If you someone whose hometown is in ~ the mercy the a plummeting thermometer in winter, it can be time to begin thinking about where you can steal away because that a seasonal thaw or enjoy a getaway throughout the post-New year’s winter slump.

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The southerly Hemisphere, south-east Asia, and even countless regions that the U.S. Have fabulous weather in the winter months, for this reason come the February chill, there is no shortage of warm weather destinations come escape to. Gain ready for sandy beaches, alcohol alfresco, hiking, and social celebrations. We hope this perform of heat places come visit in February, which consists of February highs and lows, helps when planning your winter getaway.


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1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

High: 78 Degrees

Low: 62 Degrees

One of the largest cruise ports in the world, fort Lauderdale is truly an global beach destination. Catering come a maturation and innovative crowd, this is among the premier destinations in Florida for luxury shopping, elegant cocktails, live music, and, of course, the beach.

Water is the method of life in ft Lauderdale, as it’s built on a mechanism of canal-like rivers (the Venice of the Americas, anyone?). This brings in a luxurious yacht vibe, shining hotels, and also A-list restaurants.

Most of the activity hums about Las Olas Boulevard, i beg your pardon is flanked with high-end shopping and also dining. Tip: Be sure to brunch at big City Tavern, a neighborhood rite of passage. Us hear the crab cakes Benedict and banana Nutella French toast space to die for.


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2. The Maldives

High: 84 Degrees

Low: 79 Degrees

The Maldives is paradise, peppered with lagoons, luxury resorts, overwater bungalows, and sunsets that collection the sky on fire.

The finest attractions top top the Maldives truly room its A-list hotels, i m sorry are amongst the best in the world. One even has its own underwater restaurant.

But travellers will want to start in the capital, Male, i m sorry is the finest place to see regional life. Drink in the vibrantly colored houses, the fragrant markets, and the culture at the national Museum.

Diving is an apparent attraction in a nation that is comprised of mainly ocean space. Emotion adventurous? shot Hammerhead point in the Rasdhoo Atoll for some of the best hammerhead diving. Rasdhoo Divers is a neighborhood dive shop the arranges tours to see the sharks.


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3. Kauai, Hawaii

High: 78 Degrees

Low: 66 Degrees

For outdoor adventure in a deliciously warmth climate, it needs to be the island the Kauai. Certainly not for resort-lubbers, Kauai will certainly dazzle anyone who resides for adventure, indigenous helicoptering through emerald valleys and also zip-lining v treetops come hiking to gushing waterfalls and zigzagging approximately imposing cliffs.

Begin her Kauai adventure by setting the scene through a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tourism of the Waimea Canyon. Adventurists can also hike the 11-mile Kalalau Trail because that an up-close and an individual look in ~ the rugged cliffs. Note: as of June 17 permits are required to hike the full trail. Because that a lower-impact experience, think about taking a dip in ~ Poipu beach Park or Kalapaki Beach.

Kauai’s natural setting has remained fairly undisturbed. No city surpasses 10,000 people and no building is taller 보다 a coconut tree, i beg your pardon is mandated through law.


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4. Cape Town, south Africa

High: 84 Degrees

Low: 63 Degrees

When it concerns picking a February getaway, none may be together perfect together Cape Town, southern Africa. The weather is particularly appealing, v hot, sunny days and cooler evenings. The end of the vacation season in Cape town also method kids are ago in school and residents are back at work. Every the reasons you’ve pertained to see Cape Town will certainly be decidedly much less crowded and flights are most likely cheaper.

The twinkling city, a congruence of culture and cuisine, creeps up the side of the epic and also iconic Table hill National Park. Cape town is likewise a haven because that surfers, hikers, mountain bikers, and more. It’s likewise a beautiful hodgepodge of cultures that blends the area’s timeless African heritage through its Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and also Hindu influences.

Just external the city space two of south Africa’s most prominent wine countries: Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, therefore if you are something of one oenophile, these will certainly be must-visits top top a pilgrimage to Cape Town.


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5. Hong Kong

High: 66 Degrees

Low: 57 Degrees

Hong Kong is a city the hums through magnetic energy. That a true melange of culture and have the right to be an exceptionally approachable city because that travelers who are first-timers in Asia. February is a wonderful time come visit this former British colony, through its dry and mild temperatures.

Hong Kong is a cross-section of traditional and also modern, whereby towering skyscrapers rub elbow alongside ancient temples. Foodies flock to Hong Kong come sample every little thing from the late-night street food come elegant, Michelin-starred meals. It is additionally a shopping mecca wherein you can get whatever from night sector trinkets come custom-tailored suits and dresses.

Hong Kong is likewise a wonderful location for active travelers. Far from the apartment buildings and also imposing steel structures is a large network the mountainous national parks and also forests veined with hiking trails that open up up to outstanding views over the city. In fact, 40 percent the Hong Kong is green space. 2 of the ideal places because that Hong Kong visitors space Dragon’s earlier and Lion Rock country Park.

