Christine plenty of Luff is a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and also Road Runners society of America Certified Coach.

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Three various sizes


Reflective border


Touch display doesn’t always work

Some customers say that stiff

If you’re susceptible to misplacing your armbands, this water-resistant situation is a reliable, well-designed holder the won’t rest the bank. Made through premium, stretchy material and an extra-plush elastic band, the moves through you, so that feels comfortable and also not at every bulky. The clear plastic cover enables you to change your music, inspect a text, or use a running application without removing your phone.

Runners love that it has actually a integrated hidden key holder that’s perfect for secure stashing. This band also has a reflective border that’s best for low-light conditions. Accessible in 10 different colors, it’s so affordable that you might want to pick up much more than one to coordinate with different outfits.

Storage: Phone bag and vital pocket | Fastener: Velcro | Care: Hand wash and also air dry

Best for big Phones:Tune Belt AB91 cell phone Armband

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Holds huge phones


Sweat-resistant design

Secure grip


Not much room for other essentials

Might feeling bulky as soon as holding huge phone in case

While part armbands case to fit large phones, they’re usually not large enough to accommodate the call in its case. However this comfortable one from song Belt has actually plenty the room for both, also for the biggest phones and also cases—such together Otterbox or Lifeproof. Exceptionally soft and also cushioned, it gives a certain grip, so the stays placed without feeling also tight.

It’s make of wicking neoprene fabric and has no openings directly on the skin, for this reason your device stays safeguarded from sweat and also the elements. The clean plastic window covers your screen but still permits full touch-screen control.

This armband additionally features a practically cord plunder flap to protect against tangles and keep the overabundance cord the end of the way.

Storage: Phone bag | Fastener: Velcro | Care: Hand wash and air dry

Best for lengthy Runs:Sport2People running Pouch Belt

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Separate pocket for phone

Comfortable fit

Lightweight, breathable material


May not work for larger waists

Limited shade options

Distance runners need a secure way to lug their phones, and also other long-run essentials such as keys, sports nutrition, ID, and money. V two expandable pouches, this Sport2People running belt has plenty of room for all your stuff and, also better, it no bounce or rub as you’re running.

You can stash your phone in the larger pocket, so the stays safeguarded from scratches. The belt is do of high-quality, water-resistant material, so her valuables remain protected, even if friend run into some unfavorable weather conditions.

The adjustable length makes it straightforward to get a comfortable fit, while the reflective stripes include to your visibility once running in low-light conditions.

Storage: Two zippered pockets | Fastener: Buckle | Care: Hand wash and also air dry

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Best Belt:SPIbelt large Pocket running Belt

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Doesn’t ride increase or bounce


Lots of shade options

Expands come fit whatever you’re carrying


Just one large pocket because that everything

Large phones might be a tight fit

SPIBelt to run belts may look favor they don’t fit a lot, yet the zippered pocket on this well-known pick expands sufficient to host your phone and also other to run essentials. The low-profile, bounce-free style keeps it flat and also in place—no matter how many miles space on the schedule.

Made the a soft, elastic material, it no rub together you’re running, so you’ll stay comfortable and also chafe-free. It’s accessible in many fun colors and also patterns and is adjustable for waist sizes 24- come 47-inches, so you can obtain the right fit for you.

Storage: Zippered pocket | Fastener: Buckle | Care: Hand wash and also air dry

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Best budget plan Belt:MoKo sporting activities Running Belt

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Reflective strips


Separate pocket because that phone



Not waterproof

May not work for plus-size

This budget-friendly running belt indigenous MoKo sporting activities is proof the you don’t have to spend a lot because that quality commodities with every the functions that runners want. The ultra-lightweight, resilient running belt is made come hold even the biggest phones, when still having actually plenty that room because that keys, nutrition, and other essentials.

The two-pocket style keeps her phone safeguarded from scratches and sports gelatin messes. Made with breathable, water-resistant material, the belt keeps her valuables dry and also your skin chafe-free. The elastic strap is basic to adjust, so you can gain a perfect fit.

Storage: Two zippered pockets | Fastener: Buckle | Care: Machine wash and also air dry

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Best v Water Bottle:AiRunTech to run Belt through Water Bottles

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Holds hydration


Ergonomic design

Velcro closure permits for basic adjustments


May be also bulky for much shorter runs

Bottles only hold 6 ounces

If you like your to run belt to serve double duty, this AiRun tech running belt is a convenient method to lug both her phone and fluids. V a roomy, water-resistant pocket, it has plenty of an are for your big phone, and sports gels, cash, and also other essentials.

The style makes it basic to quickly remove and replace the two BPA-free bottles, which function leakproof push-pull nozzles. The belt’s contoured grips enable for a snug fit, preventing it native bouncing, chafing, or riding increase while you’re running.

