store your grill in an excellent shape because that years come come. Be sure to tune up her grill at the start of the season, too.

For grilling safety, constantly make certain your grill is cool and also both the grill and its gas supply space turned off before you start cleaning.

The cheap Way

You deserve to easily and also inexpensively clean your gas grill with a spray bottle, vinegar, a noodle cloth and water. Simply add two cups each that vinegar and lukewarm water to the spray bottle, climate shake. Spray the mixture top top the grill racks and also let it set for 10 minutes. Next, to fill the spray bottle with just vinegar and spray it on the noodle cloth. Use the saturated towel to scrub the racks. That’s it—no rinsing required.

The Traditional means (With a Twist)

This an approach harnesses the power of heat to help clean her gas grill. Begin by heating the grill because that 15 minutes. Then revolve it and also its gas it is provided off. Next, dive a high-quality cable brush in water and also scrub the warm grates. (Stand back to avoid any type of steam.) You can use a little of dish laundry detergent in the water to remove stubborn grease spots. Once the grill is cool, wipe the grates down v a damp fabric to remove any remaining residue.

The everyday Way

It’s a great idea to clean her grill grates after every use. One means to make the project effortless is by maintaining the Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner set within arm’s reach. The collection includes a bristle-free grill brush and a load of grill-cleaning wipes. After you’re excellent cooking and your grill is fully cool, just wrap a wipe about the brush and start scrubbing. The brush likewise has a stainless steel scraper to eliminate stubborn bits.

The Steam-Powered Way

The Sienna Appliances Grilltastic heavy steam cleaning BBQ grill brush is a 21st-century solution for just how to clean a grill v pretty lot no elbow grease required. This 1,500-watt scrubber cleans and also sanitizes her grill with vapor and its 16-1/2-foot cord allows you conveniently maneuver approximately your grill.

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The Deep Clean

A filthy grill through stubborn, stuck-on food calls because that a deep grill cleaning. In a rubbish bag, mix 2 cups of vinegar and one cup that baking soda. Remove the grill grates and place them in the rubbish bag. Let the grates soak overnight. After ~ removing the grates, spray castle down with water and also pat dry. If any kind of stuck-on food remains, use a rag or a grill brush to eliminate it.