Disclaimer: because June 2019 there have been small- and also large-scale political demonstrations in various areas of Hong Kong. The protests are typically peaceful, but the U.S. State Department’s most recent update urges travelers to monitor the regional media and avoid the locations where demonstrations are taking place. Furthermore, top top October 4, the government proclaimed that any kind of protests that take place without a allow are considered illegal. It is necessary to be aware of her surroundings and also exercise caution if you space in the vicinity of big gatherings or protests.


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6. Tenerife, Spain

High: 69 Degrees

Low: 58 Degrees

The Canary Island archipelago is consisted of of seven volcanic islands, the largest and best-known of i beg your pardon is Tenerife. Tenerife is the jewel in the Canary Islands’ crown, recognized for that white sandy beaches, beautiful resorts, and a lifestyle that is laid-back, also by Spanish standards. The cuisine and also local wine space outstanding, v fresh seafood, dry fruits, and also the omnipresent mojo sauce, a garlicky, peppery sauce the accompanies pretty much everything.

Tenerife is conquered by mount Teide, a volcano the peaks at much more than 12,000 feet (the highest possible peak ~ above Spanish soil) and is famous for hiking, astronomy tours, and also spectacular views between the cable car and the summit. Teide nationwide Park is a UNESCO civilization Heritage Site and also one the the most naturally beautiful landmarks in the Canary Islands.


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7. Better Palm Springs, California

High: 75 Degrees

Low: 48 Degrees

Vacationing in Palm Springs means enjoying the playground for the glitterati that the 1950s and ’60s. Palm Springs has a retro vibe the coexists nicely with the area’s 21st-century luxuries.

February is a exorbitant time come visit Palm Springs due to the fact that the weather is, in a word, perfect. Think cooler temperature in the morning and also warm and sunny during the day, so friend won’t need to worry about the hot desert sun. It’s a prime golf location and also a haven for campers, particularly in Joshua Tree national Park. Over there is likewise camping in ~ Lake Cahuilla and other activities like fishing, hiking, and also horseback riding. Speaking of hiking, La Quinta Cove has a range of hikes that differ in difficulty, all v stunning views across the landscape.


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8. Brand-new Orleans, Louisiana

High: 66 Degrees

Low: 47 Degrees

You don’t have to be in the Mardi Gras mood to have actually fun in new Orleans in February. (Though if it does interest you, it is February 25 in 2020.)

New olions is a foodie favorite year-round, v old-school classics like oyster po’boys, to add elegant and refined fare in ~ haute restaurants choose Herbsaint. It’s a city the music and celebration, indigenous the Mardi Gras festivities come Jazz Fest. The truly is one of the great American cities — v a blend of Caribbean, African, and European influences that’s just about as American as it gets.

Stroll with the historical architecture, take it a streetcar through the French Quarter, marvel in ~ the stately homes in the Garden District, and also listen to the trumpets wailing right into the wee hrs along Frenchman Street.


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9. Los Cabos, Mexico

High: 81 Degrees

Low: 61 Degrees

With so numerous warm weather areas to whisk away to in Mexico, it have the right to be virtually impossible to choose! Look to Los Cabos this winter. Not just is that an certain stunning ar where red absent desert meets deep blue sea, but brand-new hotels are opening there left and also right.

New hotels worth your consideration are the hard Rock Los Cabos and Nobu Hotel Los Cabos (a share venture between famous Japanese cook Nobu Matsuhisa and actor Robert De Niro). Los Cabos is likewise developing the eastern side the the Baja Peninsula, well-known as eastern Cape, and a four Seasons was freshly opened there.

Los Cabos is an outdoor paradise. While many of the beaches space not suitable for swimming (because the the strong surf), over there is jet-skiing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, diving, hiking, and also more. Consider a visit to Cabo Pulmo nationwide Park, a heaven for divers and one of the last couple of remaining boho coast escapes in this part of Baja California.


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10. Savannah, Georgia

High: 64 Degrees

Low: 45 Degrees

Sophisticated southerly charm meets a entirety lot of American history in this southern belle the a city. Georgia to be the 13th and also final brother colony, after ~ all. Photo iconic antebellum mansions, oak tree draped in moss, eco-friendly space, cuisine, craft breweries. Shall us go on? Savannah is a stunning city recognized for that delectable spirit food, colorful arts step (it’s house to the Savannah college of Art and Design), and an eerie past. That’s right, numerous of that historic buildings are said to it is in haunted.

If girlfriend love to shop, Savannah is the location for you, specifically if her tastes totter boutique. Countless of the boutiques in Savannah are devoted to local products. Visit Satchel, i m sorry is SCAD graduate-owned and known for its handmade leather goods.

Get a taste that Savannah in a glass by sampling several of its locally brewed beer. Southbound imminent Company, seaside Empire Beer Co., and Moon river Brewing company are simply a couple of to mention. Over there is likewise Ghost coast Distillery, Savannah’s only operational distillery.

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