Storage: One zippered pocket and two party holders | Fastener: Velcro | Care: Hand wash

Best for transporting All your Essentials:Fitletic to run Belt

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Separate pocket because that phone

Doesn’t ride up or chafe

Lots of storage space


May not occupational for very small or very large waists

Need to take phone the end to use

Avid runners need a running belt that can fit your phone and also other essentials while continuing to be secure in a comfortable position. This belt from Fitletic checks every those boxes and also more. It attributes two zippered pockets, so you can keep your phone separate and don’t have to worry about your stuff spilling out once you reach for it.

The water-resistant Lycra product protects her valuables indigenous sweat and light rain, and also the Dura-Comfort technology ensures no bouncing, talk up, or chafing.  

Storage: Two zippered pockets | Fastener: Buckle | Care: Hand wash and air dry

Best Waterproof:RevereSport Waterproof to run Armband

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Fully waterproof


Lifetime replacement guarantee

Secure fit


A tiny bulky

No room for various other essentials choose sports nutrition

Keep her phone safeguarded from sweat and rainy weather with this fully waterproof armband from RevereSport. Made from soft, chafe-free Lycra material with a waterproof coating, this phone call holder features both a zip-seal and also snap-lock closure to carry out a reliable obstacle between her phone and moisture.

The touchscreen plastic cover permits you to listen to music, take it calls, and use her apps without taking your call out, while the adjustable strap keeps the armband securely in place. Plus, it has actually a crucial pocket and another slot because that holding cash, credit cards, and ID.

Storage: Waterproof call pocket, vital pocket, slot for cash, and also credit cards | Fastener: Velcro | Care: maker washable and also air dry

Best because that Storage:Armpocket Mega i-40 to add Armband

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Room for long run essentials, such together gels

Comfortable band

Three various sizes




May feel bulky come some

While plenty of armbands only have room for a phone, this one native Armpocket allows you additionally carry your long run essentials. It functions a large, easy-access home window compartment to store your call protected, and also a rear pocket to stash gels, money, or anything rather you require on the run.

Made from durable, recycled towel with a storage foam back that’s comfortable against your skin, the armband has actually a mesh layer behind the phone bag to permit for sweat ventilation. The Velcro band is straightforward to change and holds the armband securely in ar with no activity or chafing.

The armband comes in three various strap lengths, so friend can get a much more custom fit. Plus, its unique, patented design enables you to use it four different ways: on her forearm, bicep, hand, or bike.

Storage: Phone compartment and extr storage bag | Fastener: Velcro | Care: Machine washable and also air dry

Final Verdict

For a to run belt that have the right to comfortably and securely hold your phone and other essentials, the FlipBelt (view at Amazon) rises come the optimal for that is performance, design, and versatility. If you like to bring your phone on her arm, the tribe Water Resistant cell phone Armband (view in ~ Amazon) stands out as a budget-friendly, trustworthy option.

What to Look because that in a Cellphone Holder for to run

Phone dimension

Smartphones today can be fairly sizable, with countless newer phones measure 6.5-inches, for this reason it’s necessary to uncover a holder that works for your particular phone. Read the product descriptions carefully to ensure your phone will certainly fit.

ease of access

Do you prefer to be able to check her phone while running, enabling you to answer texts or phone call and adjust the music? If so, you need a holder that offers you easy accessibility to her phone. Otherwise, you’ll uncover yourself avoiding all the moment to unpack and repack your delivering case.


Depending ~ above when, where, and also how far you generally run, you may want unique features, such together waterproofing, reflective elements, or ample storage for lengthy run nutrition.

“If you space running v your phone so you can listen to music or podcasts, make sure there is a headphone jack,” says Paul Ronto, ultra-runner, gear expert, and also chief marketing officer because that “Surprisingly there room a lot of phone holders that perform not work-related with a corded set of earphones, which may mean one expensive upgrade to wireless headphones.”


Make sure whatever style you select is comfortable while you run. If your armband is also tight or your belt rides up together you’re running, it might be distracting and could cause painful chafing.

Frequently inquiry Questions

How to bring a Phone while Running

If friend don’t have actually pockets, a running belt, armband, or another means to hold your phone when running, you may opt to hold it in your hand. Store in mind that this an approach does have its drawbacks, including dropping and also breaking your phone or drenching it v sweat.

“Holding your phone in your hand because that a lengthy run can cause your arm and shoulder to tighten up, and even lead you to change your gait top top one next of your body, which have the right to potentially cause injury,” says Ronto.

If you firmly insist on running v your call in your hand, shot to store the run short and put her phone in a case, so there’s part extra defense in situation you drop it. Grip the comfortably in between your thumb and four various other fingers.

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Try to save the charger port (or any kind of screen cracks) away from her hand so that sweat no seep into the phone. Be certain to alternating hands every five minutes or so.